KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Mist Demon, The True Power of the Golden Blood

The Eye of Perception activated as a stream of information filled Su Yu’s mind, immediately notifying him of information regarding this monster.

Name: Mist Demon


Adult form.

Carnivorous plant.

Requires nearby construction or vegetation in order to survive.

Has several energy stones contained within, if they are not totally destroyed, one cannot completely kill the Mist Demon.

Given sufficient time, it can grow back once again, it’s strength will differ depending on the amount of energy it has consumed, there is no fixed tier and it can continually create Demon Spawn within, once the Demon Spawn mature, they will grow to become a new Mist Demon, combining with the mother body to allow the Mist Demon to expand further, it can even possibly swallow the entire world, a terrifying plant with endless potential for grown.

Others: Unknown.

Receiving the information from the Eye of Perception, Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air, he finally understood that they had actually opened a path and accidentally barged into the body of the monster, thereafter he had been ejected from some part of the monster’s body while Qin Jiagui and the others still remained within.

Su Yu was still in a state of shock when a howl suddenly rang out from behind him.

Su Yu was stunned as he turned back, he noticed that Zhao Shichang had actually merged with a part of a tree wall, only his head and portions of his body were exposed, he was clearly not dead but his face was filled with fear and pain as he wildly struggled and yelled, however, he was still being slowly pulled into the tree wall.

Zhao Shichang who had initially lost all hope suddenly noticed Su Yu, this immediately ignited hope within him as he continued to yell, the suction power of the green vines and tree wall was exceptionally frightening, far exceeding one’s imagination.

Su Yu was dazed for a moment before he acted wordlessly, kicking as he rushed forward, black scales were raised as white mist was emitted, his body floated as though he were riding on the clouds, swiftly smashing into the side of the tree wall.

“Ha!” Su Yu roared as the energy contained within the Rending Storm was sent flying forward, immediately causing an explosion on the tree wall.


An explosive sound rang out as the frightening amount of power immediately caused an area of ten odd metres along the tree wall to collapse.

Over the past few days of endless slaughter, Su Yu’s grasp of the Rending Storm had become more and more proficient, although it was merely a simple ability, together with his familiarity with it, he was able to use it in a myriad of ways, he could use it as a direct force of destruction or he could slowly gather the strange energy before releasing it in an explosive burst, creating an explosive force similar to that of Qin Jiagui’s Demolishing Iron Fist, he could also make use of the holes within his body to absorb strange energy in order to create a vacuum-like effect.

Su Yu had suppressed the energy of the Rending Storm before finally releasing it, causing a huge explosion on the tree wall, Zhao Shi Chang yelled as he felt the green vines surrounding his body snap, he could feel the pulling force that was acting on him weaken.

Su Yu then flew forward, using the rebound from the explosion of the Rending Storm to fly towards Zhao Shichang, piercing through the green vines surrounding him as blood spewed forth like a spring.

The frightening roars from the centre had resounded out once again, suddenly, countless numbers of thick green vines began to pierce towards Su Yu and Zhao Shichang.

Zhao Shichang could feel that the green vines which were snaring him were becoming fewer and fewer, the constriction was steadily becoming weaker as he finally yelled, his right arm pulled as the bone blade appeared, slicing through his confines as he finally fell from within the tree wall.

Falling to the ground, Zhao Shichang began to pant heavily, he knew that he had barely escaped from an extremely grim fate.

Lifting his head to look at Su Yu who was in front, Zhao Shichang’s entire body began to tremble as he muttered: “Su Yu, thank……. Thank you……..” Only when a person had experienced extreme fear and hopelessness and been saved would they be filled with a sense a gratitude which Zhao Shichang currently had towards Su Yu, this was something that words alone could not describe.

Su Yu did not have the time to listen to Zhao Shichang, he could see the countless numbers of green vines which were swiftly spreading towards them, under the dire circumstances, he kicked the tree wall as he immediately flew forward, his chest and back were covered in black scales as his left arm flailed, continually slicing through the vines. There were simply too many vines and even with his valiant efforts he was still hit as he groaned, falling to the ground.

Crash! Su Yu finally fell out.

Su Yu immediately rolled to a stand as he looked at the large amounts of green vines and the enormous Mist Demon, for the first time, Su Yu felt that he lacked the ability to kill things in a large radius.

Although the Earth Spikes Assault contained formidable prowess, the cooldown was simply too long and he could only use it once every twenty four hours.

“Zhao Shichang, follow me!” Su Yu shouted as his black-scale covered left arm continually flailed, Zhao Shichang took a deep breath as he stood up, closely following behind Su Yu.

Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang and Qin Jiagui were still trapped within the monster’s body, this monster could continually create Demon Spawn and if they remained there, they would be in perilous danger. Su Yu roared towards Zhao Shichang as he continued to rush towards the monster.

The green vines were like enormous pythons that attacked wildly from all directions, Zhao Shichang followed closely behind Su Yu as he struggled to help, his bone knife whipped to and fro but his strange energy had been severely depleted and the force behind his swings was lacking.

It was fortunate that Su Yu’s body had hidden holes which enabled him to suck in strange energy from the surroundings, providing him with an endless source of strange energy that allowed him to continually battle on without fatiguing.

Although the Rending Storm is exceptionally strong, if one wants to cause massive damage to such an enormous monster is really too difficult…….” Su Yu’s mind was churning as he rushed towards the monster, his right hand was already clenched into a fist.

His right hand contained a drop of Golden Blood, he had always been able to occasionally activate the Golden Blood, causing his left arm to become even stronger, exploding with double his usual power, this was merely borrowing an ounce of power from the Golden Blood but not the true strength of it.

The power contained within the Golden Blood was simply too strong, although Su Yu was already at the third tier, he simply would not be able to withstand it, he had not dared to use the full power of the Golden Blood because that was simply too dangerous and his body had the possibility of falling apart if it could not bear the strain.

Back when Su Yu had first acquired the Golden Blood, its full power had caused him to remain unconscious for several days, this was extremely dangerous within this forest and he had not dared to easily make use of the Golden Blood.

At this moment, faced with this monster that was mind bogglingly huge together with the countless green vines that were swiping towards them, Zhao Shichang’s pain filled face as he was thrown aside by the vines, Ma Ziye and the others who were still within the monster’s body, he simply could not hold back any longer as he grit his teeth and decided to use the true power of the Golden Blood.

His right hand clenched, Su Yu suddenly gave up defending against the green vines that were swiping at him from all directions as he looked to the sky and howled.

“Roar!” Su Yu howled, his right hand was clenched as a frightening golden light exploded forth, finally, the true power of the Golden Blood was activated.
Following Su Yu’s roar, his right arm suddenly exploded, in an instant, streaks of piercing golden light spread out, his right arm was twisting and swelling as he yelled: “Shit!”

His right arm could not withstand the full power of the Golden Blood, with the full activation of this frightening energy, it had immediately caused him to suffer the same consequences as when he had first acquired it, his right arm had immediately swelled then festered before tentacles began to wildly emerge, finally becoming like that of an octopus as it dragged him, pulling him along as it wildly wreaked havoc.


This right arm that seemed as though it had taken a demonic transformation pulled Su Yu’s body as it smashed heavily onto the terrifying Mist Demon, the frightening golden light exploded outwards as the Mist Demon roared, countless vines were shattered as an enormous hole of over ten metres was formed.

At the back, Zhao Shichang was dazed, he could see that Su Yu’s right arm seemed to have transformed into a monster that had its own will, pulling Su Yu along as it continually smashed the Mist Demon located in the centre, each collision would cause an enormous hole of over ten metres, swiftly causing the monster to become riddled with holes like that of a bee hive, tens of thousands of vines had been snapped and frightening rumbling noises contained to ring out.

The entire building was trembling, this power was simply too terrifying, as though the end of the world had suddenly come.

Zhao Shichang could feel that intense shaking of his surroundings and could only run behind some fallen concrete as he shivered, cutting an extremely sorry figure.

The miserable cries of the Mist Demon could be heard reverberating in the surroundings as vines wildly smashed forward, however, it was simply unable to hinder Su Yu who was currently in a violent state as his right arm continued to maniacally smash, in no time, it was riddled with holes.

Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye who were within the Mist Demon were feeling panicked at the endless Demon Spawn within the Mist Demon when suddenly a frightening roar resounded, thereafter, the walls of the area suddenly began to collapse exposing big holes.

The three people swiftly ran out from a hole before seeing Zhao Shichang, the frighteningly enormous Mist Demon and Su Yu who was currently in a crazed state.

This scene was exactly the same as when Su Yu had first acquired the Golden Blood, Su Yu’s destructive power was really astonishing.

The enormous monster that was over forty metres tall had been continually smashed and destroyed by Su Yu, the Mist Demon was a carnivorous plant and could only use its vines to attack, it could not move and it enormous body was like a sandbag for Su Yu’s attacks.

It was only when the body of this enormous Mist Demon was thoroughly destroyed did the roars of Su Yu finally tone down, the entire scene was carnage with large amounts of concrete and shattered vines, amongst the shattered remains of the Mist Demon were pieces of black crystals which slowly turned into black lights which entered Su Yu’s body.

Su Yu let out a low growl, absorbing so many crystals when he was already at the edges of breaking through could possibly allow him to advance to the next tier, however, his right arm suddenly had a frightening suction which caused all the energy to be absorbed within, like a snail entering the sea as it instantly vanished.

Su Yu did not have the time to think of the reason, he suddenly felt extremely tired as he fell weakly to his knees.

“Su Yu!” The others were stunned and only Ma Ziye shouted as she leapt forward, the group immediately thought back to when Su Yu had entered such a state, he had fallen unconscious thereafter, could this possibly be a repeat of the previous incident?

“I’m……. I’m alright…….” Su Yu struggled to reply as he waved his left hand, his entire body was weak without any strength, he simply could not move a single muscle.

The current Su Yu was naturally much stronger than when he had first acquired the Golden Blood, even though he had suffered from the explosive burst, he did not fall into a coma like the previous time but was still severely injured, his body felt empty as though all the strange energy had been used up, his body seemed as though it was bereft of any strength. Inspecting his body, he was shocked to find several black crystals within his body, these black crystals continued to congeal causing the strange energy which was produced by his body to immediately be absorbed.

“This…… what is going on…….” Su Yu was alarmed as he continued to monitor his body, there seemed to be some phenomenal changes occurring but with his body completely void of strength, it was really uncomfortable.

Zhang Zhongmou kept the Red Lotus Sword before walking over to support Su Yu, feeling his frail body: “What was that thing? Was that a monster or a plant?”

“Called Mist Demon……. A type of plant……” Su Yu said weakly.

Qin Jiagui spoke in a heavy voice: “Let’s bring Su Yu out first, as for Zhou Huakang and the others, we’ll look for them later.” He could see that Su Yu was extremely weak, remaining in this area was simply too dangerous, even if the Mist Demon was destroyed, who knew what other dangers remained within this place.

Zhao Shichang hurriedly nodded, without Su Yu’s strength, they simply did not dare to tarry in this place any longer, the might of the Mist Demon had far exceeded their imaginations.

Following the death of the Mist Demon, the surrounding tree walls began to collapse, the area was gradually returning to the form of an ordinary building that had suffered damage and they managed to swiftly find the exit.

Outside the building, Wang Xiang was attempting to snap Jade’s neck when he was suddenly flung aside, he was shocked as he lifted his head to see that the person who acted was Lei Rui who had been in a comatose, vegetative state.

At this moment, Lei Rui stood there silently, a pure white light was emitted from her chest, within the light was a strange figure of 8, at the area of her heart, loud beating sounds could be heard, the powerful heartbeats rang in the ears of the group, causing a strange feeling to well up within them.

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