KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Lei Rui Awakens

“You…… You……” Wang Xiang could not help but growl, his body was festering and twisted, a pair of black claws emerged and the 666 symbol on the back of his neck became even more obvious.

“Lei Rui, You…….” Jade turned back to realise that it was Lei Rui who had saved her, looking at her current appearance, she could not help but exclaim.

The others were stunned, the scene before them was simply too strange.

Lei Rui’s expression was wooden, her eyes were dim without any light as she raised her right hand to point at Wang Xiang before saying in a barely discernible voice: “You…… failed……. product…… clear all traces…… of you…….”

A piercing white light suddenly exploded from her chest, the light emitted was like streaks of little white snakes which gathered at her right palm, thereafter, a piercing streak of light shot forward to envelop Wang Xiang.

“Roar!” Wang Xiang howled, his entire body began to twist and swell as the pair of black claws began to wildly flay, hoping to rip apart this white light which was shrouding him.

“I’m not a failed product, not a failed product. Roar!!!! I don’t want to die!!!!”

Wang Xiang continued to howl like a crazed man as he struggled within the white light, his claws emitted hissing noises as they came into contact with the light, showing the fearsomeness of the light.

Lei Rui’s expression was wooden, her eyes did not seem human as she drew slowly closer towards Wang Xiang, the light emitted from her right hand became brighter and brighter till the point of it being piercing to the naked eye, everyone could only avert their gazes as the entire area in front of the building was enveloped within the light.

“Roar!!!!” Wang Xiang let out a thunderous roar as his body jumped, smashing forth as the white light suddenly exploded causing a huge black crater to form, Wang Xiang had immediately been disintegrated and energy could be seen flying like a rainbow into Lei Rui’s body.

Receiving this energy, the symbol of 8 on her chest became even more prominent, a strange noise was emitted from her mouth as a pillar of white light rose from her body, encapsulating her within.

Ten odd miles to the north of the hospital within a forest lay seven Savage Bull Demons, each Savage Bull Demon had its four limbs and skull perfectly dismembered, each severed section was smooth, it could be seen that the blade used to do this was exceptionally sharp.

A tall strapping figure could be seen slowly holding a cloth as he slowly wiped a butcher’s knife within his hand.

This figure was extremely sturdy, well-built and tall, reaching an astonishing 1.92 metres tall, he had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, he had many strange items on his back. A soup pot, a frying pan, a wooden chopping board, a ladle as well as an assortment of kitchen knives, together with the butcher’s knife and cleaning rag in his hand, he seemed like a walking kitchen.

This group of Savage Bull Demons which had been dismembered seemed like his handiwork, he seems to be in his thirties to forties, square faced with messy hair, a pair of sharp eyes as he devotedly wiped his butcher knife, it was at this moment when Lei Rui’s body had emitted the pillar of white light, creating a white pillar of light that had lasted for a long period of time.

His face remained expressionless as he gazed at the pillar of light, thereafter, he tucked the clean butcher knife onto his back as he stood up.

“Uncle, what’s that white light, should we go check it out?” Besides this middle aged man, there was another person beside him.

This was a little girl of around eleven years of age, she was very pretty with delicate features, her clothes were tattered and her face currently had an expression of curiosity on it.

The big man did not bother with her as he continued walking towards the pillar of light.

“Uncle, wait for me!” The little girl hurriedly chased.

“Didn’t I say not to follow me? I hate little kids.” The big man walked while speaking in a hoarse voice.

“But Little Wei likes uncle, I want to follow uncle.” The little girl’s voice was extremely clear as she replied, completely ignoring the words of the big man.

“Hmph…… that’s why I said that little kids were troublesome, I really hate little kids……” The middle aged man’s voice was filled with discontentment as he suddenly bypassed the little girl behind him, his right hand stretched forth as a butcher’s knife appeared within it as he chopped.

Fresh blood spewed forth as a Bloody Ape Dog that had been attempting to sneak attack the girl was sliced in two, immediately dying.

The little girl was dazed for a moment, she realised that she had almost died to the claws of the Bloody Ape Dog.

The big man did not speak as he kept his knife, carrying his large amount of kitchen tools as he continued forward.

“I knew that uncle was the best, you saved little Wei again.” The little girl patted her chest which was already slightly developed.

“I didn’t save you, It’s simply because I hate monsters.” The middle aged man stuffily said.

“Uncle you’re still so stubborn, it was clear that you saved me.”

“So annoying, little kids are really annoying, always chattering away, that’s why I hate little kids.” The man exclaimed as though he was filled with indignation. In this manner, the two slowly walked towards the white pillar of light, their figures slowly disappearing into the forest ahead of them.

As Zhang Zhongmou supported the powerless Su Yu together with Ma Ziye, Qin Jiagui and Zhao Shichang out the building, they immediately saw the receeding pillar of white light from Lei Rui’s body, thereafter, Lei Rui fell silently to the ground.

“What happened?” Ma Ziye and the others did not know what had happened outside, at this moment, looking at the group which seemed worse for wear, they were shocked as they hurriedly ran forward.

“Jiagui.” Yuan Niping ran forward as QIn Jiagui hurriedly embraced her: “What happened?”

“Not long after the few of you entered the building, that Wang Xiang appeared, his…… his neck has the 666 symbol, then……..” Yuan Niping swiftly explained the sequence of events, hearing of Wang Xiang’s 666 symbol was shocking and further realising that Lei Rui had a symbol of 8 on her chest was astonishing.

First there was the 666 symbol now there was the symbol of 8, what did all this mean?

Jade continued to shake Lei Rui, the chest of Lei Rui no longer had the symbol of 8 as she swiftly returned to normal, she slowly returned to normal as a coughing sound could be heard from her voice, she had finally awoken after Jade’s persistent shaking.

“Lei Rui, are you awake?” Jade was stunned as she exclaimed.

Lei Rui opened her eyes, her eyes finally seemed alive as she asked hazily: “Jade…… what happened? Why am I sleeping here?” before sitting up, her face an expression of astonishment as she gazed at everything before her.

Looking at the corpse of Shi Guozhong, Zhang Zhongmou sighed, thinking back to their promise of being taught how to drive if they returned back to their world, who knew that he would lose his life in such a short period of time.

The injuries of the others were not light, Xu Ruyun had been hit by the frightening corrosive teeth of Wang Xiang, several festering holes were on his body. With the passing of time together with his strong will, the holes no longer grew bigger as the strange energy within him circulated, slowly pushing the teeth out as his injuries finally began to heal.

Although they were at tier one, Xu Ruyun’s will was clearly much stronger than Zhou Huakang, relying on it, he had created a miracle which allowed him to recover without any external help.

No one could understand the change that had occurred to Lei Rui’s body, the symbol of 8 had disappeared and Lei Rui seemed to have lost the frightening power. She had then awoken and Su Yu noticed that she was currently already at tier one.

Looking at the unconscious Li Dong who was on the ground, Ma Ziye who had also reached tier three pressed her hand on his forehead, allowing the strange energy which was in the form of qi to flow out, with the help of the qi, Li Dong finally awoke before Qin Jiagui began to question him about what had happened.

Li Dong understood his current condition, not only was his body heavily injured, even his genitals were damaged, this made his face ashen but he did not become crazed, as long as there was a chance at life, this world was so mysterious that there should be a possibility to let his genitals recover.

Li Dong reassured himself as he slowly calmed down before beginning to explain to the others what had happened. He glossed over the fact that he had raped Mao Mingzhu, merely saying that it was Zhou Huakang’s idea and he was innocent, thereafter he continued by saying that Wang Xiang had retaliated, he had leapt out of the window once he realised that the situation had gone south.

As the group heard this, they finally understood why Li Dong’s lower body was covered with blood, although he did not say it, the group could guess at what he had done as they had expressions of disgust. However, thinking about what had happened to his genitals, they felt that he had gotten what he deserved and did not say anything more about the matter.

Learning of the events that had transpired, Qin Jiagui and others others knew that Zhou Huakang and Mao Mingzhu were dead, getting rid of their plan to go back into the building.

The Mist Demon was simply too fearsome, with Su Yu in a weakened state, they did not wish to enter the place, who knew what other frightening creatures lurked within?

Counting their numbers, besides Zhou Huakang, Wang Xiang, Mao Mingzhu and Guo Shizhong, the others were all present. Lei Rui had now awakened and this was a pleasant surprise. The symbol of 8 was like a thorn in their minds and Qin Jiagui questioned Lei Rui about it, however, she only shook her head, not understanding what had happened.

Liu Zheng was more knowledgeable as he spoke: “In the western countries, 666 refers to demons while 888 refers to perfection……. It could also refer to gods……. Could it be that the people with 666 symbols like Wang Xiang are demons who have descended while…… she is a god? That isn’t right, she’s only had a symbol of 8 appear…….” pointing at Lei Rui, he did not know how to address her.

T/L thoughts: The number 8 means luck or prosperity in China. A lucky number for Japan and other asian countries. In the old testament, there were some connections such as the eighth day being a new beginning, and 888 for Jesus in christian numerology. All in all I feel it’s quite a stretch so don’t take anything as facts for this novel. Just enjoy reading the novel, and thanks for reading!

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