KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: Final Day of Travel

Qin Jiagui glanced at him: “This is the understanding of westerners, it doesn’t mean that it applies to this place.”

Liu Zheng thought for a moment before nodding, what Qin Jiagui said did make some sense.

At this moment, Lei Rui was slowly recalling what had happened before she went unconscious, Jade was holding her hand as she spoke: “Lei Rui, I don’t understand, why did you save me then? Didn’t you realise that you were putting yourself in danger?”

Lei Rui laughed as she seemed embarrassed: “Actually, I also don’t know why…… I merely thought that you were in danger so I pushed you aside, I didn’t think too much about it.” As she said this, she took out her spectacles from her pocket before wearing it.

Lei Rui had myopia, after falling unconscious, Jade had helped to keep her spectacles within her pocket, as she placed her spectacles back on, the scene before her immediately became clear.

After Jade heard Lei Rui’s words, she was stunned for a moment but felt even more touched as she held Lei Rui’s hands, not wanting to let go.

The group rested while eating, having been through the previous ordeal, the group had been reduced to fourteen people, Su Yu and the others were used to seeing death and were not affected too badly especially because Wang Xiang and Zhou Huakang were seen as ticking timebombs, their deaths could possibly be beneficial for the group.

Lei Rui had also become a tier one dark iron warrior, amongst the group of fourteen, only Liu Zheng and Xie Zhiming remained at tier zero.

While resting, Zhang Zhongmou began to describe the frightening encounter within the building, upon touching on the Mist Demon, Jade and the others who had not went in felt their hairs stand on end as they gasped.

Zhang Zhongmou then spoke of Su Yu’s bravery before sighed: “Instant Noodles, I seem to remember that you are at tier three as well, why aren’t you as fierce as Su Yu.”

Ma Ziye glanced over at Su Yu before saying softly: “He’s a monster in human’s clothing, how can I compare with him.”

Zhang Zhongmou was siilent for a moment before wildly laughing, he felt that Ma Ziye’s assessment was rather accurate.

Su Yu bitterly smiled, at this moment his insides were a mess, his strange energy was forming black crystals causing him to be completely empty, he was unsure when he would begin to recover. There was an unexpected surprise as he felt the origin force necklace seemed to be occasionally releasing energy fluctuations as though something would emerge at any moment.

“This feeling…… it seems like it could be anytime now.” Su Yu could not help but grasp the heart shaped pendant on the necklace within his hands as he softly muttered, regarding the 666 symbol as well as Lei Rui’s symbol of 8, the group had discussed but could not make heads or tails of the matter, they only knew that those whose necks had the 666 symbol could turn into frightening monsters and could gain energy regardless of killing humans or monsters, this was a strong advantage that they had.

Qin Jiagui sat by the side as he retrieved the treasure map, frowning as though he seemed to have met with some difficulty.

“Jiagui, what’s the matter? Is there a problem?” Yuan Niping who was by his side questioned.

Zhang Zhongmou lit a cigarette: “Qin Jiagui, why are you in such deep thought, your brows are all furrowed. Could it be that there’s something wrong with the map? You’re making us all nervous.”

Qin Jiagui lightly blew out before continuing: “I have no idea, I’m not sure if there’s a problem with my memory or this map can make changes on its own……. any way, based on the map……. We will require one day……. Maybe tomorrow or the day after…… we will be able to reach the exit indicated on the map.”

A single stone can create thousands of waves, Qin Jiagui’s words immediately caused the hearts of everyone to tighten, Zhang Zhongmou shouted: “You’re saying that it’s a single day’s journey away?”

Qin Jiagui bitterly smiled as he nodded, based on his memory of the map, it should be several days before they reached it but the map seemed to have went through some changes. Based on the current map, they only needed one day to reach the area, but why was the map changing……. Could it be that this mysterious treasure map had some unknown power that could change based on the different circumstances?

Qin Jiagui could not understand as he carefully looked at the map, it was not made from ordinary paper but rather seemed to have been drawn on goat skin, it was soft to the touch yet extremely durable, this was the only thing that could be determined from examining it.

“Qin Jiagui, we really only have a day’s journey left? If it’s that close, we should move out right away, your grandnanny, I’ve already had enough. Let’s not talk about the other matters, just the number of days I’ve went without bathing is already unbearable.” Zhang Zhongmou shouted as he tossed away his cigarette.
Zhao Shichang had an expression of elation on his face: “It’s only a day’s travel, it’s really so close? Only one more day and we’ll be able to leave this damned forest, returning to the world we are familiar with?” His entire body had started trembling.

Qin Jiagui stood up: “Based on the map, this seems to be the case. Whatever the case, we should follow the map to find out.”

Jade, Lei Rui, Zhang Zhongmou, Huo Shan and the others began to stand up, Huo Shan was still firmly hugging his suitcase, the bank notes contained within were the precious items that could save his wife’s life even though it was completely useless within the forest.

Su Yu also slowly stood up, he had rested for a while and his body had recovered some energy, he could sense that the fluctuations from the necklace were becoming stronger and some changes could occur to the necklace at any moment.

“Since there’s only one day of travel remaining, we should immediately set off. I actually wanted to rest here for the night, everyone, let’s go. Haha, one day, we only need to walk for another day.” Zhang Zhongmou began to smile as he lifted a few bags from the ground.

The others also began to pick up their bags, there was still more than half the food left, it was more than sufficient for the fourteen of them to eat for another ten odd days, based on the map, they would be able to get out in a day’s time, the group were elated but also cautious, they would still bring the food along, just incase.

Su Yu was still in a weakened state as Ma Ziye, Zhang Zhongmou and Zhao Shichang assisted him with his bags of food, in the end, he was the only one that could walk without any burdens.

Although Li Dong was injured, he had received the help from Ma Ziye’s strange energy that was in the form of qi and swiftly recovered. The other wounds on his body were mostly healed but his genitals had been severed and could not be grown back.

Xu Ruyun had forced the ten odd teeth out of his body, his wounds were recovering at a tremendous speed and when the group finally left, Li Dong and Xu Ruyun’s injuries were largely healed, although they would have difficulties fighting, moving was not a problem.

Leaving this hospital behind, the group took a final look, the walls of the hospital were still covered in vines and one could imagine that in the distant future, this hospital would be completely covered with vegetation, fully becoming one with the forest.

The situation with the Mist Demon had made it clear, it was likely that the people within the hospital had been miserably killed there, turning into nourishment for the Mist Demon.

Qin Jiagui looked at the map as he pointed in a direction, bypassing the large hospital as he spoke: “Walk towards the North, based on the map, we still have to travel for a day before seeing a mountain, the exit should be located there.”

The others lifted their heads, they could only see tall strapping trees together with dense vegetation, the tall mountain was nowhere in sight.

Zhang Zhongmou climbed up a tall tree as he looked into the distance, all he saw were countless trees, there were simply no mountains to be found.

“Let’s walk first, once we reach everything will be clear.” Su Yu softly said, although his voice was weak, it still resounded strongly in everyone’s heart.

Zhao Shichang continued to wield his bone blade to open a path, Zhang Zhongmou used his Red Lotus Sword to assist, Ma Ziye had fallen behind to Su Yu’s side, the current Su Yu was powerless and everyone could see it, Ma Ziye was worried for his safety and would not take a single step away from him, although she did not say it, anyone could clearly see it.

Su Yu was touched as he looked her in the eye and faintly smiled, Ma Ziye was definitely a trustable buddy, she was someone whom he could leave his back to.

Jade and Lei Rui were hand in hand as they walked, the two ladies softly spoke, after Lei Rui’s awakening, Jade was in extremely high spirits and seemed to treat Lei Rui like a blood sister.

The gratitude that Jade felt was simply indescribable, Lei Rui had almost lost her life in attempting to save her and this favor was something that she simply could never return.

Su Yu noticed Jade and Lei Rui’s closeness and could not help but envy Lei Rui, since a young age, Jade had never been so tender towards him before.

Zhao Shichang and Zhang Zhongmou were opening a path up ahead, the group of people struggled to advance, slowly pushing through the dense forest, the road ahead was gradually lightening up in terms of density as their path became easier to walk, Zhao Shichang and Zhang Zhongmou could finally relax.

Zhang Zhongmou kept his Red Lotus Sword as he wiped the sweat on his forehead: “From the looks of it, it seems like we’re really near to the exit, look, the road has actually become easier to walk, it’s no longer as densely packed as the past.”

Zhao Shichang excitedly continued: “That’s right, this patch of forest seems to be the edges of the area, such a circumstance is understandable, we must be nearing the exit of the forest, everyone, we’re going to be home soon.” Suddenly Zhao Shichang looked back as he elatedly waved at the group.

The others also had smiles on their faces, no matter what, this was definitely a good sign.

“Go, let’s move quickly, we’re about to go home!” Zhang Zhongmou shouted as he continued to rush forward.

The others swiftly followed, the speed of the group had immediately risen and they were all excited as they swiftly covered much ground.

Suddenly, Zhang Zhongmou who was rushing forward made a noise before coming to a stop.

Thereafter, Liu Zheng could not help but knock into Zhang Zhongmou as he asked: “Brother Zhang, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Zhongmou did not speak, merely stretching his hand to point towards the left side not far away.

The others had also seen it, there were two people looking at him from a distance.

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