KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Tier Four Expert

One of them was barehanded, wearing a clean black jacket with a pasty white face like he had never seen the sun, his age was around twenty seven to twenty eight years and his features were prominent, appearing quite handsome but his expression was very cold, cruelty and coldness shining within his eyes as though he had been borne from killing.

Facing him was an extremely tall middle aged uncle, this uncle had a back of a tiger and a bear-like waist, his height was above 1.9 metres and what was most surprising was his back that was filled with kitchen tools, woks, knives, pots and even a cleaning rag.

At this moment his body was covered in fresh blood and his right hand was holding a butcher’s knife, his chest had several open wounds which were gushing fresh blood like a spring, his face was extremely pale but his eyes had a stubborn light that refused to bend down before the black clothed male.

Behind this tall and strapping middle aged uncle was a young girl, the young girl appeared delicate and pretty, at this moment she had a terrified expression on her face.

When Zhang Zhongmou and the others noticed this three people, the barehanded black clothed male was letting out a cold laugh: “Fool, you aren’t my match, why aren’t you running away? I’m afraid you don’t know anything at all right? Don’t you know who’s that little girl behind you? Do you think that you alone will be able to protect her?”

The little girl wanted to squeeze forward: “Uncle, don’t care about me, you can run away.”

“Stop talking nonsense, when adults are talking, how could a little kid interrupt?” The middle aged man was injured but he continued to smile as he blocked the little girl, not letting her go forward.

The little girl anxiously replied: “Uncle, you can’t beat him, didn’t you say you hated little kids? Now……. Isn’t it just right?”

The middle aged man continued: “That’s right, I hate little kids, it’s still the same. However, I hate scoundrels who would hunt down little kids even more because they……. Wouldn’t even let off kids .” He lifted the butcher’s knife in his right hand as he pointed at the black clothed male.

Hearing this words, the black clothed male had a vile expression on his face as he said coldly: “Initially I felt that you were quite a talent, able to become a tier four warrior on your own, I actually wanted to let you live, who knew that you would actually wish for death……. Just hate me, although we are both at tier four, our abilities are simply incomparable……”

The right hand of the black clothed male stretched forth as streaks of black smoke began to swirl, like little black snakes as he continued: “The injuries you suffered from me, Situ Wuya, can’t be healed by strange energy, you can die from loss of blood alone, what do you have to fight against me? What right do you have to be so confident in front of me?”

Situ Wuya let out a sinister howl as his rather handsome face twisted, his body spun as an explosive sound rang out, suddenly, a crisp explosion like that of explosive thunder rang out from within his five fingers, in the blink of an eye, his right hand, right arm and chest emitted countless numbers of small snakes which pounced toward the middle aged man.

“Little lass, run!” The middle aged man noticed Zhang Zhongmou and the others who had just arrived, hope flashed in his eyes as his left hand pointed towards them, thereafter, he shouted to the little girl before pouncing towards the black clothed male.

The black clothed male did not lie, as the middle aged man was rushing through the forest with the little girl, they had been suddenly attacked by him.

In order to protect the little girl, the middle aged man had suffered injuries from the attacks.

The frightening ability of the black clothed male made it such that the areas he had been wounded could not be healed by strange energy as they continued to leak blood, at this moment, the middle aged man felt slightly dizzy, he understood that he would not be able to beat the black clothed male and could only hope that the little girl was saved by Zhang Zhongmou and the others. As for him, he would use his life to slow the black clothed male down.

Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou and the others could hear their words by the side and were shocked, fourth tier? This black clothed male and middle aged man were actually tier four warriors?

The strongest in their group was Su Yu and he was merely a tier three dark iron warrior.

Upon contact, the middle aged man explosively roared as the butcher’s knife in his hand began to wildly assault, in the blink of an eye, countless numbers of black snakes were chopped apart, however, these black snakes actually became wisps of black smoke which continued forward, once they came into contact with the middle aged man they would instantly explode.

Although the strength of the explosion was not strong, with so many continual explosions, even a man of iron would be unable to bear it.

The middle aged man groaned as the black clothed male cackled, his left hand stretched forward as it suddenly transformed into a sword, heavily swinging downwards.


Fresh blood splattered as the middle aged man began to scream, his waist had been sliced open, revealing a frightening wound.
“Uncle!” The little girl behind screamed.

“Quick, run! Run!” The middle aged man howled as he pounced towards the black clothed male in a crazed manner, hoping to stop his advancement.

The little girl had an expression of terror as he suddenly moved towards Su Yu, Qin Jiagui and the others while shouting: “Save us……. Please save uncle!”

Qin Jiagui and the others had shocked expressions as they involuntarily backed away, the other party were both tier four, under such circumstances, how could they dare to intervene?

The black clothed male snarled as his right hand suddenly pierced, countless snakes began to explode forming an enormous wave of qi, immediately sending the middle aged man sprawling away. He no longer concerned himself with the middle aged man as he turned, heading towards the little girl who was rushing towards Su Yu’s group.

“Vile Spawn of the Kou Family, as long as I bring in your head, I, Situ Wuya will have the hope of becoming a member of the ‘White Tiger’!” Situ Wu Ya cackled as his left hand stretched forward, the sword was swung at the neck of the little girl who was running, if it connected, the girls head would be immediately severed.

“Little lass!” At the back, the middle aged man who had fallen to the ground saw this and could not help but hoarsely cry out, in this instant, his entire body seemed cold, filled with hopelessness.

Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou, Zhao Shichang and the others trembled, they could see the little girl who was rushing towards them and the black clothed male who was chasing behind, about to kill her with his sword. In this moment, a choice appeared within each person’s mind.

To help or not to help?

The group simply did not have the time to think as the sword of the black clothed male was swung, this was when a figure rushed out of the group.

It was Zhou Birong.

Hearing the screams of the little girl and her innocent and pure face, Zhou Birong instantly thought of Ding Shan. In this instant, the little girl before her seemed to merge with the image of Ding Shan, she did not hesitate as she went forward, not considering the frightening repercussions of lending aid. Zhou Birong’s body instinctively went forward, hugging the little girl before dodging to the side.


The black clothed male’s sword landed on empty air as he looked stunned.

“Do it!” Su Yu exclaimed.

Initially, he was still rather hesitant, upon seeing Zhou Birong act, he knew that the conflict could not be avoided and decisively chose to act, the faster they handled the situation the better. The black clothed male before them was actually a tier four dark iron warrior, this meant that he was certainly much stronger than all of them, their only hope of victory was using their advantage in numbers to surprise him and kill him in an instant.

Su Yu howled as Ma Ziye stomped, the Heaven’s Net was immediately activated as it snared the black clothed male.

The black clothed male roared, in this instant, he finally reacted as his right hand stretched forward, his fingers released crisp noises as black snakes were emitted.

Qin Jiagui’s right shoulder loosened as the metal cylinder lifted, the Steel Missile was sent flying towards the black clothed male.

Zhang Zhongmou’s face had instantly underwent its stone transformation, the Eye of Petrification between his brows immediately opened as a beam of light was shot towards the black clothed male’s left arm.

Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net had snared the two legs of the male, Zhang Zhongmou’s Eye of Petrification had petrified his left arm as the Red Lotus Sword was chopped towards his legs.

With his legs ensnared by Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net, even if the black clothed male was exceptionally talented, how could he possibly dodge this blade from Zhang Zhongmou?

The reason why Zhang Zhongmou had petrified the left arm was to prevent him from using the arm sword to block the Red Lotus Sword.

At the back, Zhao Shichang’s bone blade was already swinging towards the right arm of the male.

The group had suddenly acted, their teamwork was impeccable, especially Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net which had instantly snared the black clothed male, causing him to be unable to dodge. In this moment, he could not help but roar as explosive sounds rang out, four thick black pythons actually emerged from his back, acting like hooked claws as they smashed forward.


The Steel Missile was blocked by one of the black pythons, immediately exploding in mid air. The second black Python came into contact with Zhang Zhongmou’s Red Lotus Sword, forcibly blocking it. The third black python blocked Zhao Shichang while the fourth rushed towards Ma Ziye.

No one had imagined that the black clothed male who seemed to be at the precipice of death would actually have such frightening retaliatory strength, in their shock, the group swiftly dodged as the Heaven’s Net also lost its effectiveness. The face of the male was extremely pissed, kicking the ground as he flew into the air, the four black pythons behind him were like a spider with four claws as they pounced towards the little girl and Zhou Birong who was hugging her.

The black clothed male could tell that the tier of Qin Jiagui and the others was not high, although he was incensed, his top priority was to kill the little girl, if the little girl managed to flee while he was killing them, that would be a significant loss.

Thus, he chose to kill the little girl first before slowly killing off this group of people. He was Situ Wuya, he would definitely make sure……. That these people got what they deserved.

The black clothed male was extremely strong, more so than anyone had thought, their expressions had changed as Ma Ziye exclaimed, the Star Blade swinging forward as it pierced towards him from the back.

Qin Jiagui’s right hand clenched, his entire right arm transformed into metal as the Demolishing Iron Fist smashed towards the male’s back.

The two sides had already engaged in conflict, it would only end if one side perished. If they did not kill the black clothed male, the other party would definitely not let them off after achieving his goals.

Within this forest, there was no such thing as logic or law.

By the side, the middle aged man suddenly let loose an explosive howl: “Everyone dodge!”

The others were startled as they halted their movement, thereafter they saw him take a huge wok from behind his back, his hands were holding the wok as streaks of strange light began to flash before he finally tossed it.

“Cyclone Wok!” The middle aged man burst out, there was a layer of streaking light on the wok as it suddenly flew forward, its might was astounding as it instantly struck the black clothed male who had just leapt into the air.

The black clothed male had just jumped up and could not dodge in time, the four black pythons behind him could only attempt to forcefully block the frightening wok.

Both sides collided as a terrifying ‘Boom!’ rang out, the black clothed male groaned as he spat blood, the wok had been stopped but rather than falling to the ground, it actually boomeranged back towards the middle aged man.

The force behind this blow was astounding, Zhang Zhongmou saw this and could not help but yell: “Awesome!”

The middle aged man was also an expert of the fourth tier, with regards to strength alone he was definitely not any weaker than the black clothed male, it was merely because he had been sneak attacked and his blood loss was severe, this had caused his strength to be greatly weakened. If they had met head on, it was difficult to guess who would be the eventual victor.

The might of the Cyclone Wok was terrifying, the four black pythons behind the male seemed to lose all strength as his body was sent flying away, falling several tens of metres away, coincidentally right beside Su Yu.

Su Yu was still feeling weak and did not rush into the battle, he had retreated to the back but did not expect to see the black clothed male flung to his side. He hesitated for a moment and wanted to retreat but the male actually roared before jumping up, grabbing Su Yu.

The black clothed male wanted to kill the little girl but continually failed at his attempts, he had even been sent flying away by a large wok and spat blood, this made him extremely pissed. Seeing Su Yu by his side as he stood up, his hand immediately grabbed, ready to kill this person first in order to quell some of his fury.

His right arm had grabbed onto Su Yu, five fingers circled and twisted as he planned to snap Su Yu’s head off.

“Su Yu!” Jade and Ma Ziye screamed, they wanted to help but it was already too late.

If the black clothed male had grabbed onto Li Dong, Liu Zheng of any other person, with his abilties, he would certainly be able to easily snap their head, causing them to immediately die. It was such a coincidence that he person he grabbed was actually Su Yu.

Although Su Yu did not feel much energy within his body, his combat awareness, natural reflexes and adaptive abilities had not been lost, as the black clothed male stretched forward to grab, he had already understood what the male was planning to do.

Under the threat of death, Su Yu’s mind suddenly became extremely calm, his body contracted, as the arm of the male twisted, his body also twisted allowing him to escape from the grasp, his two arms then pushed against the chest of the black clothed male.

If Su Yu had strange energy present, he could have activated the Rending Storm and this blow would surely pierce through the chest of the male.

The black clothed male never expected Su Yu to be so agile, his arms had attempted to circle around but Su Yu had already escaped, he was dazed for a moment and was actually pushed aside by Su Yu.

He could not believe that he had failed to kill a fellow who seemed to powerless, the black clothed male angrily snarled as the lifeless black pythons suddenly flew up emitting explosive noises as they pierced towards Su Yu.

This was the absolute difference in strength, no matter how skillful Su Yu was, his body did not have an ounce of strange energy and even if he wanted to react his body could not keep up, he could only watch as he was pierced by the black pythons, fresh blood spewed forth as he miserably howled.

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