KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: The Might of the Black Scaled Hand

Su Yu did not know what to say as he raised his hand and patted Qin Jia Gui’s shoulder, thereafter, he rubbed the hair on the back of his head before saying: “I believe that if you don’t despair you will definitely find a way through. We will definitely be alright, everyone’s sacrifice will not be in vain. We will definitely find food and rescue team. Don’t forget, your girlfriend is still waiting for you back in the school.”

Hearing Su Yu mention his girlfriend, Qin Jia Gui’s despondent mood seemed to uplift as he said: “You’re right, I’ve already made a promise with Ni Ping that I would safely make it back to the school, I’ll definitely be alright.”

Hearing him mention a promise, Su Yu could not help but think back to a similar arrangement between him and Jade. Thinking of Jade, a smile floated onto Su Yu’s face as he muttered while seeming to speak to Qin Jia Gui: “That’s right, we will go back. The words that I’ve promised to that little girl, I can’t go back on them. Otherwise…… she will scold me again……”

Suddenly, a miserable shriek could be heard from a distance.

Everyone had a shocked expression as they looked over in the direction of the noise, that was precisely where the teacher who was carrying the injured student as well as the other two people were walking in.

Thereafter, more miserable shrieks could be heard as the group stood up, after the round of miserable shrieks everything became silent once again.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Half a minute later, the third year student Hu Ge shouted: “It’s over, those four people must have been intercepted by monsters and killed.” The tone of his voice seemed to carry schadenfreude as well as a indescribable fear.

Su Yu glanced at him before slowly sitting down, his heart was currently feeling heavy.

The group’s emotions were heavy as they knew that Hu Ge’s guess was likely correct. The four people who had left the group to return the school must have encountered danger or met with a life-threatening mishap.
No one suggested to head back and check out the situation, so many people had died and everyone’s mental state was somewhat numb to people dying.

Even Qin Jia Gui did not suggest to head back and deal with the bodies, time was of the essence and they did not have time to tarry any longer, nor did they have time to head back.

It seemed that the group came to the same conclusion as everyone had a tacit understanding and stood up one after the other, carrying their backpacks and picking up their weapons.

It was time to move out.

No one spoke as they naturally headed off in the direction they had decided upon earlier. The two people leading the group were Hu Ge and Zhang Run Sheng, they were year three students and members of the school’s soccer team. Their bodies were very sturdy and since yesterday, they had each killed two Lesser Goblins. Although this was not as impressive as the amount that Su Yu killed, it was still quite decent.

Hu Ge and Zhang Run Sheng each held wooden clubs as they continually brushed aside the wild grass and leaves in their way, as for Lin Shi and Li Dong Ze who were in the rear of the party, they had to continually look back in fear of any sneak attacks by the monsters.

In this frightening forest, they were advancing gradually as they paid close attention to each step, extremely wary of their surroundings.

Time flew by minute after minute and half an hour later, the group finally confronted a group of Lesser Goblins.

The group of Lesser Goblins numbered around fifteen to sixteen and when the group discovered them, they were roaming at an area hundred metres away from them but had not discovered them.

Hu Ge, Zhang Run Sheng, Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang did not speak as they spontaneously rushed forward.

If they were to secretly skirt around, they would be able to avoid this group of Lesser Goblins however this was not what Hu Ge, Zhao Shi Chang and the rest were thinking about.

Hu Ge, Zhang Run Sheng and Zhao Shi Chang had each killed two Lesser Goblins, the strength of the strange energy within their bodies had exceeded that of a Lesser Goblin and they all knew that killing these monsters would cause them to become stronger like Su Yu.

It was difficult to get such a chance and the group was not shocked but rather happy as they wanted to kill more of the Lesser Goblins to become stronger.

Within the forest, only becoming strong would the chances of one living on become greater.

Su Yu saw that they had not spoken a word before suddenly rushing forward and was stunned before understanding what they were thinking as he also rushed forward, the strange energy within his left hand began to circulate as he felt an itch to test out the power of the black scaled hand.

Of these people, only Zhang Zhong Mou bitterly smiled. His strange energy was located within his face and during combat his attacking strength was insufficient, seeing a Lesser Goblin made his scalp numb.

As for Ning Yan, a look of loathing flashed on her face. Since the beginning she had not initiated an attack on the Lesser Goblins and although she was a member of the group, the expression on her face seemed to be disassociated with that of the group.

Up ahead, the group of startled group of Lesser Goblins had spotted them and were rushing forward to meet them.


Zhao Shi Chang shouted as he wielded the club within his right arm, “Bang!”, the wooden club within a Lesser Goblins hand was knocked flying before he heavily smashed towards its chest.

By the side, Hu Ge was not any weaker than him as he continued to smash “Bang! Bang! Bang!” causing a Lesser Goblin to sway in retreat as though it were drunk. The final strike landed on the Lesser Goblin’s shoulder as green juice splattered causing a shrill cry from the Lesser Goblin.

Su Yu wordlessly appeared behind them and his silhouette disappeared as he suddenly overtook them and clenched his fist, the fist that was covered in black scales strangely transformed into a lizard-like palm as five claws that were several centimetres in length extended out.

Because he had rushed to the forefront, two Lesser Goblins were simultaneously smashing wooden clubs towards him.

Looking at his black scale covered left hand, Su Yu was unnaturally calm and even the actions of the Lesser Goblins and the swinging of their clubs seemed to become slow in his eyes.

His body flashed as he nimbly dodged the two Lesser Goblins’ attacks and with a swipe of his left hand, “Chiiii”, the claws on his left hand actually pierced straight through the Lesser Goblin’s chest, its sharpness far exceeding his expectations.

The strange energy surged as Su Yu’s left arm swept, large amounts of green juice sprayed forth as the Lesser Goblin that had been pierced by Su Yu screamed, it’s body had been sliced in half, starting from it’s chest as its upper body fell to the ground.

Su Yu was dazed, he had never imaged that his left arm together with the five sharp claws would have such a frightening killing potential. Just a simple sweep of his hand had cleanly sliced a Lesser Goblin in two.

This scene not only made Su Yu dazed but also Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others who were following closely behind.

This was the new strength that Su Yu had obtained after killing a Greater Goblin? This was simply too frightening.

Su Yu quickly came to his senses, after promoting to a tier one dark iron warrior, killing these Lesser Goblins barely increased his strange energy and he looked back at Zhang Zhong Mou who had a bitter expression on his face as he suddenly had a thought.

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