KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Golden Thumb

Su Yu’s reaction time was godly and had infuriated the black clothed male, in his anger he used his full force, the four black pythons which had appeared to be smashed lifeless by the Cyclone Wok had suddenly rushed forward, instantly piercing Su Yu’s body.

“Roar!” Su Yu miserably howled, in this instant, the silent black crystals which were formed from strange energy began to flare up.

It seemed as though they had felt that their owner was faced with a life and death situation, causing these black crystals to instinctively explode, “crack!”, the rush of strange energy was frightening as the sound of beans being fried could be heard from within Su Yu’s body, the strange energy continued to wildly surge.

Su Yu roared towards the sky, his entire body suddenly exploded with power, actually caused the black pythons which had pierced his body to immediately be forced out of his body, the surging energy actually caused the black clothed male to fall to the ground.

“What?” The black clothed male was alarmed.

Su Yu’s continued to emit out howls as his body released frightening amounts of strange energy, like the spring tide of the Yangtze river, flowing out from his left arm and chest, the four ‘doors’ seemed to be loosen as though it would be forced open yet simply lacked that final nudge.

Su Yu acted as his right hand clenched, a golden light exploded forth as he willed it, finally, all the strange energy gathered to rush at the door that was blocking his right arm.


Su Yu’s mind felt as though there were tens of thousands of fluctuations, this door had finally collapsed as the frightening strange energy rushed into Su Yu’s right arm.


Su Yu howled as his right arm stretched forth, the strange energy continued to surge wildly, actually wrapping around that drop of Golden Blood within it. In no time, the Golden Blood began to spread, continually roiling within his right arm. The frightening energy was like a roaring dragon, this was the first time he could use the full power of the Golden Blood without fear of any repercussions.

“Fourth tier!”

Su Yu understood that he had broken through once again, entering the more powerful fourth realm, the current him was already a legitimate tier four dark iron warrior.

Black scales appeared, covering his left hand as it continued to spread, covering his left arm, chest and right arm. The black scales had fully covered his entire upper chest and arms, the drop of Golden Blood within his arm was also flowing, Su Yu willed it as his right thumb lifted, suddenly, the jet black claws on his right thumb actually turned gold.

Surrounded by the jet black scales, this golden claw was exceptionally dazzling, contained within was an unfathomable destructive power.

Su Yu’s transformation had shocked everyone, even the black clothed male and middle aged man were stunned.

They were both tier four dark iron warriors and had experienced the change from tier three to tier four, however, no one had expected the exaggerated ruckus that had come together with Su Yu’s transformation.

At his chest area, the origin force necklace began to sway on its own, Su Yu lifted the golden thumb claw on his right hand as he suddenly moved, the sound of rustling could be heard as he suddenly appeared before the male, pressing down towards him.

Feeling the strange threat of death, the black clothed male snarled as the four pythons behind him began to wildly flail at Su Yu, the arm sword also pierced towards his chest as he exclaimed: “This little girl is someone that the White Tiger wishes to kill, getting yourselves caught up in her business, there’s only death!”

The black clothed male yelled his threat, Su Yu and the others had no information regarding this world and did not feel any pressure.

No one knew what the White Tiger meant.

The four black pythons struck, their might was imposing, Su Yu kept a cool expression, as he stretched his golden thumb forward, pressing towards one of the black pythons.

This black python began to disintegrate inch by each until it finally reached the back of the male, thereafter, the other three black pythons also began to disintegrate as the black clothed male let out a miserable cry, the disintegration of the black pythons was akin to ripping his flesh off.

A single thumb had shattered the four black pythons of the black clothed male, the Rending Storm was activated on his left hand as it forcefully struck the arm sword of the black clothed male, an explosive sound rang out as the Rending Storm clashed with the arm sword, causing dazzling sparks to fly.

Although the Rending Storm was strong, the black clothed male was also an expert of the fourth tier, his arm sword was also exceptionally sturdy and this clash was actually even.

The black clothed male howled as he thought of retaliating, Su Yu frowned as his right golden thumb suddenly pressed, pressing onto the arm sword that could evenly match his Rending Storm.

The sturdy arm sword was immediately disintegrated like tofu without a single sound.

The black clothed male was wide-eyed as he cried in terror: “What is that power?!”

Su Yu was calm as he continued to press the golden thumb towards the forehead of the black clothed male.


All noise from the black clothed male abruptly ended, his head had suddenly blown apart, as though there were a small bomb held within which had detonated.

Su Yu frowned as he retracted his hand to wipe his face, there was plenty of blood and pieces of flesh that had splattered onto him making him feel uncomfortable.

The black clothed male’s corpse which had lost its left arm and head fell silently to the ground, the strange energy contained within his body began to flow out emitting ‘Chi’ ‘Chi’ noises, the higher a person’s tier when they died the more obvious the loss of strange energy.

Su Yu stopped circulating his strange energy as the scales and golden thumb claw retracted, within his mind, information continually flowed reminding him to choose a new ability.

Having reached the fourth tier, Su Yu could once again choose whether to upgrade a pre-existing ability or to learn a new one.

The new ability that he could learn was the ‘Protective Bulwark’ which was a defensive ability, the four abilities he currently had could be upgraded, the Eye of Perception could be upgraded to become the Eye of Divinity, the Lizard’s Arm could be upgraded to become Lizard’s Beastial Morph, the Fang Bullet Burst could be upgraded to the more powerful and longer ranged Fang Bullet Cannon, as for the Rending Storm that was once upgraded it could be further advanced to become the Cataclysmic Storm.

Su Yu began to fall into deep thought, he currently had the Rending Storm together with the ten odd hidden holes within his body which could suck strange energy, together with the ability to utilise the Golden Blood, it could be said that his offensive capabilities had already reached a frightening level, even the black clothed male who was at the fourth tier could not withstand a single blow from him.

Compared to his offensive capabilities, his defense was comparably weaker, he had thus decided to go with the Protective Bulwark.

As though there were a supernatural presence that exceeded one’s imagination, at the moment Su Yu decided on the Protective Bulwark, a stream of information immediately flooded through his mind, all the rules and usage regarding the Protective Bulwark flooded into his mind, firmly imprinting itself without any possibility of him forgetting it. Although he had just comprehended it and could not use it effectively, he could already use a simple shield.

With a single thought, Su Yu’s left hand stretched forth as his five fingers extended outwards, thereafter, a thin translucent shield that had strands of metal-like texture appeared within his hands.

The Protective Bulwark was a unique form of utilising the strange energy in the form of qi, utilising it to form a shield which could block extremely fierce attacks, it could be considered a very powerful defensive ability.

There was a deeper reason why Su Yu had chosen the Protective Bulwark, he still remembered the first time he met with the third tier expert Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang was definitely not weak but had died in an instant due to his Earth Spike Assault. At that time she was caught off guard, but even then if she was prepared for it, the power of these types of magical spells was simply too frightening, if Chu Xiang had a defensive ability it was not definite that she would be able to preserve her life.

Although Su Yu’s current offensive power was phenomenal, if he met an enemy who had a similar magical spell as his Earth Spikes Assault, he would have no defensive abilities to handle it and would fall to a similar fate as Chu Xiang.

Su Yu tested the Protective Bulwark but was unsatisfied, he needed to study it further, improvise to better utilise it, such as allowing it to appear at any part of his body, in this manner he would be able to better protect himself.

For example, if the Protective Bulwark could appear below his feet, this would be able to defend him against an attack like the Earth Spikes Assault, Su Yu believed that if he was able to block such an attack, he would definitely be able to kill the other party.

After killing the black clothed male and entering tier four, the wounds which had been pierced by the black pythons were swiftly recovering, his two arms and upper body could enter into a transformed state, together with his ability to utilise the Golden Blood, his strength had been greatly increased. His strange energy could freely flow between his two arms and chest, there were currently only three doors remaining in his body preventing the strange energy from entering his legs and head region, Su Yu could guess that there was likely three more chances to advance.

On the ground, Zhou Birong had stood up as she brought the little girl to her feet. The little girl was still dazed as she saw how Su Yu had killed the black clothed male, this only lasted for a moment before she recovered and shouted: “Uncle!” As she ran towards the middle aged man.

“Ha, Haha……” The middle aged man had lost too much blood and was laying on the ground, his face was extremely pale, following the death of the black clothed male, the strange power that was acting on him had disappeared, his wounds had stopped bleeding and were beginning to heal, being at the fourth tier, it would only take half a day before he fully recovered.

“Little lass…… I’m alright.” The middle aged man coughed, placing the big wok behind his back again as he slowly stood up.

“Uncle, thank you, thank you…….” The little girl rubbed her eyes.

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