KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Black Flames

At the back Fang Jiong howled as he took the large wok off his back, streaks of black undulations began to extend outwards as they gathered on the wok before he tossed it.


The power of the Cyclone Wok was phenomenal, a Super Skeletal Soldier was immediately smashed apart after being hit, the green fire within it falling to the ground.

Fang Jiong swiftly followed as he rushed forward, black undulations covered his hands as he roared, pressing down on the ball of green fire.

“Undulation Overload!” Fang Jiong roared as the streaks of black fluctuations began to expand, immediately encapsulating the ball of green fire as Fang Jiong then flipped his palm, the ball of green fire immediately shattered together with the undulations, covering the floor with green sparks before slowly dissipating.

Barely two seconds had passed but Fang Jiong had already taken care of a Super Skeletal Soldier, Su Yu was not any slower and his Rending Storm had also smashed into one.

The white bone claws of the skeletal soldier collided with the Rending Storm, immediately shattering as Su Yu continued forward, piercing through everything without any difficulty as his fist finally landed onto the ball of green fire within the Super Skeletal Soldier’s body.


The green ball of fire seemed to explode, turning into sparks that filled the sky before disappearing.

Ma Ziye stomped as she activated Heaven’s Net, her hands wielded the Star Blade as she slashed down.

A streak of starry light could be seen as crisp cracking sounds could be heard from the Super Skeletal Soldier, its ribs began to shatter as its chest was thoroughly perforated, the Heaven’s Net had also taken effect as black ropes trapped its feet before moving upwards and binding its entire body, causing it to be locked in place.

Ma Ziye’s second blade followed closely, this time, it had accurately landed on the ball of fire within its chest, when the Star Blade pierced through the ball of fire, it immediately dissipated, the third skeletal soldier had been killed by Ma Ziye.

At the back, Qin Jiagui’s used the Steel Missile and Demolishing Iron Fist, Zhang Zhongmou utilised the Red Lotus Sword together with his Eye of Petrification, Zhao Shichang used his bone knife, they were each able to block one Super Skeletal Soldier, although they were unable to swiftly kill them like Su Yu, they did not lose out against the skeletal soldier.

Su Yu, Fang Jiong and Ma Ziye were clearly much stronger than a Super Skeletal Soldier, in no time, the ten Super Skeletal Soldiers were taken care of, these Super Skeletal Soldiers did not have any black crystals within them, the group did not receive any energy from killing them and it was clear that these skeleton monsters were a different kind of lifeform.

Having taken care of the ten monsters, Zhang Zhongmou whined: “This stone cave seems rather strange, there are even moving skeletons, damn, will there even be mummies here?”

Su Yu replied: “This is the Departed Spirits race, they are a life form that is evolved from other monsters, we’ll get used to it after a while.”

Zhang Zhongmou laughed as Xiao Wei suddenly spoke: “Departed Spirits race, energy of life? I’ve recalled it…… it could be that we may get some good stuff.”

“Good stuff? Xiao Wei, what’s the good stuff?” Zhang Zhongmou heard that they could get something good as his eyes immediately lit up.

Qin Jiagui frowned as he slowly measured Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei’s age was not large but she seemed to know many things. Also, even though they were suddenly attacked by the skeletal soldiers, she did not seem scared and also knew about several things that they did not know, could it be that she was not someone who had fallen through a Sky Hole to enter into this world?

Qin Jiagui suddenly thought of this possibility.

Xiao Wei continued: “This is only my guess, I’m not sure if it’s that thing, if it is, then that would definitely be awesome.”

Zhang Zhongmou groaned: “Little lass, what on earth is it? You’ve spoken for so long but haven’t touched on the most important part.”

Xiao Wei shook her head: “I’m not sure if I’m right or wrong, everyone just continue forward, once everything is clear I’ll say it.”

Zhang Zhongmou’s face turned dark.

Ma Ziye immediately spoke: “I’m not wishing for anything good, I just wish the exit is inside and we can finally leave this world.”

Xiao Wei mysteriously smiled: “If it really is what I’m guessing, we may really have a chance to leave this world.”

As she said this, the spirits of the group were immediately excited, they were initially feeling rather disappointed after seeing this cave, it seemed more and more unlikely that this contained the exit to their world, who would think that Xiao Wei would actually say that this could possibly allow them to leave this world, this instantly caused their spirits to rise.

Su Yu smiled: “Alright, let’s continue forward to see if there’s that thing that Xiao Wei is talking about.” as he continued walking forward.

As the tunnel grew deeper, the surroundings became more and more spacious, the group could feel an aura, this aura was filled with vitality, it was the vast feeling of the aura of life.

Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, Fang Jiong and the others had expressions of shock, only Xiao Wei had an expression of excitement as though she had guessed correctly.

When they finally reached the end, the group felt as though they were in the innermost belly of the mountain. In these depths, there was an boundlessly wide space, in the centre of this area was a fissure that was impossibly deep, within the fissure came blazing black flames, these black flames could be said to cover a majority of the spacious area.

The strange black flames did not seem to emit any heat, rather, it seemed to be giving off a sort of aura of life, causing them to feel as though they should jump into its embrace, like infants wanting to embrace their mother.

“This……. This is…….” Su Yu was dumbstruck as he lifted his head.

Qin Jiagui cried out: “Look there!” as he pointed his finger, the group finally noticed that above the blazing black flames was actually an colossal white skeletal spider.

This white skeletal spider was lazily prone on the ceiling above the black flames, the movements of the flame would occasionally reveal it, eight spider legs which were close to ten metres long dangled lazily above the fire. Unexpectedly on its face, there seemed to be gigantic human skull, the two cavities of the opening for eyes had no light in the darkness.

It seemed that because of Qin Jiagui’s exclamation, the white skeletal spider which was previously sleeping had been rudely awakened, within its empty eye sockets two balls of dark green ghostly fire lit up.

The ghostly fire lit up with a “peng!”, the white skeletal spider which was prone above the black flames began to move as crisp creaking noises could be heard.

“Everyone careful!” Su Yu shouted as he moved forward, the Eye of Perception on his left hand immediately activating.

At the back, Xiao Wei still excitedly pulled at Fang Jiong as she shouted: “Uncle, uncle, I guessed correctly. It really is that thing, it’s exactly as my dad said, this is simply too amazing, the fifth type of life form is really too amazing.”

Xiao Wei’s excitement seemed out of place, however, these words could be said to leave the group feeling dazed. Su Yu’s Eye of Perception had already transmitted the information regarding the immense spider to him.

Name: Skeleton King


A high grade life form within the Departed Souls race evolved from a skeletal soldier, its form may differ, from spiders to pythons to scorpions or even beasts or human.

It has already advanced to the stage of having its own crystal source and has the possibility of regrowing flesh and blood and also has extremely powerful combat abilities.

“Extremely powerful combat ability?” Su Yu frowned as he yelled: “Those below tier two, back away now!”

His words had barely been spoken when the legs of the Skeleton King began to rise one by one. It was as if a huge carcass that was resting on a small hill was getting up and that a huge web that was high in the sky was crashing down, encompassing everyone below. The other legs also swept towards the group.

With Su Yu’s loud reminder, Jade, Lei Rui, Yuan Niping, Li Dong and the others swiftly retreated, they understood Su Yu and since he had already called for those below tier two to retreat, the monster before them was definitely frightening.

Actually, at first glance of this immense skeletal spider, if one was not dumb they would be able to tell that this monster was frightening.

Qin Jiagui’s right arm instantly transformed to metal, his right shoulder raised up as a metallic cylinder appeared, ‘Chi!’, the Steel Missile had already been sent flying forward.

Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye acted at the same time, lifting the Red Lotus Sword and Star Blade to block the spider legs that were chopping towards them.

Fang Jiong took out his butcher’s knife as black undulations extended from his body, covering the butcher’s knife as he chopped towards one of the spider’s legs while shouting: “Little lass, run quickly! Why are kids so troublesome.”

Su Yu’s left arm stretched forward as black scales appeared, large amounts of white mist was spat out as he leapt into the air, smashing towards the head of the descending spider.

He had gathered strange energy within the Rending Storm hoping to shatter the head of the spider in a single blow.

Within the body of the Skeleton King, an indistinct roar could be heard as a rippling wind visible to the naked eye came gushing forth.

A strange sound reverberated as the heads of everyone in the vicinity immediately hurt, each person felt as though their heads had been hit by an massive blow, Su Yu groaned as he fell from the sky while a spider’s claw pierced towards his chest.

It was fortunate that Su Yu’s chest was protected by a layer of black scales, the spider’s claw was unable to break through the protection but it still managed to break off seven to eight pieces while sending Su Yu’s body flying far away like a ragdoll.

Fang Jiong had suffered from a similar attack, his hands lost their strength as the butcher’s knife fell away, his body was struck by a spider’s leg as though he had been struck by a steel mace.

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