KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: A Flash of Realization before the Battle

Fang Jiong groaned as the black undulations on his body dissipated, a deep gouge could be seen on his waist as fresh blood gushed out.

As the spider monster landed in the midst of the people, a frightening rumbling noise echoed from the ground, Zhang Zhongmou yelled as he was sent flying away, knocking into the stone wall by the side as he spat out a mouthful of blood, the Red Lotus Sword in his hand flying away.

Ma Ziye fared slightly better, she had a martial arts background and was extremely nimble, she had noticed the situation and immediately kept her Star Blade, rolling on the ground as she barely avoided a terrifying blow from one of the spider’s legs.

This spider could be said to have landed right beside Ma Ziye’s prone body, sand and rock was dislodged as they swept into her face, it could be seen how terrifying the force contained in this landing.

Qin Jiagui’s Steel Missile had exploded on the body of the spider monster, although its might was astonishing, the spider monster did not seem to take any damage, not even a scratch was left behind. Qin Jiagui was shocked as he swiftly retreated while yelling: “Retreat! Quick, retreat!”

The spider monster before them was simply too horrifying.

The people at the back were running haphazardly about, they were confused after the spider monster had suddenly released its sound wave attack causing them to feel an intense pain in their heads, their strength was weak and their ability to defend themselves was even more pathetic. The tier zeroes amongst them like Liu Zheng and Xie Zhiming had actually fallen to the ground, Liu Zheng could be considered quick witted as he remained prone on the ground, as for Xie Zhiming, he had immediately climbed back up in his panic as an incredibly fast black figure suddenly flashed by.

Xie Zhiming suddenly shrieked as large amounts of blood began to spurt out, his chest had immediately been perforated by an object, it was the enormous white skeletal leg of the spider.

Xie Zhiming continued to shriek as his legs flailed, his hands grabbed onto the spider’s claw which was pierced into him as he yelled: “I don’t want to die, I still want to go back and see grandpa and grandma! I don’t want to die!!!!” as he continued to struggle.

It was possible that because he was the fattest, he was the first to be attacked after the spider monster had landed on the ground, in the eyes of the spider, Xie Zhiming was probably the most delicious morsel.

By the side, Su Yu turned as he stood back up, he quickly rushed over to save him but it was simply too late, the spider monster’s legs moved as its maw opened before suddenly swallowing half of Xie Zhiming’s body.

This was supposed to be a huge skeletal frame without any stomach or intestines, why would it consume food? The group were shocked and curious at the same time, they heard the gnashing of the spider’s teeth as Xie Zhiming’s voice abruptly halted, his body seemed to have been tossed into a meat grinder as it was swiftly minced apart, falling into the stomach region formed of white bone before a lump of black crystal appeared, absorbing the meat juice like a black hole till nothing was left.

As for the spider monster, it was already emitting sounds of pleasure as though ingesting a human being was causing it to feel excited, thereafter its huge body began to sway before it moved towards Jade, Yuan Niping and the others who were frantically running away.

The spider could tell that these people were weak and had chosen to attack these people who were merely at tier one.

A living person had suddenly disappeared into the body of the spider, Xie Zhiming who was once alive had suddenly died, this caused a strange feeling to well up in their hearts.

Xie Zhiming was an honest fellow, he did not talk much but was a rather decent person. He would often assist with more bags of food without any complaint, he was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother and was very close with them, he had been sitting on a bus, hoping to celebrate his grandparents birthday but had inadvertently fallen into this world, eventually resulting in his death.

The spider monster had swallowed Xie Zhiming before its eight limbs moved, pouncing towards Jade, Yuan Niping, Lei Rui and the others. At the back, Su Yu roared as his arms, chest and back were covered in black scales, his legs kicked as his body swiftly moved forward, large amounts of white mist could be seen shooting out from his left arm creating a propulsion that caused him to move even faster, his arms suddenly moved together before the Rending Storm was activated.

In this instant, Su Yu had actually comprehended the method of using his right arm to execute the Rending Storm allowing him to use both arms to activate the Rending Storm together, white mist was emitted from both arms like two white snakes, his body continued to fly forward before landing on the body of the spider monster, his hands raised before heavily smashing downwards.

“Bang! Crack!”

An ear-piercing sound rang out as the two arms which had activated the Rending Storm smashed into the back of the monster, pieces of black scale continued to scrape as sparks filled the air, in the blink of an eye, black fissures appeared on the white back bone of the spider.

The powerful Rending Storm was only resulted in some cracked areas on the monster’s white skeletal frame without instantly shattering it, this spider monster was terrifying beyond belief.


The spider monster roared as it emitted another omni-directional sound wave attack. Su Yu who was on the monster’s back felt a great shock towards his head and groaned before falling down.

Su Yu had just landed when the spider monster rotated its body sending two of its spider legs to wildly pierce towards Su Yu.

Su Yu was able to crack the bones on its back, angering the spider as it immediately gave up on its previous targets to focus on Su Yu.

Although Su Yu’s head was aching, his combat prowess allowed him to hold on, his body rolled on the ground as his right hand pressed towards the ground, activating the Earth Spikes Assault.

Thick earthen spears rose from the ground below the spider’s stomach, the spider monster’s entire body was formed of white bone, these spikes pierced into the gaps between the white bone and did not harm it but was able to snare it within, causing its eight claws to no longer be able to move.

An incredible opportunity had just presented itself, Fang Jiong did not speak as he picked up his butcher’s knife, Su Yu’s Rending Storm was unable to shatter the bones of the monster clearly demonstrating how tough the bones were, Fang Jiong did not aim for the bones but rather the joints between them.

As a super chef, Fang Jiong’s ability to dismember animals could be said to be able to do whatever his heart desired, this was extremely useful against the spider monster as his butcher’s knife was able to easily slip into a joint, twisting and slicing as the spider monster which was still trapped within the earth spikes roared like thunder when one of its eight legs actually fell.

What was most surprising was Xu Ruyun’s performance, as the other tier ones were panicking and running away, he was able to calmly wait for a chance. Seeing the chance arrive, he silently appeared as he acted familiarly, not in any way weaker than Fang Jiong as his surgical knives pierced into the joints of the spider monster, moving with ease as he caused another leg to fall off.

Suddenly losing two of its legs, the spider monster began emit out thunderous roars, the group immediately realised that although its bones were tougher than steel, the joints between them were a weakness, it was too nimble previously and they did not have a chance to target its joints, now that it was trapped by the Earth Spikes Assault, Fang Jiong and Xu Ruyun had managed to take advantage of it.

Besides Fang Jiong and Xu Ruyun, the third person to act was Ma Ziye.

Ma Ziye was extremely nimble, she had tumbled to the ground to dodge the attack from the spider monster, at this moment she had noticed Su Yu using the Earth Spikes Assault to trap the spider monster as she immediately acted, her legs kicked off as she rose into the air, both hands grasping the Star Blade as she instantly pierced it through the holes between the bones directly into the stomach region of the monster, kicking again on the monster’s body as she somersaulted and retreated before activating the Starlight.

Ma Ziye had used Starlight within the hospital the previous day, it was fortunate that twenty four hours had already passed and her blade ability could be activated once more.

The frightening Starlight exploded within the body of the monster, in an instant, a dazzling light expanded as starry lights seemed to shoot from the blade, exploding from the gaps between the bones making the spider seem to become a bug that could emit light.

Ma Ziye landed as she swiftly retreated several metres away before activating the Heaven’s Net, at the same time, the effect of the Earth Spikes Assault wore off and the spider monster regained its freedom.

Ma Ziye used everything she had to activate the Heaven’s Net, strands of black steel rope extended forth like pythons, slithering past the ground as they swiftly climbed up the spider monster’s body, firmly trapping it in place.


The spider monster suddenly let out a frightening roar as a soundwave visible to the naked eye spread in all directions, its remaining six legs began to shake as its entire body trembled, ‘Pa! Pa! Pa!” continued to resound as Ma Ziye violently shook, her cherry red lips parted as fresh blood was spat out before she fell heavily to the ground.

The Heaven’s Net was actually rent apart by the spider monster, the strands of black steel rope began to fall apart as Ma Ziye was hit by the backlash of strange energy and was gravely wounded, the spider had managed to escape its confines as its six enormous legs began to flail like steel whips.

Fang Jiong groaned as the Cyclone Wok was sent flying back, ‘Keng!’ as the wok and man were both sent flying. As for Xu Ruyun, he had been slightly late in dodging and his chest had been hit, there was an inch deep gouge there and blood was spurting forth, he groaned as he flew away, tumbling over twenty metres away before he fell to the ground, remaining motionless.

The spider monster seemed crazed as starry lights burst from within its body, the Starlight ability had exploded causing lights to shoot from within it, its legs suddenly shivered as it leapt into the air, its immense body turned as the Star Blade which was pierced into its body was sent flying away. Once the Star Blade left the body, the starry lights immediately dimmed.

Starlight had actually been forcefully broken by it.

Ma Ziye who had spat blood struggled to lift her head, noticing this, she was extremely shocked, the spider monster before them was many times stronger than even the tier three Single Eyed Zombie King.

All this happened in a matter of two breaths, Xie Zhiming had died, Ma Ziye, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou were heavily injured, Xu Ruyun was lying motionless, Zhao Shichang was swiftly retreating, cold sweat drenched his back and he did not dare to move forward, Fang Jiong was also injured but he was a fourth tier dark iron warrior, he barely managed to stand up as streaks of black undulations expanded, gathering on the butcher’s knife as a blade was formed from the black ripples, the Steel Shattering Cleave was about to be sent forward but alas, he had already lost all confidence.

This spider monster was not something that he could deal with.

The spider monster had turned in the air to get rid of the Star Blade, thereafter it had landed on the ground before roaring, its six humongous legs began to slap the ground causing explosive noises as it once again rose into the air, pouncing towards Ma Ziye, Zhang Zhongmou and the others who were still fallen on the ground. Fang Jiong grit his teeth and was prepared to rush forward when a figure suddenly appeared, standing in front of the group as he faced the crazed and terrifying spider monster.

This back seemed dependable like a mountain, in this moment, there was an indescribable feeling of safety that everyone could feel.

This person, was Su Yu.

Su Yu had activated the Earth Spikes Assault before Ma Ziye activated her Starlight, he had initially thought that Ma Ziye’s Starlight would have been enough to deal with the monster, who knew that the monster would be so strong as to forcefully break through the Starlight. It was only now that Su Yu realised how frightening the monster was, he did not speak as he stood before the group, his right hand clenched as he raised a single thumb.

A dazzling golden light could be seen shining forth as the Golden Blood was activated.

Even the Rending Storm had only caused cracks to appear on the bones without shattering them, it could be imagined how sturdy the bones of the monster was, as for attacking the joints of the monster, the difficulty and finesse required for this was simply too high, Su Yu did not have such a precise combat ability and under the circumstances had chosen to use the power of the Golden Blood.

With the activation of the Golden Blood, a wisp of terrifying aura was released, the spider monster seemed to sense something as it’s frightening roars stopped, its six legs retracted as it stopped its advancement, opening its mouth as it prepared to attack with sound waves again.

Su Yu obviously would not give it such a chance as he kicked, swiftly pouncing like an eagle hunting a rabbit as he appeared before the spider monster.

A single golden thumb had actually been able to scare this monster, the spider monster flailed its giant legs in an attempt to sweep Su Yu as it opened its mouth to use the soundwave attack.

Su Yu’s golden thumb accurately pressed against a leg that was sweeping forward, instantly shattering the incredibly sturdy leg, Su Yu then moved like a gust of wind as he appeared before the spider, his left hand stretching forth as he struck right into the gaping maw of the spider monster.

The sound wave attack had not occurred as Su Yu’s left hand blocked it off, thereafter, “wu wu” could be heard as large amounts of white mist shot from the mouth of the spider, the spider monster seemed to have become a steam engine as all the gaps between its bones began to release dense amounts of white mist, the Rending Storm had been activated at its full power within the spider monster’s mouth.

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