KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: The Fifth Lifeform

A frightening sound rang out as the entire spider monster trembled, dragging Su Yu along as it tumbled to the ground. Su Yu’s left hand was still inside the monster’s mouth, his right thumb continued to press down on the monster’s body.

The power of the Golden Blood was able to soundlessly shatter every bone it came into contact with, the sturdy bones when faced with this golden thumb was like paste, simply unable to withstand a single blow. The group could see the spider monster drag Su Yu to the ground as they tumbled, the bones on its body were slowly disintegrating, its six legs were the first to go before its body and eventually the head…….

Finally, Su Yu landed as he stretched his left arm, large amounts of white mist filled the air as the final two bones were shattered.

A humongous Skeleton King spider monster had suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving only the two huge legs that had first been removed by Xu Ruyun and Fang Jiong, the rest of its body had been turned to dust under the power of the golden thumb.

Countless numbers of tiny black crystals exploded out from the dead spider monster, it was unknown what tier the spider monster was at but it was clearly much stronger than a tier three Single Eyed Zombie King. With its death, a large amount of energy crystals had actually exploded forth before actually spreading and moving towards the bodies of the group.

Most of the crystals flew towards Su Yu, then Ma Ziye, Fang Jiong, Xu Ruyun who was motionless on the ground, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou. It seemed as though it was divided based on their contributions in killing the spider monster.

Such a scene was a first, Su Yu was shocked as he saw large amounts of energy crystals fly into his body, thereafter, the strange energy within him surged as the powerful strange energy rammed against the remaining three doors, however, they were stopped as they swiftly receded, it was clear that even though he had absorbed a large amount of energy crystals, he was still far from advancing.

Ma Ziye and Fang Jiong had also absorbed a decent amount of energy crystals but were far from advancing, only Xu Ruyun was different.

Xu Ruyun was merely a tier one dark iron warrior, he had risked his life to injure a monster that was stronger than tier three, although the energy he absorbed was far inferior to Su Yu, he was only tier one and the amount he absorbed was sufficient to allow him to advance.

As the crystals entered his body, Xu Ruyun who was heavily injured and lying motionless on the ground began to twitch violently, slowly pushing himself up as he groaned, the frightening wound at his chest area was beginning to heal as the flesh at his chest area twitched, the strange energy within him continually changed to qi. Due to his strange energy being concentrated within his chest, his circumstance was different from the others, after advancing to tier two, five doors appeared within his body preventing the strange energy from entering his arms, legs and head, forcing the strange energy to circulate only within his upper body.

Su Yu had absorbed a large amount of energy crystals, although he did not advance, the strange energy within him flowed into the origin force necklace that was around his neck. As the strange energy continued to surge, the origin force necklace suddenly began to violently shiver, thereafter, a ball of bluish white light was shot forth.

Su Yu was shocked as his eyes widened, looking at the necklace on his chest as it floated on its own, streaks of bluish white light continued to shoot forth, swiftly creating small balls of bluish white light, thereafter, streams of information began to appear within Su Yu’s mind.

Name: Ball Lightning


Initial form of origin beast, Thunder affinity.

Others: Unknown.

“This…… this is……” Su Yu was stunned as he carefully observed the floating balls of bluish white light before him, Ball Lightning? Origin beast? What did this mean?

Su Yu was still dazed when a young and tender sound rang out from the balls of lightning, thereafter they began to move up and down causing Su Yu to be even more amazed.

By the side, Fang Jiong was curious as he shouted: “What is that thing? It seems to have come out from your necklace?”

Fang Jiong’s words reminded Su Yu as he hurriedly used the Eye of Perception, the information he received about the balls of lightning were identical but he realised that the information regarding the necklace had changed.

Its name had changed from origin force necklace to Ball Lightning Necklace, it could summon the initial form of the origin beast ‘Ball Lightning’, there was a cooldown of twenty four hours and no further information.

Ma Ziye’s injuries were not light, as she absorbed the energy crystals, she swiftly recovered as she stood up and asked curiously: “Su Yu, what is that thing? There seems to be sounds coming from it as well?” She could not help but stretch a hand forward, wishing to touch one of the bluish white balls when Xiao Wei suddenly exclaimed: “Big sister, don’t touch it!”

Ma Ziye retracted her hand: “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Wei earnestly replied: “This is a origin beast, although it has just been born, it is extremely powerful. Big brother Su Yu, the type of your origin beast is very good, it’s actually lightning.”

Su Yu was stunned: “You know what this thing is?”

Xiao Wei laughed: “The people I mixed with in the past all had origin beasts, all influential people usually have origin beasts. Big brother Su Yu is powerful and thus managed to allow it to be born.”

Su Yu still wanted to question but Liu Zheng had already spoke up: “I know, it’s a pet, isn’t it? This origin beast is a pet right?”

Xiao Wei twirled her fingers as she contemplated: “Somewhat like that, but then again different. Big brother Su Yu, use your heart to feel the mysterious treasure necklace, you will then understand.”

Su Yu nodded as he grabbed the necklace, closing his eyes to feel it. Gradually, he was able to sense a young and immature soul aura, this soul aura was extremely vigorous, as though it was filled with excitement, in no time, Su Yu seemed to have understood something as he willed it, the balls of lightning by his side began to spin before they suddenly lit up, a thin bolt of lightning was then shot forth.


A soft sound rang out as it struck the boulders by the side causing a few wisps of bluish smoke to rise up.

Su Yu opened his eyes as he felt the small black burnt mark on the boulder before looking at the floating balls of lightning, they seemed to have become smaller.

“So that’s how it works.” Su Yu muttered as he pointed, a soft “eyy” could be heard from the balls of lightning before streaks of bluish white lightning shot forth from them.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Crisp sounds resounded out as six to seven streaks of lightning shot forth from the balls of lightning causing them to reduce in size before they disappeared.

Su Yu realised that the soul within the necklace had stopped its fluctuations, the speed with which the necklace was absorbing strange energy suddenly increased as though it were trying to recover.

“I understand now, this necklace can be used to summon ‘Ball Lightning’ the origin beast, the balls of lightning can attack and send approximately seven bolts of lightning before its energy is used up. One can only summon them every 24 hours, similar to the Earth Spikes Assault. Why is the power of the lightning so weak……. If I use it suddenly, I should still be able to harass my opponent……”

Su Yu felt the few burnt marks left on the boulder as he muttered, he finally understood what the Ball Lightning was about.

Xiao Wei spoke up: “Big brother Su, origin beasts aren’t weak, they have just been born but can continue to advance, it is possible for them to become even stronger than their master.”

Su Yu looked over at Xiao Wei as he smiled: “Xiao Wei, you seem to know a lot of things, how do you know about the secrets of the origin beast?”

Xiao Wei had a mysterious smile as she carefully retrieved an item from from bosom, it was a faint red coloured necklace: “Because Xiao Wei also has a treasure that is capable of summoning a origin beast, but Xiao Wei is too weak and hasn’t been able to allow it to be born.” having said this, her face had a dismayed expression.

“Each origin beast possess unusual origin forces, that are divided into several types, this is an amazing and extremely important thing. A person can only have a single one in their lifetime. Big brother Su Yu, you have to treat your origin beast well.” Xiao Wei kept her necklace as her dismayed expression swiftly receded.

Su Yu smiled as he nodded, he could tell that there were many secrets on Xiao Wei’s person, however, Su Yu would not force her to expose them. He then pointed towards the black flames which were still burning in the area: “XIao Wei, what are these black flames? Could this be the thing that will allow us to leave this world?”

The group had already noticed these black flames, the black flames did not emit heat but rather gave one a feeling of the energy of life, this stone cave was already the end and the only thing that could possibly allow them to leave were these black flames.

Xiao Wei nodded: “That’s right, if everyone is lucky, there really is a possibly to rely on it to leave this place, even attaining immortal life……. This is something my father told me, he definitely wouldn’t lie to me……. However…… it’s extremely difficult, this is an extremely precious thing, we are so lucky to find it so easily.”

Su Yu had already used the Eye of Perception on these black flames but did not acquire any information. Seeing Xiao Wei’s earnest expression, she did not seem to be lying as he asked: “What are these black flames? They are actually so powerful? It is possible to attain immortal life? We can also leave this world?”

Qin Jiagui spoke slowly: “Xiao Wei, who is your father? How does he know about these things?”

Xiao Wei glanced over at him before continuing: “My father……” She had merely spoken but suddenly halted, an alarmed expression appeared on her face as she slowly continued: “Anyways, I didn’t lie to all of you, these black flames before us are a type of lifeform, termed as the fifth form of life, totally different from the usual animals, plants or even departed spirits.

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