KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Soul Companion

“Fifth lifeform? What’s that?” Zhao Shichang could not help but butt in, the things Xiao Wei said were difficult for him to understand.

Xiao Wei slowly replied: “I’m not sure how to explain, for example plants are the first form of life, humans and other animals belong to the third form of life, those that are half plant and half animal belong to the second form of life, as for the black flames, they are the fifth form of life. Does everyone understand now?”

Su Yu nodded, although it was difficult to imagine what a fifth form a life was, he could roughly understand what Xiao Wei was trying to explain, the black flames should be a form of life that existed in a different way from how plants or animals existed, however, they were really alive.

Like the ‘mother goddess’, it was likely the second form of life that Xiao Wei spoke of.

“Xiao Wei, what now? You mentioned that these black flames were a fifth form of life, how can they help us leave this planet?”

Su Yu contemplated as he asked, his eyes were looking at the blazing black flames, he could feel the frightening life energy from it and could sense that this was a being that had exceeded their level of understanding, something completely different from plants or animals.

Xiao Wei seemed to be in deep thought, as though she were figuring out how to explain it to the group. At this moment, the people within the group were either watching the black flames or Xiao Wei, they knew that Xiao Wei was clearly not ordinary, although she seemed to be a frail person at tier one, her knowledge of this world had reached a frightening level, who was she? Did she arrive in this world through a Sky Hole like everyone else? Or……. was she a native of this world? This was only possible if this world originally contained humans.

Xiao Wei contemplated for a moment longer before finally continuing: “This is what my father told me, the fifth form of life can form contracts with the souls of animals or other forms of life. The fifth lifeform is extremely unique, they require a companion in order to grow…… it could also be said that in order to truly have life, they must have a companion, otherwise, they would merely be like objects without true life.”

These words were extremely profound, Su Yu and the others were befuddled as Lei Rui could not help but speak up: “A companion? Does that mean it can merge with the soul of a human? Xiao Wei, you need to be more detailed.”

Xiao Wei bitterly said: “I also don’t know how to explain it, anyways, the fifth lifeform can grow together with other lifeforms as companions, thereafter they can evolve and advance becoming stronger and stronger. Finally, when the fifth lifeform fully matures, it will allow its companion to become as powerful as it, to the extent of gaining eternal life. Also……. By that time, utilising the mature fifth lifeform, one will be able to traverse through this world, travelling to any place one desires. Big brother Su, that’s what I was talking about earlier, by then you can use it to leave this world, returning to any world that you desire, at least that’s what my father told me.”

Su Yu and the others were stunned, remaining silent for a long time.

A good while later, Su Yu finally spoke up: “Xiao Wei, what you mean to say is……. We have to help these black flames……. No, this fifth lifeform to mature, thereafter use it to leave this world?”

“That’s right, big brother Su you finally understand.” Xiao Wei immediately became happy as she continued: “Actually there are many of these fifth lifeforms within this world but they have already been taken by others, if everyone wishes to use its powers, this is something that must occur through happenstance, my dad also got lucky and managed to acquire one so I’m quite clear on this.”

Zhao Birong spoke up: “Your father also acquired it? Where did he acquire it?”

Xiao Wei fell into deep thought for a long while before shaking her head: “Not here…… He’s not here anymore……”the expression on her face immediately fell, she had constantly mentioned her father, it was clear that she was proud of him. As she said that he was no longer present, the dismayed expression on her face made it difficult for the group to carry on looking.

Although Xiao Wei was young, it seemed she carried many heavy burdens.

Although Xiao Wei was not explicit with her words, the group could roughly understand what she meant by the fifth lifeform and it needing a soul companion, it was simply too inconceivable and made the group hesitate, their only thoughts were leaving this forest to return to their own world, Xiao Wei’s explanation of how they could do this was simply too unbelievable.

After pondering for a moment, Su Yu continued: “Xiao Wei, since you know so much, I wish to ask you a few questions. What is up with this forest? Also, are there any other methods to leave this forest besides the method you have just stated?”

Hearing Su Yu’s questions, the dismayed expression on Xiao Wei’s face lessened as she shook her head: “Actually, I also don’t know what’s the matter with this forest, since I was born, I’ve always been in this forest. Even my father has never finished exploring it, wait…… father has said that no one in this world has finished exploring this forest, unless it’s the Golden Race of legends……. Big brother Su, if you wish to find the exit of this forest, it isn’t impossible but the only method is by borrowing the power of the fifth lifeform.

As they heard these words, they exchanged glances before Fang Jiong suddenly spoke up: “Although I hate little kids…… I believe her.”

He had known Xiao Wei for a decent amount of time, he knew that Xiao Wei did not say nonsense and the stuff she was saying was simply too far-fetched to be something created by the mind of a child, it could be said that she was merely stating facts.

Qin Jiagui took out the map as he muttered: “So the area indicated on the map was actually where the fifth lifeform was located?” the map suddenly began to blur as all the markings on it disappeared.

“This map……. The fifth lifeform…….” Qin Jiagui continued to mutter as he felt the energy fluctuations from the black flames, in this moment, he had lost all direction, what should they do now? He suddenly felt very lost.

The others were similar to Qin Jiagui because they had placed their hopes on this being the exit, this thought had kept their hopes alive and kept them going but upon reaching the destination, they were actually faced with such an outcome. Some in the group believed in Xiao Wei’s words while others did not, she said that the forest was endlessly big and this made them feel stunned, some were simply unwilling to believe this.

Finally, everyone turned to look at Su Yu, they were waiting for his decision.

Su Yu was currently frowning, he did not speak for a long while.

“Su Yu, what do you think? What should we do now? Should we just choose an area to continue walking?” Ma Ziye could not help but ask, they had already walked for so many days within this forest, they were physically and mentally exhausted. Hearing her words, Li Dong was the first to speak: “Not walking anymore……. I really can’t go on, it seems that we have no hope anymore…….”

After experiencing the event within the hospital, Li Dong’s character seemed to have changed, he was silent and morose, at this moment as he spoke, the group felt as though his voice had become sharper, it sounded quite strange.

Hearing Ma Ziye, Su Yu was silent for a moment before lifting his head to look at her before turning to Jade, then Zhang Zhongmou and the others. Suddenly, he felt his vexed heart calm down as he turned to Xiao Wei: “Xiao Wei, what you mentioned about the soul contract and companion, how do we go about doing it?”

Xiao Wei replied: “A soul contract is a type of recognition process, it will allow a fifth lifeform to recognise you as its master, thereafter, you will be able to grow together as companions. This process is very simple, you only need to gain the recognition of the fifth lifeform. However, the first person to attempt a soul contract will face great risk, the others behind will find it much more difficult.”

Su Yu sucked in a deep breath as he looked at the helpless, uneasy and confused expressions of the group, thinking of Ning Yan who still remained trapped within this forest, in this instant, he steeled his heart as he made a decision: “Xiao Wei, how can I gain its recognition?”

Xiao Wei replied: “Walk into the flames, as long as big brother Su’s will is firm, you will be able to pass its test and form a soul contract.”

Su Yu nodded, he actually walked into the blazing black flames without the slightest hesitation.

Ma Ziye asked hurriedly: “Su Yu, wait up.” before turning to Xiao Wei: “What happens if he fails?”

Xiao Wei replied: “If he fails, he will be swallowed by the fifth lifeform and die.”

Ma Ziye was dazed as she said in a raspy voice: “Su Yu, you……”

He did not speak as he turned around, looking at the group with a faint smile as he stepped forward without the slightest hesitation.

The group exchanged glances as Zhang Zhongmou, Jade and the others could not help but go forward.

“Su Yu!” Jade shouted as she saw his body disappear into the black flames, at the same time, a frightening sound rang out as a terrifying energy expanded outwards forcing everyone back, they could only feel the powerful fluctuations but were simply unable to go any closer.

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