KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Five death omens of an angel

Once Su Yu entered the black flames, he was immediately swallowed by it, he did not feel a burning heat but rather a frightening will that directly rushed at his mind, a formidable pressure that wanted to make him submit.

Su Yu immediately understood, this immense will that was being exerted on his mind was the sentience of the black flames acting on him, thinking back to the lost gazes of the group and also Ning Yan who was currently missing, Su Yu roared: “I won’t lose to you!” black scales began to appear on his body as the eighteen holes began to wildly suck in strange energy, the Rending Storm was activated as he smashed forward.

The frightening will wanted to force Su Yu to his knees but Su Yu’s capabilities was even more vigorous than it, he had sucked in strange energy and smashed, seeming to want to smash the immense will to bits.

Su Yu’s vigorous response caused the black flames to release an even more frightening aura and energy fluctuation, suddenly, black flames began to coalesce and press in from all directions, Su Yu was immediately unable to move, it felt as though he were being pressed by tens of thousands of jin, this force continued to press inwards making him feel as though his body could explode at any moment.

“Roar!” Su Yu howled, in the jaws of death, his vitality blazed as his spirit rose to an unprecedented level, the Protective Bulwark was activated as both arms also activated the Rending Storm, utilising the ten odd holes within his body to absorb strange energy as he continually funneled it into his arms, powering the Rending Storm as frightening amounts of white mist shot out like a steam engine.

Jade, Ma Ziye and the others who were outside were extremely anxious, although they could not see the actual situation, they could see the roaring black flames and could guess that it would be incredibly dangerous within.

Fang Jiong muttered: “If Su Yu is also unable to succeed, who amongst us has a chance to do so…….” Fang Jiong and Su Yu were both tier four experts and he could clearly tell how powerful Su Yu was.

Xiao Wei was filled with confidence: “I believe that big brother Su can succeed, Xiao Wei is the best at seeing through a person. For this fifth lifeform to recognise a master, strength is secondary, a strong will is the most important. Big brother Su has a very firm will, I can see that much.”

Qin Jiagui clenched his fist as it became covered in metal: “The fifth lifeform…… this damned world……”

Within the blazing black flames, a dazzling golden light suddenly erupted, at the same time, the people outside could hear the clear roars of Su Yu, this dazzling golden light was like a beam of light within the darkness, it was incomparably steady, the raging black flames gradually receded before thoroughly disappearing, leaving Su Yu who was half kneeled on the ground, sweat covered his brows as he continued to pant.

“Su Yu!” Ma Ziye, Jade and the others rushed forward.

Suddenly, Su Yu waved his hands telling them not to come closer, at the same time, he crossed his legs to sit on the floor, closing his eyes as large amounts of black flames began to swirl around his body like a mist, shrouding him within.

“Everyone, don’t disturb him. Big brother Su Yu has successfully gained the recognition of the fifth lifeform, he should be connecting with it right now!” Xiao Wei shouted.

Ma Ziye and the others swiftly came to a halt as they looked at the black flames which swallowed Su Yu, they did not dare to get any closer.

Su Yu closed his eyes as the black flames surged out of his body, shrouding his entire form. Within his mind, an extremely large space filled with white mist appeared, within this space, Su Yu was naked and covered in a gentle glow as he floated within, facing him was a ball of fluctuating black flames, within the black flames, two fissures that seemed like eyes appeared, at the same time, a stream of information also appeared within his head.

This sound was in a language that Su Yu understood, indistinct and seemingly ancient yet also young and tender like an infant, like the roar of a dragon or the ramblings of an old man.

The sound was indescribably strange, it was something that simply could not be explained with words.

“Human, your courage has gained my recognition, from this moment forth…… thou wilt form a soul companion contract with me……. If I perish……. So will you……”

Su Yu who was naked and shrouded in a light said in a heavy voice: “Does that mean that our lives will be one? As companions, whoever dies the other party will die as well?”

“No…… My death will be your death, your death might not result in my death.”

Su Yu was stunned: “The contract only works one way?”

“Before going through the soul companion contract, I don’t have something that is called a life……. I am an immortal existence, after becoming soul companions, I will then gain what is known as life, since I would have gained life, then there would possibly be an ending……. Life can evolve, but the price of evolution is that there is a chance of death……”

Su Yu now understood as he nodded: “After becoming soul companions with you, you will have the chance to evolve into an entirely new lifeform but what’s the benefit for me?”

The immense will sighed: “No matter what life form, their evolutionary goal is the same, that is perfection……. Causing one’s being to transform into a perfect form, that sort of perfection is the pinnacle of all life…… using the words of you humans, this sort of perfect life form could be called……. God!”

Su Yu’s entire body trembled: “God?”

“Regardless of the form of life, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Within this world, there isn’t anything that is completely perfect. As the fifth form of life, we are incomparably close to that sort of perfection, we are unbelievably close to the aptitude of a god, however…… we have an extremely critical weakness, that is……. We cannot rely on ourselves to ignite our capabilities to grow……” The immense will sighed.

“The so called perfect life form……. Is actually the sixth form of life…… as the fifth form of life, we are incomparably close to that divine existence, as for you humans……. You belong to the third form of life……”

As Su Yu heard the immense will talk about the perfect sixth lifeform, his mind trembled as he suddenly thought of the ‘666’, the sixth lifeform was a form of life, they were both ‘6’……. Was there any connection?

Thinking of this, Su Yu could not help but question: “Then, what about 666? Do you know what that is?”

The immense will was silent for a moment before it continued: “That way of growth is totally different from other lifeforms, it belongs to another evolutionary track. Of course, there is also another meaning, that is the beast of catastrophe…… 666…… represents annihilation and destruction.

Su Yu thought of Ning Yan as he sighed before continuing: “Your meaning is that after we become companions, we can cover the weaknesses of each other and evolve together, finally becoming a perfect form of life?”

“That’s right, you must help me to evolve and the more perfect I become, the amount of strength and abilities you gain will be that much more. FInally, we will advance to become an eternal perfect existence, that is the goal of all soul companions……. Right now, you should make a decision, if you are willing, release your soul and enter into the soul contract.”

Su Yu took a deep breath, thinking back to the endless forest and his companions with their lost looks then Ning Yan whose whereabouts were unknown, he firmly clenched his fists: “I have no other options, I’m willing to become a soul companion with you.”

Once Su Yu was done talking, his naked body was suddenly swallowed by the black flames, thereafter, they began to mix as both parties gradually combined to become one, becoming a new naked Su Yu, at this moment there was black flames covering his body.

Their souls had fused and the soul contract was completed.

Within the large space, Su Yu who was sitting on the ground suddenly groaned as he opened his eyes, the black flames surrounding his body gradually dissipated as a torrent of information filled his mind.

The fifth form of life was impossibly close to the perfect god, at this moment after fusing into one, it gave all sorts of experience to Su Yu, the amount of information was incredibly dense, far exceeding one’s imagination.

The people in the surroundings were nervous as they looked at Su Yu, only Xiao Wei was smiling, she knew that Su Yu had already succeeded.

A while later, Su Yu finally breathed out as he wiped the cold sweat on his face before slowly standing back up.

“How is it? How do you feel?” Ma Ziye, Jade, Zhang Zhongmou and the others rushed forward, surrounding Su Yu as they questioned him.

“I’m alright, there’s no problem, I succeeded.” Su Yu said this as he frowned, he could clearly feel that after the black flames receded, they actually became an enormous cocoon like that of a black egg, thereafter, streams of information continued to flow into his mind.

“Soul companion acquired, the form of the fifth lifeform has changed, a black cocoon has appeared and is currently incubating. The conditions for incubating are a supply of twenty living organisms.”

Su Yu was befuddled and could not help but question: “Fifth lifeform, what is the meaning of this? What does it mean that incubation requires twenty living organisms?”

In no time, the strange voice that sounded ancient and young at the same time resounded: “With regards to you, you can only gain one soul companion for life. As for us of a higher life form, we can form an endless number of companions, of course, you are the first and the main companion, your will shall be the first to be adhered to, besides you, I can also form a soul contract with other humans. Their thoughts will be unable to control me.”

Su Yu did not understand as he continued; “Why do you need to form contracts with so many humans?”

“Because I require nourishment, your souls are my nourishment, the more human companions I have, the faster my evolutionary speed, when the number of soul contracts I form reaches twenty……. I will be able to complete my incubation and be birthed, becoming a true living organism.

Su Yu bitterly smiled: “Then what are the benefits for becoming a soul companion with you? At least……. I feel that I haven’t gained a single benefit?”

“Hmph…….” The strange voice replied in a strangely human manner: “There are simply too many benefits, after becoming soul companions, as long as it is within a specific region……. I will prevent the loss of life force, otherwise, all of you won’t live past two months in this world.

Su Yu was shocked: “What do you mean?”

The voice replied: “You humans belong to the lower tier third lifeform, only slightly higher than that of the first and second lifeforms, if you wish to evolve, the price you must pay is extremely large, that is the usage of your life force to exchange for the power of evolution, to be even clearer, from the day that all of you gained the ability to evolve, the life force within your bodies has been continually diminishing at a high speed, for approximation, a single day of life force usage is similar to slightly over a year of time before evolution, human, do you understand?”

Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air: “You’re talking about the power of evolution, could that be strange energy? Your meaning is that for humans who have gained strange energy, a single day is equal to living over a year?”

“That’s right, after a month, you would have lost thirty years, I have already checked the remainder of your life force, the current you may seem young but the life force within you is like that of a middle aged man in his thirties, if you did not form a soul contract with me, in another month, you would have felt the old age……. Thereafter, you would have slowly died due to your life force drying up.”

The information from the voice was earth-shattering, Su Yu was extremely shocked but because of his connection to the flames, he could feel that everything the voice said was actually true.

“This……. How could this be……. I remember meeting with a couple named York and Jennifer, they had already lived in this place for nearly a month, based on what you just told me, they should be old people of sixty to seventy years of age, why did they still seem to be in their thirties?”

“I’ve said it already……. After acquiring the power of evolution, the burden of this immense power is simply inconceivable, the price is that your life force is expended at several hundred times the normal speed, a single day is akin to a year, however, the power of evolution will also shock your body into showing its potential, allowing you to reach ten to even several hundred times your previous stretch, the liveliness of your cells will make it such that you will not easily show your age, allowing you to keep your original appearance.

Only when you are nearing death, during the last five days will your body suddenly age at a rapid pace, within those five days, you will become decrepit and finally die. All the tens of years would suddenly hit you in the five days, you humans have a saying ‘five death omens of an angel’. Even though this saying is now slightly distorted, the true meaning is that humans who obtained the celestial ability to evolve would eventually experience a hellish torment during the last five days of your life.”

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