KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The Weird House within the Forest

A low growl could be heard as his left hand stretched forth grabbing onto a club that was swung towards him by a Lesser Goblin. With a toss of his hand, Su Yu sent the Lesser Goblin involuntarily flying through the air.

“Old Mou!” Su Yu suddenly shouted as the Lesser Goblin landed heavily before Zhang Zhong Mou.

Zhang Zhong Mou stared blankly and quickly understood Su Yu’s intentions as he laughed: “Young master Yu, thanks!” Wielding the club with both hands, he swung the club towards the head of the Lesser Goblin that had fallen to the ground and was currently in a daze.

Killing this Lesser Goblin did not help Su Yu gain much strange energy while Zhang Zhong Mou who had killed only two, this would be a great boon.

After Su Yu’s promotion to tier one dark iron warrior, not only did his left hand have a frightening killing potential, the strange energy flowed throughout his entire body from his left hand, causing his speed and nimbleness to greatly increase. A stark improvement could also be felt in his vision and hearing.

Rushing into the pack of Lesser Goblins, Su Yu’s left hand swept forward and easily pierced the chest of a Lesser Goblin, with another wave of his hand, he sent it flying towards Zhang Zhong Mou who was waiting in the back.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed wildly as he closely followed behind Su Yu and received all the benefits.

The other’s were envious as the number of Lesser Goblins that fell to Zhang Zhong Mou quickly passed five.

The others like Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye had gains as the fifteen Lesser Goblins were quickly taken care of. Not one person in the group lost their lives and nobody had suffered any injury.

Looking at the floor littered with monster corpses, the group looked at each other as a thought surfaced. Unknowingly, the group had grown strong and their small group now contained a frightening strength that could easily take care of a pack of fifteen Lesser Goblins.

Amongst them Su Yu’s performance was the most eye-catching and the left hand that seemed to be a lizard’s hand contained a frightening strength that could easily kill. Zhang Zhong Mou touched his face and excitedly said: “Young master Yu, if I also promote to tier one, what transformations would occur? I wonder what special abilities I will obtain.”

Qin Jia Gui looked at the back of his left hand as the lustrous metal speckle seemed to become bigger and bigger, touching it one could feel that it was hard like metal but could not predict how it would transform in the future.

Suddenly, he was very expectant and wondered how the killing potential of his right hand would compare to the current Su Yu once he promoted to tier one dark iron warrior..

Easily handling the pack of fifteen Lesser Goblins, the group did not stop as they continued down the path.

Because of the delightful massacre earlier, everyone was currently experiencing a high.

Hu Ge who was walking in the front brushed aside the thick vegetation that was covering his view as a soft gasp emitted from his mouth, filled with amazement.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Run Sheng who was following closely behind softly asked as he lifted his head to look.

“It’s…… It’s a house?” Zhang Run Sheng could not control himself as he exclaimed.

At the back, Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui and the other’s felt their bodies tremble as they all squeezed forward, brushing away the vegetation that was block the group’s view as they looked on.

There was a small slope in front and below the slope, there were an abundance of tall trees. Within this patch of towering trees, there was actually a house erected there. Upon looking past the thick vegetation and seeing the house, Su Yu and the others felt excited.

Having walked for half a day within this forest, this was the first time that they saw a house, a place with a house would certainly have traces of people and with traces of people, they would be able to find out what was exactly was going on in this forest. Suddenly, the group’s morale was boosted as they each felt that hope was in front of them.

“Let’s go.” Hu Ge was elated as he hurriedly opened a path through the vegetation and rushed forward.

Qin Jia Gui who was behind Hu Ge, pulled him as he softly said: “Wait.”

Hu Ge was startled as he frowned, turning to look him in the eye.

Qin Jia Gui’s face was pensive as he softly said: “Seeing this house is certainly a good thing, however…… don’t you guys think it’s strange that within such a forest, there would actually be a house…… isn’t this peculiar? I’m only afraid that it isn’t such a good thing like we thought.”

Zhang Run Sheng replied: “Qin Jia Gui, you’re too cautious and likely over thinking things. With the group of us together, even if there’s danger it would not be difficult for us to handle. Your considerations are valid however it may be too cowardly.”

Having just easily dealt with a pack of the Lesser Goblins, Zhang Run Sheng and a few others were brimming with confidence as they seemed to not put the monsters in their eyes.

Zhang Zhong Mou snorted: “I feel that what Qin Jia Gui said isn’t wrong, finding a house is certainly good however we shouldn’t be too rash. Young master Yu, what do you think?”

His final words were directed to Su Yu who was by his side.

Su Yu lifted his hands as he casually tousled his hair, hearing Zhang Zhong Mou’s words he agreed: “One can never go wrong by being more careful, Old Mou has finally said something constructive.”

He said this while brushing away the vegetation before him and slowly advanced forward.

Hearing the words of Qin Jia Gui and Zhang Zhong Mou, Hu Ge and Zhang Run Sheng became calm as they thought about it and realised that they did make a point. This forest was simply too strange and a house that suddenly appeared before them did seem to have a mysterious aura around it. Being careful never hurt anyone and with this thought in mind, the group gripped their weapons as they quietly made their way down the slope towards the house to investigate.

As they neared, the group quickly found that the house seemed to be half collapsed, from the gap at the front, they could vaguely see many different items strewn on the floor. Su Yu who had become a tier one dark iron warrior had superior vision and although it was very far away, he could clearly see what the items were as an excited expression floated onto his face, thereafter, he looked up at the top of the door of this house and saw that there was actually a plaque there.

Printed on the plaque were four words: “Jin Hua Supermarket”

Su Yu’s body trembled as he felt a moment of epiphany, in this moment he seemed to recall something.

“Shuffle shuffle”

At the same time, sounds of footsteps could be heard all around as their surroundings were suddenly filled with little green monsters, clearly they were Lesser Goblins.

“Everyone be careful!” Hu Ge who was leading in front loudly shouted as the group formed a defensive circle.

From behind the house and all around, Lesser Goblins streamed out from the tall wild grass and there were at least twenty to thirty of them as they brandished their clubs and rushed towards them.

What really stunned the group was by the door of the house, there was a corpse lying there, a human corpse.

Why was there a human corpse by the door of the house? Why was this house here?

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