KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Plans for the Future

“Yup.” An expression of longing appeared on Xiao Wei’s face as she slowly continued: “In my heart, father is the most impressive person in the entire world. He had also formed a soul contract with a fifth lifeform and evolved it to an extremely high tier….. Just a bit more……. A bit more and he would have reached perfection…….. Xiao Wei believes that big brother Su can do it.”

Su Yu was stunned as he scratched his head: “Why? Little lass, why do you have so much faith in me?”

“Because……. Because…… big brother Su’s power of evolution is very similar to father……. Each time I see big brother Su, I can feel a bit of dad’s aura……. That’s why I believe that big brother Su can do it.” Xiao Wei said this as she looked at Su Yu, her voice was soft and Su Yu was speechless as he heard this.

Suddenly, the voice of the fifth lifeform rang within Su Yu’s mind: “I’ll be kind and inform you, due to me leaving the area, this place will soon collapse.”

As the voice rang out, the surroundings began to rumble as signs of crumbling began to appear.

Su Yu immediately raged: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I forgot, it isn’t too late to inform you, it’s better than not informing at all.” The voice of the fifth lifeform seemed indignant.

Su Yu was incensed but helpless, he could only hold Xiao Wei’s hand while carrying a bag of food as he exclaimed: “The place is collapsing, let’s go!” before rushing out.

The others could see the surroundings tremble and did not need a further reminder as they swiftly followed.


Sound continually rang out as rocks began to collapse, the entire cave was trembling violently and seemed like it would completely collapse at any moment.

When Su Yu and the others finally made it out of the cave panting, it completely caved in, they were stunned, if they were slightly slower, they would have been buried alive.

After exiting the cave, Su Yu led the way as he climbed to the peak of the small mountain, there were trees here and after placing the bags of food on the ground, Su Yu did not speak as he climbed up one of the trees to look into the distance.

There was a gentle rustle beside him, Qin Jiagui had also climbed up and was also looking into the distance.

As far as the eye could see, an endless sprawling forest expanded, it seemed without end, this was really an ocean of trees.

A feeling of hopelessness welled up within Qin Jiagui’s heart as he muttered: “It is indeed as Xiao Wei said, this forest is simply without end, we actually thought that we could find an exit, we were really too naive…… Su Yu, it may be that we will never be able to return……”

As he said this, he looked down towards Yuan Niping, thinking of her accompanying him, if he really continued to live within this forest, it was not necessarily a bad thing. His only regret was that he would never see his mother again, with her son gone, she must be extremely worried.

Su Yu was silent, there was only one thing that was certain now, in a short period of time, there was no way to leave this world and return to their original world.

Since they could not return in a short period of time, they would have to make many preparations.

The problems of food, water and other important necessities needed to be answered, they did not have much food and water remaining, originally they had hoped to find the exit but suddenly discovered that there was no exit, they would even be required to live within the forest for a long period of time, consumables had become a big problem.

The problem of food was still alright, based on what Fang Jiong had said, he had used the meat of Lesser Goblins before, water was a greater problem because humans could not last for long without it, however this was not the most urgent problem, they needed to find five people willing to go through a soul contract within ten days or they would all perish.

“Xiao Wei, what else do you know? Say everything now, you’ve made us all suspicious and wary, we’re really lost right now.” Below a tree, Zhang Zhongmou pestered as he attempted to make Xiao Wei speak, however, Xiao Wei only shook her head: “I’ve already said everything I know, as long as we are able to help the fifth lifeform evolve, successfully, we can all leave this world.”

Fang Jiong found a large boulder before sitting down, slowly sharpening his butcher’s knife, a mask of concentration could be seen on his face, he was not in a hurry to leave the forest, in his heart there was only the culinary arts.

Su Yu was on the tree as he looked down at Jade, Ma Ziye and the others who were looking at him, they were clearly waiting for his decision.

Su Yu crouched before leaping down.

Qin Jiagui followed Su Yu as he spoke up: “Everyone, this forest is extremely vast, far larger than our wildest imaginations, with just our two feet, without a few months of time it is simply impossible to get out, it can be said that within this short period, we can forget about leaving this forest.”

Yuan Niping could not help but forward as she grasped Qin Jiagui’s arm while speaking in a worried tone: “Jiagui, then what should we do? We’re running out of food already.”

Qin Jiagui gently patted her hand to comfort her before looking towards Su Yu: “Su Yu, what should we do now? Should we continue pressing on or look for a place to stay? Or should we listen to the fifth lifeform and start looking for five others to form soul contracts?”

Su Yu sighed: “Within ten days, we have to find five people to form soul contracts with, otherwise…… we will all die. The other matters are not as pressing.”

Qin Jiagui thought for a moment before continuing: “Finding five other humans…… should we continue forward to head back? Ten days isn’t a short period of time but it isn’t very long either, if our luck is good, we may be able to find some within the first day, if it’s bad……”

Su Yu calmly smiled: “Just incase, we should head back to the school. As you’ve said, what if we’re unlucky and unable to find anyone? Only by heading back to the school would our chance of meeting someone be higher. Over this period of time, I also wish to see what has happened to our other schoolmates.”

Hearing Su Yu’s suggestion of returning back to the school, Jade, Lei Rui, Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang and the others exchanged glances as they immediately became silent. Scenes of them abandoning their schoolmates floated through their minds, who knew that they would actually have to turn back for a greater chance at finding other humans.

As for Xu Ruyun, Liu Zheng and the other newcomers, they did not have such feelings. Their thoughts were inconsequential to the final decision and they merely remained silent, the fifth lifeform had tied their lives together and Su Yu’s suggestion had the highest likelihood of them finding other humans.

Zhang Zhongmou muttered: “Your grandnanny, we have to go back towards the school? Damn, should have just remained there if we knew this would happen…… Sigh……. Wonder what happened to Lin Shi, Meng Bo and the other teachers, are they still within the school? Or have they already left the school to find another path?”

The group were all feeling guilty, as Su Yu talked about returning to the school, Ma Ziye and the others felt a strange feeling well up within them, thinking of returning back and facing the schoolmates who had been tossed aside by them, they felt awkward and did not look forward to facing it.

Zhao Shichang could not help but mutter: “Do we really have to go back?” He thought back to when he had personally killed off two classmates, that chaotic scene flashed before his eyes.

Su Yu said coldly: “Living is most important, that is the plan, we will immediately head towards the school. We should take advantage of the fact that we still have food and find five people to form soul contracts with, all other matters can be put on hold.”

Su Yu had never wanted to stand out, he had merely wanted to stick with the group to protect all those who were precious to him, he had been fully focused on finding an exit without caring about the matters of others because he had thought that it would only be a couple of days before they left the forest. Everything had changed, they would definitely be unable to leave the forest within a short period of time, due to the soul contract requirements of the fifth lifeform, their lives were tied together and if the fifth lifeform died, they would all perish with it.

Under these circumstances, whoever did anything detrimental to the group would actually be threatening the lives of Su Yu and his precious friends, Su Yu would not hesitate to get rid of them.

This was the first time that Su Yu had spoken with such a firm tone and the others felt strange, they could tell that the current Su Yu was not to be trifled with, no one spoke up and the matter was concluded, they would head back to the school and it was also clearly the best option they had. They had also left markings along the way and could follow the way back without fear of getting lost.

“Understood, Su Yu, we will head back to the school immediately.” Zhao Shichang immediately changed his tone as he clenched his fists while saying in a solemn voice: “I believe in your decision.”

Su Yu glanced over at Zhao Shichang before nodding, he felt strange at Zhao Shichang’s sudden change of attitude, since saving Zhao Shichang’s life within the hospital, Zhao Shichang seemed to be filled with an immense trust and gratitude, it was clear that Zhao Shichang was voicing his support of Su Yu.

Towards Su Yu’s decision, Jade, Ma Ziye, Zhang Zhongmou, Lei Rui, Zhou Birong and the others did not have any suggestions to make. As for the newcomers like Xu Ruyun, they spoke little and did not voice their opinions, as for Liu Zheng, he was merely tier one and did not have much of a say, Fang Jiong was tier four but concentrated mostly on his culinary arts, he did not really have anything against the plan.

Qin Jiagui saw that no one had any other suggestions before continuing: “Since nobody objects, that will be the plan. We have to think of what to do once we’ve reached the school and gathered another five companions, we have to think about our needs like food and water.”

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