KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Terrifying, Su Yu’s Broken Leg

Ma Ziye spoke up: “Since we won’t be able to leave the forest within a short period of time, we have to plan for the long term. Everyone should consume the food sparingly, no one knows what will happen in the future.”

Fang Jiong patted his chest: “You can leave matters regarding food to me, within this forest, we definitely won’t starve to death. Although the little kid isn’t cute…… her words shouldn’t be lies, she’s already said that the fifth lifeform will be able to help us leave this world, in that case, we just need to help that thing mature, isn’t that the plan?”

Fang Jiong’s words made the group nod their heads, under the current circumstances, this was the only course of action. Qin Jiagui then continued: “Besides helping the fifth lifeform to mature, we can also look for other methods. I feel that this place has too many things that we are unclear of, like the time money, where do we find more? Also, the black clothed male who was chasing Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei, are you still unwilling to talk about it? Like the ‘White Tiger’ which he mentioned……”

Xiao Wei was questioned by Qin Jiagui and she immediately covered her face as a painful struggling expression appeared on it, it seemed like she had recalled something frightful in nature.

Fang Jiong immediately stood up: “Don’t force her, she’s merely a child.” Although he said he hated little kids, Fang Jiong was extremely protective of Xiao Wei.

Qin Jiagui noticed this and could only sigh, there were too many doubts and uncertainties and Xiao Wei seemed to be the key, she seemed to know a lot regarding this world but she simply did not speak.

Xiao Wei’s head was drooping down as she slowly lifted it back up before speaking: “It’s not that I don’t want to say……. I really don’t know where to start……. Also, the things I know are limited, I only know this matter about the fifth lifeform and that time money can be used to buy various items which you want……”

Qin Jiagui’s heart trembled as he hurriedly asked: “Use the time money to buy various items? Can we buy food and water as well? Or perhaps…… precious weapons?” Ma Ziye and Zhang Zhongmou’s precious weapons were extremely powerful, Qin Jiagui was actually very envious.

Xiao Wei slowly nodded her head.

Seeing her nod her head, the spirits of the group were roused as they crowded over, even Fang Jiong could not help but ask: “Are you for real? There is a place to buy items?”

Li Dong’s sharp voice spoke up: “Little lass, where can we go to buy those items? Although we don’t have much time money, we can go steal, your grandnanny, since there’s such a good place, why didn’t you tell us earlier? Are you looking to cause our deaths?”

Xiao Wei looked as the entire group crowded over when she suddenly covered her ears and began to scream: “We can’t go! If we go…… we will all die! I don’t know! I don’t know anything! We can’t!” She pushed aside the group as she swiftly ran to the side.

The group were stunned as Fang Jiong exclaimed: “Little girl!”

Su Yu swiftly acted as he pounced forward, grabbing Xiao Wei in the blink of an eye.

“No, don’t force me!” Xiao Wei continued to cry.

Su Yu held her hands as he spoke gently: “No one is forcing you, don’t worry, with me here, no one will be able to force you.”

Xiao Wei slowly began to calm down upon hearing these words.

Su Yu could tell that Xiao Wei seemed to have suffered from some traumatic event thus causing her to have such a vigorous response, under the current circumstances, he could only slowly guide her, forcing her would have negative results.

“Xiao Wei, it’s okay, don’t think of those frightening memories anymore, we won’t ask anymore questions.” Su Yu rubbed Xiao Wei’s head to soothe her, his heart was in a turbulent storm of emotions as he thought of Xiao Wei’s words, there seemed to be a place within this forest that actually sold food and water as well as other goods, where was this place? Was it a city? Or could the humans who came to this world actually advance to such a point?
From the scenery he had seen earlier, it was endless forest all around, there did not seem to be any large city, could it be some small village or merely a small barracks? Even if that was the case, it seemed like it was incredibly distant, something that could not be reached in one or two days. They had travelled for so many days since leaving the school but had not encountered such a place.

Xiao Wei’s words were likely to be real, just from the name ‘time money’ one could tell that this was a form of currency, it should be something like money which could be traded but not merely for time, was there really a place to do such an exchange?

Su Yu continued to remain silent, he had already decided on returning to the school and find five others who were willing to form soul contracts, allowing the fifth lifeform to hatch. He would then decide on what to do after seeing what inconceivable abilities the hatched fifth lifeform had, if it did not have any abilities, he would try to slowly persuade Xiao Wei, she was a young child and gaining information from her would not be too difficult.

Su Yu smiled as he tousled Xiao Wei’s hair, Xiao Wei’s emotions had finally calmed down and an attached expression appeared on her face as she looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu noticed this and could not help but bitterly smile, he remember that Xiao Wei had mentioned he was very similar to her father, right now her look of attachment seemed to mean that she had already regarded him as a substitute father.

Suddenly, Su Yu seemed to realise something: “Xiao Wei had previously mentioned that her father was extremely powerful, he had also formed a soul contract and had nearly succeeded in his evolution……. Nearly…… could it be that something had happened to her father? That’s right…… that’s why she was wandering in the forest alone till she met up with Fang Jiong, this makes sense, she could have been traumatised by whatever happened to her father, then what was the ‘White Tiger’ that Situ Wuya mentioned? If I’m not guessing wrongly, it probably has something to do with her parents……”

Su Yu continued to remain silent as Zhou Birong walked over: “Xiao Wei, don’t act like that in the future, it was our mistake earlier, we won’t force you in the future, don’t worry, only when you’re willing to talk then you can do so.”

“Okay……” Xiao Wei’s head dropped as she muttered softly, her emotions had already calmed down.

Qin Jiagui lifted his head to look at the sky: “The sky is fast becoming black, should we all rest here for the night? Tomorrow we can begin our journey back to the school, so many things have transpired today, I’m afraid that we’re all quite tired already right?”

Fang Jiong lifted his butcher’s knife: “I’ll take a look at our surroundings to see if there are any Lesser Goblins or Gnomes that I can catch to cook, although there may be a lack of seasoning and the flavour might not be superb, a change of taste once in awhile can’t be bad.”

Zhang Zhongmou had a strange expression on his face: “That thing can actually be eaten? Especially those goblins…… they are so green…… just thinking of it is disgusting.”

Fang Jiong laughed: “I’ll let you try it out later, culinary skills deemed as the work of the gods.” He observed the surroundings before suddenly grunting, not far away on the slope of a hill, there were three figures who were swiftly moving like pellets there.

In no time, Su Yu also noticed this as he took two steps forward, his brow was furrowed, three people had suddenly appeared in this dangerous forest, it was difficult to tell if they were friend or foe and caution welled up within him.

“There are people there?” A person among the three figures spoke.

“Indeed, this feeling can’t be wrong, it should be there, let’s go.” A cold female voice could be heard, there were two males and one female amongst them, their figures moved exceptionally fast and continued to move swiftly through the dense forest, they swiftly neared the top of the hill as they stopped ten metres away, sizing up Su Yu and the others.

Su Yu and the others swiftly acted, their seemingly random movements were actually coordinated, those with weaker combat prowess at tier one or zero retreated to the back while Su Yu, Fang Jiong, Ma Ziye, Qin Jiagui and the others went forward, they were also measuring the three who had suddenly appeared.

These three were dressed in tight fitted black clothing that seem nimble, and the difference between them and Su Yu’s group was stark, their clothes were fresh and not tattered and sorry looking like that of Su Yu’s group.

Looking at the three people before them, Su Yu and the others could not help but think of Mo Tian and Xue Tong who had chased after the ‘666’ monster as well as Situ Wuya who had chased Xiao Wei, these people were all immaculately clean, completely different from their sorry states, where did these people come from?

Thinking back to Xiao Wei’s words about utilising the time money to buy products, could it be that these people actually gathered in some place within this forest?

Su Yu was silent as he measured the three people, the three people were also measuring their group, suddenly, their gaze centered onto Xiao Wei.

These three people were all rather young, looking to be in their twenties, the girl’s face was snow white and exceptionally beautiful but her face was cold and seemed to exude a cold aura, her eyes were sharp and a speckled white necklace hung around her neck, this neck was extremely unique and constantly moved on its own, as though it were a living thing.

As for the two males, the one on the left had a long and narrow face and was wearing a pair of shades, the one on the right was extremely small and seemed to only be slightly taller than Xiao Wei who was eleven or twelve.

As their gazes focused onto Xiao Wei, the male of short stature laughed: “She’s really here, Wuqing, your nose is really sharp.”

The beautiful lady seemed even more agitated as her entire body trembled, her gaze slowly shifted from Xiao Wei to Su Yu as her face grew more and more ugly while she slowly enunciated every word: “Your body…… why does it have…… my brother Situ Wuya’s……. Aura……. Stench of blood…… could it be that you……. That you……”

Su Yu’s heart trembled, he had killed Situ Wuya that night, was he actually the brother of this beautiful lady?

The short male said in a soft voice: “Situ Wuqing, you said that his body has the smell of Situ Wuya? How could it be possible? Could Situ Wuya have been……”

Situ Wuqing’s face was pale, her brow was lifted as she said in a shrill voice: “My nose can’t be wrong, go catch that little brat, I will personally kill this man!”

“Brother…… I had already felt that something was amiss……. Why did you pretend to be capable……” Situ Wuqing’s body continued to tremble as the necklace on her neck violently shook, suddenly, a strange cold wind rose up, Su Yu realised that the situation was grim and did not speak, he acted immediately as he shot forward, the Rending Storm punching towards Situ Wuqing.

“Okay!” By the side, the male of short stature shot forward towards Xiao Wei with a smile on his face: “Little brat, you are really so lucky, you were actually able to flee to this place, you created plenty of trouble for us!”

Fang Jiong exclaimed: “Little lass, run!” black undulations exploded from his chest as the butcher’s knife struck forward to block the short male.

The other party had acted and the group knew that it was pointless to talk, in such a world, strength was everything. Ma Ziye and Zhang Zhongmou wielded their Star Blade and Red Lotus Sword respectively while Qin Jiagui’s right hand transformed into metal.

Su Yu had acted first, it could be considered a sneak attack as he immediately struck the face of Situ Wuqing.


The Rending Storm exploded forth and the girl actually shattered like glass.

“What?!” Su Yu was stunned, how could a person shatter like glass? A bad feeling welled up within his heart as he felt a strong force smash into his back, he groaned as he fell forward before tumbling, he could see that Situ Wuqing had suddenly appeared behind him, her face was filled with killing intent as she glared at him before pouncing.

“What happened just now?!” Su Yu shouted as he turned, his right hand stretched forth as he summoned the protective bulwark, he could see Situ Wuqing’s hands stretch forth with foot long blades within them striking on his Protective Bulwark as sparks flew out. Immediately afterwards, Su Yu’s left hand struck out into the open as the compressed rending storm caused an explosion in the air.


Situ Wuqing once again shattered like glass, at the same time, Su Yu suddenly screamed as his left leg felt cold, the flash of a blade could be seen as his left leg was chopped off as he collapsed on the floor.

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