KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: Frightening Ability

Situ Wuqing had been shattered by Su Yu’s Rending Storm but a new Situ Wuqing had appeared behind Su Yu, her blade struck forward as it chopped off Su Yu’s left leg.

Su Yu roared as he fell to the ground while Situ Wuqing said in a cold voice: “Just relax, I won’t kill you off right away, I will slowly dissect you and let you taste something worse than death.”

If her blade had been aimed at Su Yu’s head, Su Yu would have already been a dead man.

“Su Yu!” Jade screamed from the back.

Su Yu’s left leg had actually been instantly chopped off by an enemy, this was the first time such a scenario had occurred since they arrived in this forest.

By the side, Ma Ziye was also shocked and could not be bothered to activate the Heaven’s Net, both hands wielded the Star Blade as she rushed over.

Su Yu had fallen to the ground, he was currently looking at Situ Wuqing, large beads of sweat covered his face and the area where his leg was chopped off, blood gushed out like a fountain, a shocked expression on his face.

He was not shocked by his leg being chopped off, rather, it was the frightening ability of Situ Wuqing, why had she shattered each time he hit her but a new her would form immediately thereafter? It seemed almost impossible to defend against, what was going on?

Being unable to see through the ability of this lady, he would definitely die in this battle without any chance at victory.

By the side, Fang Jiong had already obstructed the short male, his butcher’s knife waved as streaks of black undulations followed, with Fang Jiong’s ability, a single blade would be sufficient to rend the short male in two.

Qin Jiagui backed away as he relaxed his right shoulder, a metal cylinder appeared atop it as he prepared to use the Steel Missile, his brow was furrowed as he glanced at Xiao Wei, where did this child come from? Why were there so many people chasing after her? Where did these people come from? He was still in deep thought as he activated the Steel Missile, the missile left behind a stream of white smoke in the air as it flew directly towards Situ Wuqing.

Sutu Wuqing’s blade had sliced off Su Yu’s left leg, this was a shocking scene and even Qin Jiagui had been given a fright, he instinctively fired a Steel Missile towards Situ Wuqing.

Fang Jiong’s blade slashed down as the short male smiled at him: “I am Gui Fantian, remember the name of the person who killed you when you report to King Yama, don’t become a wandering ghost.”

He laughed as he crouched lower, crisp cracking noises could suddenly be heard from his back as white bones began to protrude from his back, instantly becoming two immense white skeletal wings, these wings flapped before suddenly smashing forward.

Things had occurred too suddenly as Fang Jiong roared, kicking backwards as the short male laughed, the white skeletal wings seemed like living things as they dragged his small frame, lifting him up as he was spun before smashing down.

Fang Jiong barely managed to twist his body to avoid them when the skeletal wings suddenly sent white bones exploding forward.

Fang Jiong shouted in crazed manner, it was simply too late to dodge and ten odd holes appeared on his body, explosive ‘papapa’ sounds resounded out as he was struck by the ten odd white bones.

Qin Jiagui’s Steel Missile flew forward, colliding into Situ Wuqing as it exploded, in this instant, Su Yu’s eyes were wide open as he stared at her, he could see that she was beginning to shatter once again, his left hand immediately activated the Eye of Perception in an attempt to capture any information.

“Protective Bulwark!” Su Yu shouted in his heart as the Protective Bulwark shimmered into existence, by his side, a newly formed Situ Wuqing had silently appeared and her blades had once again chopped down, slicing down on his Protective Bulwark. If he had not summoned it, the blades would have already struck his body.

“I kind of understand this woman’s ability now……” Su Yu had summoned the Protective Bulwark to block while his left hand activated the Rending Storm to smash heavily towards Situ Wuqing, almost at the same time, Ma Ziye also pounced forward as she shouted delicately, the Star Blade chopping forward.


Situ Wuqing shattered once again as Su Yu exclaimed: “Use the Heaven’s Net!” his right leg supported his body as he rolled on the ground.

The short male Gui Fantian had suddenly acted, his strength was certainly outstanding to be able to injure Fang Jiong in a single exchange. As for the long faced male who wore shades, he was also moving directly towards Xiao Wei.

Zhao Shichang and Xu Ruyun attacked from the left and right, Zhao Shichang howled as his Bone Blade went forward while Xu Ruyun remained silent, his two hands extending forward as several surgical knives appeared, piercing towards the man who was rushing over.

Further back, Jade’s left hand was continually drawing in the air and was almost done with activating her Runewords, charcoal briquettes had appeared from Huo Shan’s right hand, Li Dong had summoned his poisonous wasps, Zhou Birong’s right hand had transformed into a three hooked claw as they all defended Xiao Wei’s little frame.

It was merely a single exchange but the most powerful in the group, Su Yu and Fang Jiong, had been severely injured, the others were in states of shock as they combined to act, at this moment, hiding would only be a burden and they would all die if they did not work together.

Having experienced so many days of slaughter, everyone understood this logic and no one retreated.

The male with shades grunted as he suddenly stopped, reaching his hands to remove his shades.

With his shades removed, the group noticed that his left eye was red while his right eye was purple, he actually had two pupils of red and purple in colour.

The group stared blankly as a purple light began to emanate from the purple eye, suddenly, the surgical knives thrown by Xu Ruyun began to disintegrate, the space in front of him was actually beginning to twist, Zhao Shichang’s bone blade had also began to twist as it suddenly chopped towards Zhou Birong’s three clawed hook.

Zhou Birong was shocked as she hurriedly pierced forward, a crisp ‘ding!” rang out as the Bone Blade collided with it causing an explosion of sparks.

Zhou Birong was still tier one, her strength was far from that of Zhao Shichang, this blade from Zhao Shichang had immediately caused one of the claws to snap.

Closely thereafter, the long faced male’s left red eye began to emanate a red light as Zhao Shichang suddenly began to shout crazily, his left hand was shielding his eyes as he staggered backwards while exclaiming in panic: “What’s going on? Why can’t I see anymore?!”

He slowly retracted his left hand as his two eyes were exposed, they were stark red as though he had sore eyes, a thin indistinct film of red mist was covering his eyeballs, blocking his vision and preventing him from seeing anything.

Zhao Shichang was clueless, although his eyes were not in pain, he could not see anything and his Bone Blade flailed about wildly, his face an expression of panic.

Xu Ruyun noticed everything that had happened to Zhao Shichang, his expression grew solemn as he silently moved to the side, wielding surgical knives in both his hands as he began to swiftly advance towards the back of the long faced male, if he managed to get close, he would be able to slice the throat of the man.

At this moment, Ma Ziye and Zhang Zhongmou had pounced towards Situ Wuqing from the left and right, they were extremely concerned for Su Yu and were still reeling in shock from his serious injury.

Gui Fantian’s single blow had injured Fang Jiong, the white skeletal wings had retracted and he was currently laughing boisterously, their group of three did not have anyone who was weaker than the fourth tier, their abilities were also extremely bizarre causing someone as strong as Su Yu to be injured.

Fang Jiong had ten odd holes on his body as he roared, this middle aged uncle was extremely hardy and did not relent, raising his left hand to take the wok from his back as streaks of black undulation overload covered it: “Cyclone Wok!”

The large wok was flung towards Gui Fantian while his right hand continued wielding the butcher’s knife, black undulations had gathered on the blade as he used his most powerful Steel Shattering Cleave.

Fang Jiong was also a tier four expert, when he exploded forth with his real strength, it was extremely frightening and the ten odd holes did not hinder him in the slightest, his current performance made Gui Fantian sigh.

Su Yu roared as he instructed Ma Ziye to use the Heaven’s Net.

Ma Ziye fully trusted in Su Yu as she kept her Star Blade, her right foot stomped the ground as she immediately activated the Heaven’s Net, Situ Wuqing did not dodge and was swiftly snared by the Heaven’s Net, Zhang Zhongmou who was by the other side was already rushing over with his Red Lotus Sword.

Su Yu was on the ground but he actually managed to sit up, his ears twitched as the thumb on his right hand raised but did not make any other movements, he was watching Zhang Zhongmou and his Red Lotus Sword which had smashed into Situ Wuqing again, it was no surprise that she once again shattered like glass, thereafter, Su Yu suddenly raised his thumb upwards.


The right thumb had already turned gold as the energy of the Golden Blood was activated, at the same time, a blade sliced past Su Yu’s face, causing a line to be cut on his face, if the blade was slightly more accurate it would have cut off his ear.

Su Yu’s Golden Thumb had actually managed to press onto an arm, following the ‘pop!”, Situ Wuqing who was by his side groaned, Situ Wuqing’s figure suddenly appeared from the void, her expression was one of shock as she held her hand and retreated, the blade which was used to harm Su Yu’s face had already fallen to the ground and her right hand had already turned into a bloody mess.

The power of the Golden Blood was indeed frightening.

“How did you……” Situ Wuqing was shocked but Su Yu had already kicked off with his right leg as he pounced forward.

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