KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Curing powder – Destroy the invisible.

Earlier, Su Yu had been sitting on the ground with his upper body covered in a thick layer of black scales, he guessed that Situ Wuqing would definitely attack him and could only aim at his exposed head, his thumb had been stretched forward as it suddenly shot towards Situ Wuqing, he had still been hurt and it was an extremely dangerous exchange for the two parties.

At this moment, Su Yu had already confirmed his guess with regards to Situ Wuqing’s ability.

This Situ Wuqing could become invisible for a short period of time, but the condition for doing so would be to leave behind a mirage, this mirage would not be able to attack and would shatter after suffering an attack, only when the mirage ended would she then be able to attack.

It was fortunate that this ability had so many restrictions, without these restrictions, such an ability could be considered peerless, although it had so many conditions, Su Yu still could not come up with a good way to deal with it.

Seeing Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net activate, it was clear that it was also unable to snare Situ Wuqing while she was invisible, the Heaven’s Net required a target and needed Ma Ziye to be looking at the other party, willing it to snare rather than it naturally selecting a target on its own. This was rather similar to the Eye of Perception, with the Heaven’s Net rendered ineffective, this was certainly troublesome.

Situ Wuqing’s right hand had already been crippled, her left hand was still holding a steel blade as she retreated, watching as Su Yu advanced, a cold smile appeared, although she was shocked, she swiftly recovered and allowed Su Yu to come towards her.

Su Yu noticed this and immediately understood that she had once again used her invisibility, she had left her mirage behind and her real body was currently hidden somewhere, once he pierced the mirage, the real body would then immediately attack.

It was fortunate that Situ Wuqing had already determined that Su Yu had killed her brother and only wanted to gun for him, if it were someone else, faced with Situ Wuqing’s sudden attack, they would simply be unable to resist, likely to die after several similar attacks.

Ma Ziye and Zhang Zhongmou noticed the strangeness of Situ Wuqing’s ability and had ugly expressions, they were as sharp as Su Yu and had already guessed what her ability was, they felt fear at the unknown, it was as though Situ Wuqing could suddenly appear at any moment and end their lives.

Su Yu’s left leg had been lopped off, his face had also endured a slash and it seemed like there was an additional mouth on his face, fresh blood covered half his face, painting a rather gruesome picture. As he watched Situ Wuqing suddenly stop, he immediately looked to the ground, based on his conjecture, even if Situ Wuqing was able to become invisible, the blood from her wound should still stain the ground thus allowing him to follow her movements. He was disappointed to find out that even her bloodstains were invisible, there was simply no way to tell and no one knew where Situ Wuqing was or when her next life threatening blow would come.

At this moment, Xiao Wei suddenly delicately shouted: “Curing Powder!” As she threw an item that looked like a glass bottle, it shattered in the air as large amounts of faint red powder began to float, Su Yu immediately heard ‘Chi Chi’ sounds emitting from his leg and face region as the faint red powder seemed to actually increase the effective healing speed of his wounds.

“Big brother Su Yu, quick!”

Su Yu heard Xiao Wei’s anxious voice and seemed to understand something as he suddenly pounced towards Ma Ziye who was by the side, his right leg kicked as his two hands also pressed against the ground, sending him flying forward while he shouted: “Old Mou, attack that woman!”

“Understood!” Although Zhang Zhongmou did not understand the reason, he wholeheartedly believed in Su Yu as he immediately wielded his Red Lotus Sword, slashing towards Situ Wuqing who was still stopped in her tracks.

All this occurred in an instant, Zhang Zhongmou yelled as the Red Lotus Sword struck Situ Wuqing, Situ Wuqing immediately shattered like a piece of glass.

As Situ Wuqing shattered, the real Situ Wuqing appeared standing right beside Ma Ziye, wielding her steel blade as she sliced towards Ma Ziye’s throat.

Earlier, Situ Wuqing’s attack on Su Yu had failed, she had realised how fearsome Su Yu was and instantly made a change of plans, she would deal with Ma Ziye and the others first before joining up with Gui Fantian and the long faced male to slowly torture Su Yu.

Situ Wuqing’s plan was indeed quite good, in reality Ma Ziye had not thought that Situ Wuqing would actually aim for her, with Su Yu’s abilities, he was barely able to cope with Situ Wuqing’s invisibility, the others like Ma Ziye and Qin Jiagui would definitely be killed in a single strike.

This time, Su Yu seemed as though he had managed to accurately pinpoint Situ Wuqing’s location, as the blade within her left hand went forward, Su Yu had already pounced over like a ferocious panther, his speed was phenomenal as he heavily smashed into her.

Situ Wuqing was shocked as the two people immediately flew away, Su Yu roared as his hands hugged her, no longer allowing her to turn invisible once more.

This pair of transformed arms contained incredible strength, simply hugging Situ Wuqing like a lover as he squeezed, fresh blood spurted out as cracking noises could be heard, a miserable shriek could be heard from Situ Wuqing’s mouth as her waist was crushed by Su Yu into a pulp, the lower half of her body fell heavily to the ground, Su Yu’s strength was simply too immense and had rent her body in two. Even so, Situ Wuqing made her move and her blade had left a large wound at his stomach region.

Both of them fell to the ground severely injured, Situ Wuqing was rent apart at the waist and would definitely die as she wildly shouted: “How did you…… know about my position……” Without knowing the reason, she would die with regrets.

Su Yu pointed as he smiled: “It’s all thanks to Xiao Wei, she tossed out some curing powder which sped up the healing of our injuries, your right hand was injured……”

Hearing these words, Situ Wuqing’s remaining body relaxed as she muttered: “I see…… I see……. This lass……. It’s no wonder……. She’s really the spawn of ‘him’…….” her head fell down as she died, large amounts of strange energy began to escape from her body with ‘Chi Chi’ noises.

The Curing Powder which Xiao Wei had thrown healed everyone in the vicinity, Situ Wuqing’s right arm was injured and although she was invisible, the powder still took effect, landing on her wound as faint ‘Chi Chi’ noises and a faint red light could be seen. The outcome was obvious, although Su Yu was unable to see her, hearing the sounds together with the faint red light allowed him to easily pinpoint her location, as Zhang Zhongmou destroyed Situ Wuqing’s mirage, he had landed a killing blow on the lady with that frightening ability.

The ability of this woman was extremely strange and terrifying, if it were not for Xiao Wei’s quick wits together with the miraculous effect of the Curing Powder, this woman would have been enough to kill their entire group.

Following Situ Wuqing’s death, the necklace on her neck shattered with a ‘Pa!’ as it dissipated in the wind, it seemed to have contained some sort of power but it had shattered and returned to the natural world.

Situ Wuqing had died, Su Yu was heavily injured, as for Fang Jiong and Gui Fantian, their battle was also extremely cruel.

Fang Jiong who had exploded forth with all his power had used the steel shattering cleave, cyclone wok and the undulation overload, the combination of these frightening abilities was not something that Gui Fantian could take lightly.

Following Situ Wuqing’s miserable cry, Gui Fantian’s heart trembled.

Situ Wuqing’s ability was the most frightening amongst them, she could even kill people who were much stronger than her, she was where their confidence lay in, with her sudden gruesome death, Gui Fantian’s heart was trembling as he howled, the white wings on his back expanded as frightening whooshing noises rang out, he actually gave up on Fang Jiong as he hurriedly attempted to flee.

Xiao Wei saw this and immediately screamed: “He can’t escape!” her face was filled with terror, as though once Gui Fantian escaped, the outcome would be annihilation.
“Quick!” Su Yu exclaimed.
Ma Ziye, Zhang Zhongmou and the others did not know what frightening outcome would occur if Gui Fantian ran, but it would definitely be disastrous, they could guess that all the people who had chased after Xiao Wei thus far must have come from some immense and frightening organisation, they would be able to bring a force that was impossible for them to deal with.

Zhang Zhongmou activated the Eye of Petrification as he shot one of the bone wings of Gui Fantian who was flying in the air, Gui Fantian’s bone wings did not enable him to fly but were able to give him a swift boost of speed when they flapped, Fang Jiong wanted to chase but was simply too slow.

The light from the Eye of Petrification caused the bone wing to immediately stiffen, Gui Fantian lost his balance as Ma Ziye swiftly activated the Heaven’s Net, steel ropes wildly extended as they wrapped towards Gui Fantian.

The long faced male by the side had also seen Situ Wuqing’s gruesome death and his heart was trembling, Huo Shan had already thrown the charcoal briquette towards him, there were also poisonous wasps that were buzzing in the air flying towards him, Xu Ruyun had silently striked and Jade’s Runewords had also activated, a streak of white shot through the air towards him.

Although they were not strong individually, when they worked together, they had a frightening killing potential.

The long faced male was still shocked as his purple eye flashed with a purple light, the air before him twisted as the charcoal briquette as well as Jade’s attack vanished before him, his body was already rushing to Xiao Wei who was by the side.

This long faced male had a different idea from Gui Fantian, one wanted to run immediately upon seeing Situ Wuqing’s death while the other wanted to kill off Xiao Wei before leaving because he noticed that Su Yu was also heavily injured.

Killing Xiao Wei would gain him immense credit, he did not wish to give up so easily.

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