KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: “White Tiger”

Xiao Wei seemed to be able to guess what the long faced male was thinking as she hurriedly ran towards Su Yu after throwing the Curing Powder.

Despite Su Yu being seriously injured, she felt that he was the most reliable person within the group.

Although Xiao Wei was young, she was quick witted and seemed to be even more adaptive than the others.

The long faced male roared as his purple and red eyes simultaneously shot out lights, he could not be bothered about Xu Ruyun and the others who were attacking him as he singlemindedly headed for Xiao Wei.

Su Yu had killed Situ Wuqing and was currently on the ground, the entire field was within his vision as he swiftly reminded the others to stop Gui Fantian as he attempted to flee, the actions of Xiao Wei and the long faced man naturally did not escape his eyes as the ten odd hidden holes within his body began to swiftly gather energy, converting it into strange energy which immediately filled his hands, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Xiao Wei quickly reached Su Yu as she exclaimed: “Big brother Su Yu!” she was reminding Su Yu to watch out.

Su Yu smiled: “Crouch down now!”

Xiao Wei immediately reacted as she crouched, the long faced male was almost upon Xiao Wei when she suddenly crouched causing him to be faced with Su Yu who was on the ground instead.

“Hmph!” The long faced male knew that Su Yu was severely injured, looking as Xiao Wei crouched down exposing Su Yu, he did not panic as light was released from his eyes, he wanted to kill two birds with one stone, getting rid of Su Yu in the process as well.

The purple eyes could twist space and the red eyes could cause the enemy to become blind, as this purple and red light combined, an even more frightening ‘Light of Destruction’ that contained an explosive effect was sent forward, it was shot toward Su Yu and if he was hit by it, even a large boulder would be shattered.

Although Su Yu did not know what the combination of the Red and Purple lights did, he could guess that it would definitely be fearsome, it was an ability of a tier four expert and he swiftly lifted his right thumb, using the effect of the Golden Blood as he pressed against the light, the Rending Storm was activated on his left hand as the strange energy that he had stored within him finally surged forth, reaching a peak as he roared and flung his hand up.

The Golden Thumb came into contact with the Light of Destruction, an explosion rang out as an intense pain immediately filled the eyes of the long faced male as he howled, the frightening Golden Blood had allowed his thumb to not only break through the Light of Destruction but also send the energy rebounding backwards, immediately causing his two eyes to bleed, blinding him.

The long faced male had an expression of panic as he howled, Su Yu had already activated the Rending Storm as he pressed forward, smashing it into the other party’s chest as it instantly exploded.

“Haooo!” The long faced male howled as he was sent flying backwards, the flesh at his chest area was meshed up, his bones and innards had been sent flying out his back as he continued to tumble while shrieking, only stopping ten odd metres away.

As an expert of the fourth tier, although his chest had been destroyed, he did not immediately die, his eyes were burning as he continued to flail with his two hands while yelled: “Huang Jingting will not die here! You cannot kill me! If you kill me you won’t live either!”

He continued to wildly yell when suddenly his throat felt cold as his yells became gurgling noises, Xu Ruyun had lightly slit his throat with a surgical knife, instantly causing blood to gush out like a fountain, large amounts of blood continued to splatter out from the area of his throat which already resembled the mouth of a human.

Huang Jingting was like a trapped beast in its last throes as he continued to flail his four limbs, his throat, mouth, nose, eyes and ears had large amounts of blood surging out, the strange energy within his body was emitting ‘Chi Chi’ noises as they escaped through the wound in his chest, his body was like a balloon that was deflating as it slowly collapsed.

The sounds and struggling gradually grew weaker and weaker before he finally stopped, and at last he was dead.

By the side, Gui Fantian’s left wing had already been hit by the Eye of Petrification, although the difference in strength between the two sides caused only half of the wing to petrify, it still managed to affect him as he shook, his balance had been disrupted as he fell from the sky, thereafter, Ma Ziye’s Heaven’s Net was activated as the steel threads extended forward, instantly locking Gui Fantian in place.

Qin Jiagui did not speak as the Steel Missile was sent flying forward, a trail of white mist could be seen as it struck Gui Fantian.

Gui Fantian roared as his wings retracted to protect his body, the Steel Missile exploded but actually failed to injure him in the slightest.

Zhang Zhongmou wielded the Red Lotus Sword as he wordlessly striked at Gui Fantian who was still trapped by the Heaven’s Net.


The Red Lotus Sword seemed as though it were slicing through tofu as it easily pierced into Gui Fantian.

Gui Fantian roared as his wings expanded, immediately striking at Zhang Zhongmou.

Zhang Zhongmou groaned as he tumbled away, there were actually seven to eight bloody holes on his chest and it was a bloody mess.

“Cyclone Wok!” At the back, a frightening roar rang out as Fang Jiong threw his wok.

The might of this ability was extremely frightening as it smashed into Gui Fantian, Gui Fantian had just expanded his wings to attack Zhang Zhongmou, he did not have any protection as seven to eight bones within his body were immediately shattered.

By this time, the effect of the Heaven’s Net had finally worn off as Gui Fantian was also sent flying away by the Cyclone Wok.

Fang Jiong rushed forward with big strides, Ma Ziye went forward with her Star Blade, Qin Jiagui activated his Demolishing Iron Fist as the three swiftly moved.

Su Yu was able to capture all this, seeing Fang Jiong’s Cyclone Wok strike Gui Fantian, he knew that the other party was finished as he laid back down before instructing Xiao Wei: “Little lass, help me bring my leg here.”

One of Su Yu’s legs had been chopped off, there was a large gash at his abdomen, blood was dripping from his face, he cut a sorry figure as he laid there but he was still somehow able to be alive, he was extremely calm as he instructed, it seemed as though everything that was currently occurring was well within his grasp.

This feeling caused Xiao Wei to be dazed for a moment before she recovered, hurriedly rushing over to the other side to bring Su Yu’s dismembered leg.

Su Yu grit his teeth as he reattached his leg, qi flowed from his two hands into his leg, he had previously assisted Ma Ziye in mending her foot back when he was still only at tier two, he was currently a tier four expert and mending his own dismembered leg was not difficult.

Su Yu’s estimate was correct, Fang Jiong’s Cyclone Wok was extremely powerful, Gui Fantian had not seen it coming and the bones in his body were shattered, he was currently on the ground unable to move as his bone wings feebly attempted to move, Fang Jiong was already roaring as he used the Steel Shattering Cleave.

The Steel Shattering Cleave was terrifying, even Su Yu’s Protective Bulwark was unable to completely defend against it unless he used the power of the Golden Blood.

Gui Fantian did not have the power of the Golden Blood or such a defensive ability, following the Steel Shattering Cleave, a bone wing was lopped off as a frightening roar could be heard from Gui Fantian, Ma Ziye was only slower by a step as she chopped with the Star Blade, a dazzling light could be seen as before the blade pierced into Gui Fantian’s face that was filled with indignation.

Being able to become a tier four expert, one had to experience countless life and death trials to advance, each of them had been through so much, not any less than Su Yu, these experts had extreme confidence in themselves and were looking forward to achieving the perfect form, towering over all other existences.

However, this dream was suddenly dashed, they were not killed by any powerful and mighty monsters but rather by one of their kind, they had died under the hands of humans.
These humans before them whom they had regarded as nothing more than ants.


The sound was extremely crisp, like a sharp blade slicing through bone, Gui Fantian’s face was immediately sliced in two, blood and brain matter splattered out as the Star Blade was coated in it.

Gui Fantian instantly lost his life, Ma Ziye kept the Star Blade but no excitement could be seen on her face, although they had been forced to do so, killing a human was something that did not incite much excitement, as Ma Ziye kept her blade, a strange thought welled up within her mind: “One day, will someone also use a similar method to chop off my head, at that moment, will my expression be one of hopelessness and regret like Gui Fantian?”

Having these strange thoughts, Ma Ziye could not help but look back at Su Yu, as she saw his figure, her emotions slowly calmed down.

“If I really die in the future, I hope that I will be able to die before him…… at the very least…… if I’m alive, he won’t die before me…….” Ma Ziye thought to herself as she slowly walked towards Su Yu.

With the help of Xiao Wei’s mysterious Curing Powder together with his qi, Su Yu’s dismembered leg was slowly connected, as for the wound on his face and abdomen, they were not that serious and would swiftly heal on their own.

“Little lass, you’ve really done us a great service this time.” Su Yu’s leg had finally been reattached as he wiggled it, there did not seem to be any problems as he looked over at Xiao Wei, stretching his hand forward as he rubbed her head.

“Big brother, stop messing up Xiao Wei’s hair.” Xiao Wei had an indignant expression on her face.

“Little lass, you’re really wily, amongst these women…….. Besides Ma Ziye, you’ll probably be the strongest.” As Su Yu said this, he was thinking back to Situ Wuqing’s ability, although he was much stronger than her, this strange ability had almost allowed her to kill him, this made Su Yu realise that he needed to exercise even more caution.

Strength was clearly not everything, he wondered what the Eye of Perception would be like after advancing to Eye of Divinity, would it have been able to get the information regarding Situ Wuqing’s ability? Otherwise, if they met with another powerful enemy with an ability like Situ Wuqing, they would all be in grave danger.

“Little lass, what’s this Curing Powder? Is it your ability?” Su Yu asked as he saw Ma Ziye walk to his side, an expression of concern was on her face as she seemed to want to say something as her lips gently quivered but she continued to remain silent.

Su Yu nodded to her: “Gui Fantian is dead?”

“Mmhmmm.” Ma Ziye acquiesced with a noise as the image of Gui Fantian’s sliced head appeared within her mind.

Xiao Wei replied: “The Curing Powder isn’t my ability, it is a type of medicine that can speed up the healing of wounds, one can buy it and it is very cheap, a single time coin will be sufficient to buy several bottles.

Su Yu nodded as he continued: “This thing seems rather useful, buying a few bottles seems quite worth it, it is also able to be used in a myriad of ways, if I wish to buy it, where should I go?”

“So many places sell it, but I haven’t been to those places, I only know ‘White Tiger’……” As she said this, Xiao Wei seemed to suddenly wake up as she said indignantly: “Big Brother Su, you’re trying to trick me into speaking…….”

A look of fear slowly crept up onto her face as she said softly: “Big Brother Su, it isn’t that Xiao Wei isn’t willing to speak…… I’m just afraid that if I say it…….. I will be harming all of you…… once I say it, you will definitely go there but currently we are not strong enough, we can’t go there……. No matter what, Xiao Wei will not talk.” Having said this, Xiao Wei’s face suddenly became rigid.

Su Yu was stunned for a moment before asking: “Those people that were chasing after you, did they come from this ‘White Tiger’?”

Xiao Wei gently nodded: “Big brother Su, do you know that they are actually the weakest there? No, they can’t even be considered to be officially a part of White Tiger……. Do you understand now?”

Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air but a smile appeared on his face: “I understand, it’s alright, when you feel that we’re ready, you can tell me.” His hand went forward to rub Xiao Wei’s head before standing up, moving his leg, he felt that it was already completely healed.

“Eh? What is this thing?” By the side, Zhang Zhongmou and the others were taking the items from the three corpses, Li Dong had even taken the clothes off Gui Fantian to wear, his original clothes were already tattered and torn in many places.

They did not find anything much on Gui Fantian and the long faced male, only a number of Time Money, however, on Situ Wuqing’s body, they found a strange metal medal and Zhang Zhongmou could not help but exclaim.

Seeing it, all colour instantly drained from Xiao Wei’s face.

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