KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Evading Crisis

Zhang Zhongmou found a metal plaque on Situ Wuqing’s corpse and could not help but grab it: “Eh? What is this thing?”

Zhao Shichang followed up: “Isn’t that just a plaque?”

“Damn, captain obvious, who doesn’t know it’s a plaque, I’m asking if there are any uses for this thing.”

The others began to crowd around to take a look at the metal plaque within Zhang Zhongmou’s hand, Xiao Wei who was beside Su Yu heard the commotion as she turned to look, upon seeing the small metal plaque, all the colour seemed to drain from her cute little face as she said in a shrill voice: “It’s over!”

Xiao Wei’s reaction made the others jump in fright, as for Xiao Wei she had already swiftly run over as she snatched the plaque from Zhang Zhongmou, this black plaque had the image of a tiger carved on it, the tiger seemed to have been dyed white by some substance and the white tiger seemed very life-like, extremely majestic yet in Xiao Wei’s eyes, it was like seeing a ghost as she swiftly threw it aside.

“It really is……. It really is the ‘White Tiger’s Symbol’, it’s over…… it’s over…… we are all done for.” Xiao Wei’s face was a pasty white as she continued to mutter, her face was filled with panic and anxiety.

The others exchanged glances as Su Yu walked over to gently rub her head: “Xiao Wei, calm down, what happened? What is the White Tiger’s Symbol?”

Zhou Birong also hurried over: “That’s right, Xiao Wei, don’t be afraid, we’re all on your side. If there’s anything, let us know and we can help you.”

Fang Jiong said in a heavy voice: “Little kids are really annoying, even if the sky falls we adults will hold it up, what’s there to be so panicked about little kid?”

Su Yu and the others continued to console as Xiao Wei’s emotions were slowly stabilised before she replied: “This ‘White Tiger Symbol’ is a form of identification, this dead woman was actually an actual member……. These ‘White Tiger Symbol’s have a special function……. Once the person who owns it dies, the other party will immediately be able to detect it, also, based on the ‘White Tiger Symbol’ they will be able to find this place……. This time…… this time I’m afraid……. Many frightening people will appear…… We……. we’re finished, none of us can escape.”

Xiao Wei suddenly was speaking shrilly, it was clear that she was being immensely pressured by the frightening implications behind the ‘White Tiger Symbol’.

Su Yu absorbed this information as he picked up the White Tiger Symbol: “The other party will be able to find this place because of this thing?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Wei said with a face full of terror: “And it will be very swift.”

“Then immediately break it!” Qin Jiagui urged.

Xiao Wei shook her head: “It’s useless, this White Tiger Symbol can’t be destroyed, even if it is, as long as there is even a sliver of it remaining, the other party will be able to find this place.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s mind churned as he swiftly commanded: “Everyone, let’s bury the two corpses and clear all traces in this area leaving only the corpse of Situ Wuqing behind.” As he said this, his body sprang into the air as he swiftly reached the top of a rather large tree.

“Alright.” Zhang Zhongmou immediately replied as he retrieved the Red Lotus Sword, he did not know what Su Yu was planning to do with Situ Wuqing’s corpse but did not think any further as he immediately did as he was told.

Zhao Shichang wielded his bone blade to dig while the others began to clear up the traces of blood and any signs of battle, Zhou Birong was quite experienced in this area and under her guidance, the scene was swiftly returned to its original appearance.

“Su Yu, what are you doing up there?” Jade lifted her head as she shouted.

Lei Rui gently pulled at her sleeves before softly whispering: “He must be planning to toss the White Tiger Symbol away, the further the better.”

Jade gasped as she suddenly realised what he was up to.

The reason why Su YU had scaled this tall tree was precisely as what Lei Rui had said, he was planning to toss the White Tiger Symbol far away.

Since the other party could find the location of the White Tiger Symbol, Su Yu was prepared to make use of this to hoodwink the other party, after scaling the tallest tree he could find and stabilising his body, he took a deep breath as he calmly gathered his wits about him, they had walked towards the north in search of the exit and needed to walk south back to the school, in that case……

Su Yu grunted as his right arm flexed, black scales appeared as the Golden Blood was activated, the strength within his right arm reached a peak as he suddenly tossed the White Tiger Symbol to the west.

They were originally planning to remain atop a mountain and Su Yu had also scaled to the top of the tallest tree, from this height with his full force, the White Tiger Symbol became a streak of black light that swiftly flew in the direction of the west forest, swiftly moving away with no way to keep track of it, with the frightening force contained in the toss, it would definitely be far from this region of the forest.

Su Yu was silently estimating, even if the other party was able to find the White Tiger Symbol, there would not be any traces in that area, the other party would be hard pressed to find traces of them unless they were able to track them via smell like Situ Wuqing, in that case, it would be problematic but he could only take things one step at a time.

Su Yu leapt from the large tree as he saw the group work together, swiftly burying the two corpses and clearly any traces of blood or battle, from an initial glance, it was difficult to see any traces of combat.

Su Yu lifted the two portions of Situ Wuqing’s corpse before looking to the sky, it was already becoming dark as he spoke: “Let’s go.” as he began to rush forward.

They had initially planned to spend the night here, however, with Xiao Wei’s reaction as well as the unique effect of the White Tiger Symbol, the group were alarmed as they did not know who was behind the White Tiger Symbol but based on Xiao Wei’s reaction, they were definitely frightening and naturally wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Su Yu, what are you bringing that woman’s corpse for?” Jade could not help but curiously ask.

Su Yu waved his hand, indicating that she should not ask so much, he was too lazy to explain himself as he carried the corpse of Situ Wuqing. They moved swiftly, in no time, Su Yu had already reached the hole within the mountain that was currently caved in as he placed the corpse down before beginning to move the large boulders aside, dumping her remains within before closing it back up.

The others began to exchange glances as Su Yu looked back while smiling: “I’m not sure if this will work but it should delay the other party quite a bit right? Alright, everyone let’s move out, don’t leave any traces behind.”

Qin Jiagui nodded: “Everyone be careful, let’s go.”

Right now there were two tier four experts within the group, the strength of the entire group was already extremely powerful as they rushed through the night, they had not met monsters above tier three within this region before and were not feeling threatened at all.

The group increased their speed, they had six to seven days worth of food remaining as they continued to rush towards the southern region of this forest.

Qin Jiagui and Su Yu led the way while Fang Jiong remained at the back of the group, the fifteen of them proceeded to move speedily through the forest.

Su Yu looked back at the few tier ones within the group as he frowned, if Su Yu was to go at his full speed, he would be able to travel ten times faster than an ordinary person, however, these people within the group were slowing them down causing their speed to only be two times that of ordinary humans.

Thinking of this, Su Yu suddenly realised a problem, if there was a group that consisted of tier four or higher, the amount of distance they could cover within a single night was phenomenal, it would be terrifying and it was no wonder Xiao Wei had been afraid that the other party would arrive at any moment.

If it were a group of experts and they moved at their fastest pace, it would simply be too frightening, this vast forest would be easily traversed and they would likely be able to easily catch up.

Carrying these complicated emotions, Su Yu realised that they had already unintentionally provoked a frightening force, they had already entered into a difficult quagmire with the other party, he alone had already killed two people from the other party.

He did not have a single idea as to what this power consisted of, thinking of this, he could not help but glance towards Xiao Wei as he sighed.

What was so special about this lass that caused the other party to so urgently want to kill her?

The sky was gradually becoming darker, Qin Jiagui and a few others had already grabbed their torchlights to shine a path. Although they had come to the forest for ten odd days, they had all been rather conservative and there was still enough battery for the torchlights to work, using the light from these torchlights, the group could move in the night but their speed was greatly reduced.

They had left markings along the way allowing them to easily find the path back to the school. These markings were also a slight problem, it would be easy for anyone else to follow these markings towards them, even if they were to destroy the markings, some traces would definitely be left behind.

It was only deep into the night when the group finally came to a halt, the few tier zeroes were already panting and could run no longer as they began to rest.

Liu Zheng panted as he gulped two mouthfuls of water while muttering: “Damn, have we really come to a strange new world? Why does it feel so different from the storybooks, this is really too tiring……. Huff……. Huff…… nothing invigorating about this experience at all…….”

“Everyone let’s rest here for now before continuing.” Qin Jiagui looked up at the sky, it was already extremely dark and his emotions were also very grim, he could faintly sense an inauspicious feeling as though the terrifying evil experts could descend on them at any moment.

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