KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Karmic Wheel

Within the group, Xiao Wei could not help but constantly look towards the north, fear could be clearly seen on her face.

The group had merely rested for a short moment when a frightening rumbling noise could be heard from the west.

Things had occurred too suddenly and everyone was shocked as they swiftly stood up, borrowing the faint light from the night sky to look into the distance at an immense construction that was extending upwards as the rumbling continued.

The group exchanged glances as several shouted out at the same time: “Sky Hole!”

At the northern region of the forest that was quite a distance from Su Yu and the others, the ground of the mountain that they had been on had been dug up, the corpses of the two great tier four experts of Gui Fantian and Huang Jingting had already been lifted from the holes and were lying on the ground.

Beside these two corpses were three black figures.

From the illumination of the moon, one could faintly see three figures dressed in black clothing that was similar to that of Gui Fantian and Huang Jingting, the only difference was that the three people had white stripes at their sleeves, seeming to indicate that they were of a different status.

One of the three black figures held a White Tiger Symbol within his hand as he said in a heavy voice: “This White Tiger Symbol belongs to Situ Wuqing but her corpse isn’t here…… Master said that she has already died though……”

“Although Situ Wuqing was only a tier four dark iron warrior, her ability was very unique and even if she was matched with tier five experts like ourselves, she would not necessarily lose. What kind of opponent would actually be able to kill her?” By the side, a person’s voice rang out filled with disbelief and anger.

“Within this region of forest, it is extremely difficult for an expert over tier four to emerge…… with Situ Wuqing’s ability, it should allow her to be invincible here……. Could it be the ‘666’?”

“No…….” The person who held Situ Wuqing’s White Tiger Symbol within his hand said in a hoarse voice: “Looking at their injuries, this should have been done by dark iron warriors, also…… the aura of this mysterious weapon…….” The black figure stooped down as he gently brushed past the sound on Gui Fantian’s head before placing his finger into his mouth as he gently sucked, his face seemed especially frightening in the darkness.

“Master is going to be really furious……. In order to deal with the brat from the Xiao family, he has already lost so many men……. Due to that special reason, us fifth tier dark iron warriors have a restriction after entering this region of forest, we must absolutely not cause any more bloodshed, none of the beast soldiers should be killed, do you understand? Our objective is only the brat of the Xiao family as well as those fellows who killed Situ Wuqing.”

The dark figure in the centre chose this moment to speak: “Relax, we also understand the restriction, if we are to skip too many tiers……. The consequences could be dire……. Ai!” One of them suddenly raised his head and sighed helplessly: “With these rules, we are all like ants……. The only people who are able to go against these rules are the Golden race of legends……. Besides them, even master cannot do so……”

“Don’t be overly worried, master has already made preparations, although it can only be used once, once we find our target and I use the item which master has given to me, we will be able to ignore the restriction for a full minute…… within this minute, we must make sure that we complete our task. If the minute passes and we continue to act, it would mean our deaths, do you understand me?”

“Yup, but that little brat of the Xiao family is quite skilled, actually splitting their corpses and burying them to waste our time, however, in front of my Karmic Wheel, all this is merely a joke.”

One of the three had a mocking smile on his face as his left hand turned, a crisp sound like that of a bell rang out as his right hand waved, atop his palm appeared a strange wheel that was roughly two inches tall.

This wheel seemed similar to the Buddhist’s eternal wheel of life but in its centre were several pointers which protruded outwards, this person took the White Tiger Symbol: “Karmic cycle……. If there is a cause there will be effect……. With cause and effect existing, one cannot escape from the control of the Karmic Wheel, this White Tiger Symbol has a karmic link with Situ Wuqing, as long as we find Situ Wuqing’s corpse, we will be able to use her corpse to find the location of her killers……. Situ Wuqing died in their hands, a karmic link has been formed between them……. This karma will have to be returned…….”

This person continued to mutter before suddenly groaning, the pointers in the centre of the wheel began to wildly spin before the three pointers stopped, pointing towards three seperate directions.

One of the directions was where the White Tiger Symbol was placed, as for the other two, it was still a mystery as to where they were pointed towards.

This person continued to slowly move the White Tiger Symbol as the pointer slowly moved along with it, the pointer in the centre did not move while the other pointer began to gentle tremble.

“I understand now, this is pointing to the location of Situ Wuqing’s corpse, this pointer that is gently trembling……. It should be pointing to where the culprits are located…… the southern region of the forest.”

“Boss, should we head to the culprits location or look for the corpse of Situ Wuqing first?” Another person asked.

“We’ll first find Situ Wuqing’s corpse, we should find out how she was killed. I think understanding the abilities of the culprits will be important, the other party was able to kill her, they aren’t some random ruffians, we cannot be complacent.” The black figure in the middle said in a hoarse voice as the three swiftly moved out, arriving at the collapsed stone cave in mere moments.”

Looking at the collapsed stone cave, the three had expressions of confusion as one said hesitantly: “Situ Wuqing’s corpse is here, could it be that she wasn’t killed by a person and was actually buried inside?”

“Why would she choose to enter such a stone cave?”

“Maybe there’s something inside, who knows……..”

“Stop talking nonsense, look for her corpse and everything will be revealed.”

The three people began to move as they swiftly dug out Situ Wuqing’s corpse.
Looking at Situ Wuqing’s corpse which had been rent in two, the expressions on the three were extremely ugly.

“She was killed, also…… it was done by quite a frightening force…… Situ Wuqing’s invisibility technique, how could it lose it’s effect? Could it be that the other party managed to gain some information regarding her ability?”

The black figure who was in the centre fell into contemplation before suddenly stretching a hand to the wound at Situ Wuqing’s right palm, taking a swab before licking his finger as his expression changed: “I understand, this is the taste of Curing Powder, the reason why the culprit was able to find her must be this injury……. This culprit isn’t simple, he is at least tier four…… he could possibly even be tier five.”

“If that’s really the case then there would actually be some challenge, boss, you are known as invincible within the fifth tiers, even if the culprit was also tier five, he wouldn’t be your match. Boss, are you feeling excited?”

“Hmph…… I’m definitely interested, a person who is able to think of using Curing Powder to locate Situ Wuqing’s real body……. Able to injure her right from the start…… that explosive power……. Not bad, he should be a real opponent, let’s go, I’m really looking forward to our encounter.”

After a brief pause, the three figures moved off from the mountain towards the southern region of the forest.

Su Yu and the others were currently resting within the forest when frightening rumbling noises suddenly rang out, following the sounds, the group were shocked to see an immense construction that was slowly appearing as the rumbling continued. From the top of a skyscraper-like tree, a flickering multicoloured neon light slowly revealed itself. In the backdrop, one could see four large words, “The Affluent Guest Lodge”. Simply conspicuous and eye-catching in the night.

Su Yu and the others exchanged glances before shouting together: “Sky Hole?”

It was without question that the new construction had fallen into a Sky Hole before appearing within the forest, looking at the four big characters “The Affluent Guest Lodge”, it seemed that a hotel had been transported here.

“Let’s go over and take a look.” Su Yu immediately thought of the possibility of forming soul contracts with five suitable people, they would then be able to save the trip to the school.

As the group drew nearer, they noticed that the building was at least thirty stories or higher, although the multi-coloured dazzling lights were gradually fading, they could still see that resplendent sign, this was definitely a top tier hotel.

At this moment, within the hotel, a loud commotion could be heard as the rumbling had awakened several people, due to the dark night, the people inside had not realised that they had come to another world, the panic they felt was not too great.

Su Yu walked twenty odd metres to stand before the building before suddenly stopping.

The group following behind him swiftly noticed that an accompanying group of Lesser Goblins had also appeared as soon as the hotel had fully landed.

There were roughly fifteen of them that were currently rushing towards the large doors of the hotel.

“Go!” Zhao Shichang and the others wanted to rush forward but Su Yu stretched his hand to block the way as he said softly: “Everyone, calm down, don’t be reckless, don’t you remember the outcome of us interfering?”

The group immediately thought of the last time they had met with Xu Ruyun, Liuzheng and the others on the tourist bus, although they had assisted them initially, the result was that the people who were meant to die had still died while those with the ability to live had continued forward. They had almost been dragged into the danger, it could be said that whether they helped or not was no difference.

Su Yu’s thinking went even further, with the appearance of the Lesser Goblins, they would help him weed out the humans and those that managed to live would definitely the capable few, these Lesser Goblins were aiding him in choosing his future partners.

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