KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: The Enemy is Here

Su Yu quietly hid his body as he said softly: “Everyone let’s watch first, don’t act recklessly.”

Qin Jiagui spoke softly: “If there are people who manage to live, it would be perfect for us to invite them to join us as companions, we are currently lacking five people and there may be suitable people within.”

The group immediately understood what they two meant, they had considered both the repercussions of recklessly helping the others while also taking the chance to find five soul companions, this group of Lesser Goblins was clearly the best method to do so.

At this moment, the group of Lesser Goblins were already letting out frightening roars as they broke through the glass doors of the hotel, there seemed to be two people who were just off their shifts and they yelled in fear upon seeing this group of green skinned monsters.

Two miserable cries rang out as the group of Lesser Goblins rushed into the hotel.

Su Yu and the others silently waited by the side, such a large building definitely contained many people but who knew how many would be left in the aftermath?

In no time, the screams of terror could be heard from the first level of the hotel, as these screams reverberated, noises could be heard from the other floors as people were startled from their stupor, they had just experienced seconds of violent trembling and were still confused when the electricity was suddenly cut, miserable cries could suddenly be heard as well. With so many sudden changes, anyone would panic and many ran out of their rooms to check out the situation, several people also wanted to head down but realised that the elevator was not working as they went for the stairs, the entire building was a hubbub of activity.

Su Yu and the others continued to silently wait outside, although it was kind of unbearable, they did not have any other method to deal with the situation. Even if they acted to kill the ten odd Lesser Goblins, they would suffer frightening consequences for doing so, their previous experience was still deeply etched in their memories.

Xiao Wei continued to glance at their surroundings, it was clear that she was extremely restless as she quietly shifted to Su Yu’s side, tugging at his shirt as she whispered: “Big brother Su, I……. I keep feeling that something isn’t quite right…… if we continue to remain here, it will be very dangerous.”

“Hm? What do you mean?” Su Yu was stunned as Lei Rui continued: “That’s right, I also feel that something terrifying is about to happen.”

Xiao Wei said softly: “Half a day……. That is sufficient for those people to find us……. If we continue to remain here……. I fear it will be very dangerous.”

Su Yu heard her words as his brow frowned, looking at the sinister forest in the surroundings as he felt a strange feeling of fear and danger.

Xiao Wei’s fears were not without basis, White Tiger was apparently an extremely powerful organisation and the people sent by them would likely be able to find them within half a day, if they continued to remain here, the danger was definitely present.

Qin Jiagui continued: “Should we enter the hotel? Let’s find the five humans first to form soul contracts before leaving? If we continue waiting here, who knows how much time we will waste, that really does increase the danger.”

Su Yu acquiesced: “That’s all that we can do now I suppose.”

Li Dong could not help but speak up: “All of you really believe her words? Isn’t it too exaggerated? Will there really be people gunning for our lives?” suspicion could be seen written on his face, he had felt that Xiao Wei was an eyesore, she was merely a little brat but pretended to be mysterious, hiding so much information causing him to be extremely unhappy.

Fang Jiong smiled: “If you don’t believe her, you can remain here.” as he continued to take big strides towards the hotel.

Li Dong was stunned for a moment as he watched the group head towards the hotel as he hurriedly followed.

Although the safest option was to immediately leave, when Su Yu and the others thought of the distance to the school as well as the requirement to find five soul companions, with such a convenient place right before them with tons of people coupled with the fact that the school might have even been vacated, the temptation was simply too great to remain.

The fifth lifeform had already informed them that the deadline was ten days, within this period of time, they had to find five more soul companions or it would die causing all companions with it to die as well. Although the validity of this statement was not confirmed, in such a strange world anything could happen and the group could not take such a risk.

The group entered the hotel and a sight of countless corpses greeted them, the Lesser Goblins had smashed several heads in and blood and brain matter was everywhere, it was almost entirely silent as they proceeded to head up the stairs.

Not long after Su Yu and the others entered the hotel, within the dark forest, three figures appeared suddenly like a bolt of lightning.

“Swish” The leading person came to a stop as he glanced at the large building that was filled with cries of terror as he frowned: “What’s going on? You’re saying this is the place?”

“That’s right, the Karmic Wheel cannot be wrong, it’s only that this building……” The person by the side had a strange expression on his face.

“Hmph, it seems that the Sky Hole has sent in a batch of new people and were found by them…….It’s only…… did they enter to avoid us or was this mere coincidence……..” The leading person rubbed his chin as he contemplated.

“What should we do now? Should we head in to start a search immediately? That seems extremely dangerous, our actions are heavily restricted and if we enter such a rowdy place and were forced to act, it would be possible for us to accidentally harm bystanders and cross the line…… that would truly be problematic.” One of the three piped up.

The three who had suddenly appeared were dressed in black and there sleeves had a single white marking on it.

The leading person frowned as he grunted: “These people…….” helplessness flashed within his eyes, within such a large building that was in a clamor, if they were to enter it would likely cause an even bigger commotion, they were tier five experts and if they were to accidentally kill a bystander, they would fall into dire straits.

After a moment of silence, the leading person spoke up again: “We will wait here, use your Karmic Wheel to lock onto them, these people won’t stay in that building indefinitely, that little brat, this time we will surely take her life as well as the fellow who killed Situ Wuqing……. I really look forward to this.” as he muttered, a beastial light flashed through his eyes.

At this moment Su Yu and the others did not know that they had unknowingly avoided danger but the enemy was currently waiting right outside the building and once they exited, they would immediately be assaulted.

Xiao Wei was still feeling restless and only upon entering the large building did her emotions calm down, following the group as the swiftly ran up the stairs to the fourth floor when a loud rumbling could be heard as fresh blood splattered forth.

The group immediately looked over to see a Lesser Goblin that was currently squashed between the wedge of the door, a frightening amount of force had clearly been used to squash the Lesser Goblin to death, green blood splattered the door as loud banging noises erupted from within the room followed by the miserable cries of the Lesser Goblins.

By the time the door was released, the corpse of the Lesser Goblin slid to the ground as the group saw a person walk out from the room, he had a dazed expression as though he could not believe that he had killed such a monster.

This was a middle aged man of around thirty, he was dressed in a black western styled suit, he was well built and roughly 1.83 metres tall, his muscles were clearly bulging through his well fitted clothing making him seem as though he were a physical trainer.

At this moment as he looked at the Lesser Goblin which was sprawled on the ground, a strange expression appeared on his face before he lifted his head and walked towards Su Yu and the group.

Su Yu activated the Eye of Perception as he immediately obtained information that the fit male was already a tier zero dark iron warrior, the Lesser Goblin had clearly died to him.

“This is a Lesser Goblin, you have already come to a completely different world overrun with monsters, are you willing to join us?” Su Yu walked as he said solemnly, black scales had already appeared on both his arms with ‘Chi Chi’ noises filling the air.

The eyes of the well built male were bulging out as he tried to absorb everything that was occurring before him, it was clear he simply could not believe his eyes.


Su Yu’s left hand stretched forward as he easily smashed through the wall by the side as he said simply: “I understand that all this is rather hard to believe, however, you have killed a Lesser Goblin and will soon gain strength like mine……”

He was not done speaking as the male suddenly began to retreat while trembling: “Don’t come over, you…… who are you people?” he was frantically pressing on his phone in a futile attempt to get help.

Su Yu frowned, he understood that it was difficult to get the other party to accept all this in a short period of time.

Slowly receding his black scales, Su Yu retracted his left hand as he sighed, interacting with a stranger was not his best suit, he had initially wanted to garner confidence by showing his strength, who knew that this would instead frighten the male.

Qin Jiagui went forward as he spoke in a heavy voice: “My name is Qin Jiagui, this is Su Yu, we have all come from different places and fallen into this strange world through the Sky Hole, this hotel has also suffered from a similar fate. Do you remember the shaking and trembling earlier? At that moment, this hotel had fallen into a Sky Hole, entering into this world. Within this world, monsters abound and if we kill these monsters, we can gain unique powers like that of Su Yu or myself, you should be able to feel your newly gained ability.”

Qin Jiagui spoke as he activated his strange energy causing his right arm to transform to metal before swiftly stopping as he continued: “We have gathered together to form a group to battle against these monsters as well as trying to live through this frightening world. Are you willing to join us? Or would you rather traverse through this world filled with monsters alone?”

Following Qin Jiagui’s explanation, the male before them clearly calmed down as he felt the strange energy within him. Looking at the monster’s corpse, although Qin Jiagui’s words were rather unbelievable, everything before him could not be explained and it was clearly not a dream nor was it a prank.

Following Qin Jiagui’s explanation, the expression on the male’s face was hesitation, Su Yu was already feeling restless, judging by the male’s expression, it would not be easy to convince him to form a soul contract in a short period of time, he also remembered Xiao Wei’s words that the enemy could be arriving at any moment, they really could not afford to waste time here.

After contemplating for a moment, Su Yu whispered: “Xiao Wei, is there any other method? If the other party isn’t willing, can we force them to form a soul contract?”

“There is a way, knock him unconscious and use your powerful energy to forcefully form the contract.” Xiao Wei thought for a moment before replying.

Su Yu let out a sigh of relief: “It’ll be much easier that way.” as he suddenly rushed forward with a smile on his face: “We don’t have any ill intent, you should take a nap first.” Black scales appeared as he pressed down on the face of the male.

As a tier four expert, when faced with someone who had just become a dark iron warrior, it was as easy as flipping a palm, he was more afraid of harming him as he controlled his strength.

However, Su Yu simply did not foresee what happened next. As he attempted to stretch out his left hand, he suddenly felt a tight squeeze on his hand, and followed by the sky spinning about. Unexpectedly this guy had grab onto arm and did a hip toss, flinging Su Yu away.

This male was just packed with muscles, he just simply looked like a professional wrestler. His reaction was phenomenal as Su Yu groaned, heavily smashing into a door.

Things had occurred too suddenly and the others were shocked, Zhang Zhongmou strode forward angrily as the Red Lotus Sword appeared within his hand.

Su Yu who had fallen away got back up as he smiled: “Really powerful, all of you don’t act!” as he suddenly moved, appearing right beside the male.

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