KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Xiao Wei’s Suggestion

Su Yu had been too complacent and had actually been tossed aside by a recently promoted tier zero dark iron warrior, after a moment of shock, he actually became happy as he stood steadily behind the male, calling for Zhang Zhongmou to halt for fear of injuring the male.

Having seen the ferociousness of this male, he was clearly a talent that could be molded as Su Yu smiled while stretching his right hand to grab at his face once again, this time he was ready for any movements.

The man roared, he had already calmed down from his initial panicked state and swiftly grabbed and twisted Su Yu’s outstretched arm, if it were an ordinary person, he would have easily snapped that person’s arm.

Su Yu allowed him to freely grab his arm before suddenly jerking, black scales emerged as he pulled, forcing the male to fall towards him as his left hand stretched out, chopping towards the back of the man.

Su Yu’s blow was extremely precise, it did not injure the man but rather caused him to immediately fall unconscious as he fell limply to the ground.

If both sides had not gained strange energy, even three Su Yus would likely be insufficient to deal with the man. However, he was now a tier four expert and comparing him to a tier zero dark iron warrior, the difference in their strengths was simply uncomparable.

After knocking the man unconscious, Su Yu immediately acted as he summoned the fifth lifeform, a ball of black flames appeared from his right hand as it struck the brow of the man, ‘Pa’, the black flame exploded upon contact with the man’s brow as it disappeared.

“What’s going on?” Su Yu frowned as the voice of the fifth lifeform rang out in his mind: “Gather your energy of evolution and try again.”


Su Yu gathered his strange energy which was in the form of qi into his right arm as he slowly felt the life energy fluctuations of the fifth lifeform combining with his qi, raising his finger as he pressed onto the brow of the man as the black flames slowly entered.

This time, the man did not resist the black flames as they sunk into his brow, at the same time, the familiar voice of the fifth lifeform rang out: “Number sixteen, four to go with nine and a half days remaining.”

“I know, you don’t have to remind me.” Su Yu unhappily replied, he really wanted to know what unique ability the fifth lifeform had once it matured, this fellow claimed to be the closest lifeform to a god, such arrogance should have the capability to back it up.

At this moment, Xiao Wei suddenly threw a small item that seemed like a mini handphone, it was currently flashing with a white light as though it were receiving some sort of signal.

Colour drained from Xiao Wei’s face as she looked to the window by the side, staring at the forest outside the large building.

“What is this thing?” Zhang Zhongmou asked curiously: “Xiao Wei, in the future we shouldn’t call you little lass anymore, we should call you Doraemon.”

Looking at this little lass constantly whip out strange and interesting objects, curing powder, necklace and now this mini handphone, it seemed like a fascinating object.

Zhou Birong walked to her said and asked with concern: “Xiao Wei, what’s the matter?”

“They’ve come.” Xiao Wei’s voice was filled with terror.

“They?” Zhou Birong was stunned as Qin Jiagui strode forward: “White Tiger?”

“Yes……” Xiao Wei nodded: “They’ve come and…… they are extremely nearby.”

Qin Jiagui walked to the window as he looked outside, it was an eerily sinister forest filled with endless trees but no humans could be seen.

Zhang Zhongmou asked curiously: “Doraemon, how did you find out that the other party was here? Was it due to that thing in your hand?”

Xiao Wei replied in a soft voice: “As long as they use the White Tiger Symbol to engage in communication, this device within my hand will have a reaction…… also…… it can only receive information within fifty metres…… look at it flashing, this means that the other party is within fifty metres of us.”

These words made the hearts of everyone present tremble, Zhang Zhongmou spoke both anxious and excitedly: “Really? Where? How many people are there? Your grandnanny, will they be more frightening than that Situ Wuqing?”

Xiao Wei looked at him with fear in her eyes as she continued: “Only a fifth tier dark iron warrior has the right to obtain a White Tiger Symbol, the person called Situ Wuqing may have some unique ability or connection that allowed her to join them……. The ones that have appeared……. Are definitely tier five dark iron warriors…….”

These words made the entire group suck in a breath of cold air, a tier five dark iron warrior? What sort of existence was that? Even Su Yu had merely turned tier four not long ago, Situ Wuqing who was also at tier four had almost managed to kill him. Within their group, only Su Yu and Fang Jiong were at tier four, Ma Ziye was the only one at tier three while the others were stuck at lower tiers.

“Usually…… they move as a three man unit…… I think this time won’t be an exception……. There could only be more not less…….” as she spoke, her eyes were filled with dread.

Su Yu, Fang Jiong, Qin Jiagui, Ma Ziye and the others felt their bodies shiver as though they had been dropped into an icy pond, even Zhang Zhongmou who was usually rowdy had his mouth ajar but no words were coming out.

At least three experts of the fifth tier? They were already within fifty metres of them? The group immediately felt numb.

Although none of them had met a tier five expert before, from the power of a tier four expert, one could surmise that a tier five dark iron warrior would certainly be powerful to a frightening degree.

“What should we do?” Zhang Zhongmou exclaimed, Zhou Birong’s expression was ugly: “Should we immediately leave this place?”

Qin Jiagui said in a heavy voice: “Xiao Wei do you know their rough location? Maybe we can use the night to our advantage to flee.”

Xiao Wei shook her head: “No, they are definitely guarding the outside, once we go out, no matter which direction we flee in, we won’t be able to escape from them. We are trapped here, there are simply too many of us, we won’t be able to escape……”

Ma Ziye asked curiously: “They are guarding the outside? Why don’t they just come right in? Since they are able to find this place, they should also know our current location.”

Xiao Wei replied: “This….. Is related to a certain rule……. If I remember correctly, once a person reaches the fifth tier, they cannot recklessly kill, with the building in a state of chaos, they would likely be dragged into the mess……. I think…… they should be waiting for us to leave before acting.”

Xiao Wei’s little device could tell that the other party were still holding their positions and had guessed at the reason why.

“There is such a thing? Doesn’t that mean we will be safe if we continue to hide inside?” Zhang Zhongmou felt that the situation was strange.

“No, once the chaos settles down……. They will definitely act, we can’t delay for too long.” Xiao Wei shook her head.

The group exchanged glances as Li Dong suddenly spoke: “The target of the other party should be you, it actually doesn’t really concern us……”

His words had barely been finished when Su Yu interrupted: “We have already been embroiled within, if you wish to extricate yourself from this affair, it’s already too late. Don’t think of those useless things, the current problem we need to tackle is……. Three or more tier five dark iron warriors right?”

Li Dong was rendered speechless and did not speak anymore.

Qin Jiagui continued: “I feel that our only hope lies in utilising the chaos, mixing in with the crowd after the ten odd Lesser Goblins have been killed, rushing out together with them under the cover of darkness, we should be able to easily mix in.”

Qin Jiagui’s suggestion caused the eyes of everyone to light up as Yuan Niping said softly: “This strategy has a chance for success, it’s definitely better than being sitting ducks and waiting for the other party to kill us.”

Zhou Birong also nodded: “There should be quite a few people within this building, this strategy is plausible.”

Xiao Wei shook her head: “The other party is able to find us in such a short period of time…… I think that they definitely have some method or ability to find traces of us, using the chaos to run is simply a useless endeavour, faced with tier five dark iron warriors, we simply don’t have the strength to retaliate.”

The group had always known that many secrets were hidden on Xiao Wei’s person, she was definitely not a simple child. Who knew that she would be able to dissect the problem to succinctly, even better than all of them who were adults, they could not help but measure her with a strange expression.

What could a little girl of barely twelve like her have experienced to have such a rich insight, able to clearly analyse the situation and think of things which the group had overlooked. Of course, the reason for her brilliance was also the fact that this world was still a great mystery to them and she was clearly much more informed.

“Xiao Wei, what do you think we should do?” Su Yu no longer looked lightly at her as he began to ask for her opinion.

Jade noticed that Su Yu was earnestly asking for the opinion of a child, she felt that the scene was rather comical as she glanced at Su Yu.

Xiao Wei lifted her head and replied in earnest: “I think……. We should use the little time we have to find four more soul companions, that is what we must do.”

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  1. it kind of annoys me that they can say things like what even su yu is only tier four when they’ve been in the forest less then a month and they’re standing right next to someone like xiao wei who’s lived her hole life in the forest.

    • She might have the intelligence, but not the power. I think it was said she was only tier 1. She was probably protected her whole life by her father and clan till now.

      • i’m not saying that she herself is strong, it’s that they already know there are people around who have been stably living in the forest long enough to raise a sheltered child like xiao wei as she was born in the forest it means her parents had to have been in the forest for at least 12 years, for all they know they too could have been born in the forest. and yet they’re acting all astonished over something like there being tier 5 warriors when su yu hit tier 4 in a couple days.

        • You’re taking it in the wrong way. They’re surprised because T5 have been sent to deal with them, they already had such a huge hard time dealing with them, they can’t even imagine how they will suffer at the T5’s hands. Human always fear the unknown.

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