KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: Big Shot Celebrity

Li Dong could not help but yell: “Do you wish to cause our deaths? You’ve just mentioned that there are three tier five dark iron warriors below that could rush in and kill us at any moment. Under these circumstances, you still want us to find the four other soul companions? A child will always be a child, you definitely don’t know how to weigh what’s important.”

This time, Li Dong’s words did not cause the group to feel disgust, even Jade and Yuan Niping felt the same way, they still had ten odd days to find soul companions and it was not as pressing as the three tier five dark iron warriors that could take their lives at any moment. It was clearly more important to escape this place or think of strategies to deal with them rather than finding the four soul companions.

Su Yu ignored Li Dong’s shouts as he stared at Xiao Wei: “Why?”

He had already noticed that the little kid was very astute, she definitely had a reason for insisting on going ahead with finding the four soul companions.

“Because…… once we find the twenty odd humans, the fifth lifeform will hatch……. At that time, we may have a method to deal with our enemies.” Xiao Wei said in a soft voice, she had been frightened by Li Dong’s yelling earlier.

Su Yu heard her words as he silently contemplated while Qin Jiagui could not help but speak up: “Do we really have to trust in some vague fifth lifeform?”

Lei Rui suddenly spoke up: “I believe her……” as she slowly walked over, her eyes became misty as she muttered: “I also feel that……. Once we gather twenty soul companions…… there will be…… something inconceivable that occurs……. We can…… try.”

Su Yu looked over at Lei Rui, he noticed her misty eyes as she gently spoke, in an instant, there was a strange sacred light that seemed to shine from her body.

His heart trembled as he recalled the mysterious symbol of eight that had appeared on her chest at the hospital, this world was simply filled with too many strange occurrences. Finally, Su Yu nodded: “Alright, I believe you, lass, don’t make me disappointed.” as he said this, he stretched his hand forward to rub Xiao Wei’s head.

Xiao Wei gently nodded.

Qin Jiagui then spoke up: “Su Yu, do we really have to gamble?”

If they listened to Xiao Wei to look for the four additional people, they would definitely use a large amount of time. Rather than doing that, they could use this time to quickly escape, it was extremely probable that they would be faced with the attacks from the three tier five experts.

If they did not listen to Xiao Wei and followed Qin Jiagui’s suggestion to escape under the chaotic circumstances, there was definitely a good chance of success, this was the reason why Qin Jiagui questioned Su Yu on why they were taking a gamble.

This was a gamble with their lives on the line.

Hearing Qin Jiagui’s words, Su Yu realised that this matter could not be decided by him alone. This concerned the lives of everyone present and he turned to question them in a solemn voice: “Under the current circumstances, what are your ideas? Do we believe Xiao Wei and take a gamble? Or should we just escape?”

Lei Rui said softly: “I believe in her.”

Fang Jiong laughed: “Although I detest the little kid, her words are often correct.”

Su Yu looked over at Ma Ziye: “What do you think?”

Ma Ziye walked forward with a smile: “You decide, I believe in you.”

Jade spoke up loudly: “I will follow Lei Rui’s decisions, since she believes in Xiao Wei, I have no objections.”

Zhang Zhongmou laughed: “I will follow the decision of Instant Noodles, why did we have to have such a complicated relationship? Whatever you say, this Zhang will follow, aren’t they merely tier five dark iron warriors? This person’s Red Lotus Sword is already feeling itchy, they should hurry up and let me chop them.”

Within the group, a large majority did not have any objections, they largely trusted in Su Yu’s decision as he finally turned to Qin Jiagui: “What do you think? I’m being serious here, this concerns all our lives.”

Qin Jiagui was silent for a moment as he looked at everyone around him before finally smiling: “We’ve already been through so many life and death situations, if you’re all willing to gamble your lives what is the value of my opinion, haha, let’s just go crazy and even if we made the wrong decision, when we walk the yellow river* at least we’ll all be together and it won’t be boring.”

[T/N* River of death]

Yuan Niping frowned: “Jiagui, don’t say such inauspicious things.”

Qin Jiagui laughed as he walked to the side of the window whilst looking out at the night sky: “Nothing is taboo, what is there to be overly concerned with in such a world.” he suddenly turned to look at Su Yu: “Let’s go, we believe in you.”

“Okay.” Su Yu nodded, in this moment, his heart was filled with courage and confidence as he spoke up: “Move out.” as he turned, walking towards the area with the largest commotion.

At the back, Zhang Zhongmou had plonked the unconscious male onto his back as the group swiftly followed, this time, even Li Dong who was the least courageous did not mention running away.

In such a world, only by moving as a group would one be able to have a higher chance of staying alive. If one wanted to move individually, with Li Dong’s current tier one power, the likelihood of dying was tremendous. Even if he did not agree with Su Yu’s decision, once the others agreed he would have no other choice but to follow, they would live or die together, there was simply no other option.

In order to maximise time, Su Yu was swiftly rushing towards the area with the largest commotion, there was simply no time or need to consider whether the other party had potential or whether they had already advanced by killing a Lesser Goblin, he had already questioned the fifth lifeform within him and the answer given to him was that a soul companion did not have to be a dark iron warrior.

In no time, Su Yu saw the end of the corridor up ahead, within the clamor, there were three Lesser Goblins chasing a large group of people.

This group of people were largely in fresh clothes, some had clothing that were not in order, as though they had merely just woken up and were currently panicked and confused.

Su Yu swiftly rushed forward as he swiped a single Lesser Goblin before finally catching up to four people who had fallen behind, gently tapping the back of their necks as each of them fell to the ground unconscious.

As for the two remaining Lesser Goblins that were chasing the panicked group, they did not have the time to care about it.

Time was of the essence and they were looking to get four additional soul companions within the shortest amount of time. In this way, even if the hatching of the fifth lifeform did not give them any useful ability, they would have sufficient time to make an escape.

Su Yu did not wish to pin all his hopes on this arrogant and haughty fifth lifeform.

As Su Yu dealt with the four people, Qin Jiagui and the others finally caught up.

“How is it? Huff…… huff……. Old Su, you really run too fast……” Zhang Zhongmou placed the unconscious male on the ground before looking at the four new unconscious people on the ground: “Damn, am I seeing things?” as he moved forward, an expression of astonishment on his face.

Su Yu had chased after the closest four people before knocking them unconscious, he had not noticed who they were and was stunned as he looked down.

There were two males and two females, one of the men had a face with a lush beard, his hair was unkempt like a white flower. Simply robust and prosperous with a plump and tall stature. He looked to be around the age of fifty to sixty. The other male was a young boy of thirteen to fourteen years old who had pretty and delicate features.

The two females were actually causing them to feel astonished.

These two ladies looked extremely similar, a single glance and one would be able to tell that they were twins, they seemed to be around eighteen years of age, branded accessories could be seen on their neck and ears. They had a noble and youthful feel to them and as they lay on the floor, looking like two begonias.

Su Yu and Zhang Zhongmou were stunned because these two ladies were extremely familiar, they had often seen them on television as well as on the newspapers.

The current hottest sister duo for singing, the sister was Shangguan Wan, the other was Shangguan Rui, they had countless male fans and were known as the killer duo, regardless of Su Yu, Zhang Zhongmou or the others at the back, no one was unfamiliar.

Who would have guessed that they would suddenly meet these famous stars amongst the group of fleeing people within this high class hotel.

‘This…… these people are my idols…… damn…… this…… this is really……” Zhang Zhongmou was stammering, he was simply in disbelief.

By the side, Yuan Niping suddenly shouted: “Look at him…… this……. Isn’t he ‘Big Beard’ don’t you guys know? He’s been in many martial arts movies, he is very famous, he……. Why is he here……”

The others were exchanging glances, the Shangguan sisters were simply too famous, the attention of the group was largely centered on them and it was only with Yuan Niping’s shout that they realised the bearded male was also a famous personage.

The group had more or less heard of this director before, his name was Zhang Jifa but was known to a large majority as Big Beard. He had directed quite a few movie flops but was still well known in the movie industry and could be still considered a big shot. With him being here with the two Shangguan sisters in this hotel, one could not help but let their imagination run wild. It just so happens that In the past, there was a period of time where there were rumours of the sisters intending to enter into the movie industry.

As for the other little male child, the group did not recognise him but it was likely that he was some famous personage as well.

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