KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Rending Claw

The group was both puzzled and shocked, as they also felt a dread for the unknown. However, they currently had no time to think about this as the group of twenty to thirty Lesser Goblins had surrounded them and began their offense. The situation seemed grim.

“Young master Yu, don’t pull your punches.” Zhang Zhong Mou held a wooden club within his hands as he brandished it while shouting.

Su Yu’s body shuddered as he recovered from his shock and looked at the Lesser Goblins that had surrounded them. Without a word, he was the first to rush forward to meet them.

His left hand swept forward as black scales appeared on it, “Chi Chi” sounds were made as sharp claws extended out and immediately grabbed the head of a Lesser Goblin. With a clench of his fist, the five claws immediately squashed the head into pulp.

By the side, two other Lesser Goblins also attacked.

Su Yu swept his hand to meet them as he continued to hold onto the Lesser Goblin, using its body as a weapon to toss it at the two incoming Lesser Goblins.


The corpse and the two Lesser Goblins collided as the intense force caused the corpse to break apart and sent the two Lesser Goblins hurtling backwards as they shrieked.

Every action of the current Su Yu contained frightening power that the Lesser Goblins simply could not contend with.

Ma Zi Ye who was by the side also had an impressive performance as her legs moved and kicked, right leg sweeping with a “Sha” noise as it moved in a clear distinct arc immediately sending a Lesser Goblin flying backwards. Her legs then stretched forth again and clamped on, giving a good wring, the crisp sound of bone breaking could be heard and the Lesser Goblin shrieked as its two legs had been broken.

Ma Zi Ye had then quickly stood back up as she wielded the wooden club in her right hand, smashing it down onto the head of the Lesser Goblin.

In no time at all, a black crystal floated from the Lesser Goblin’s corpse and entered Ma Zi Ye’s right leg.

Feeling the increase of the strange energy fluctuations within her right leg, Ma Zi Ye sprang forward as her right leg swept towards a second Lesser Goblin.

Zhao Shi Chang, Qin Jia Gui, Hu Ge, Zhang Run Sheng and Lin Shi all had strong displays of their strength. They had each killed a number of the Lesser goblins and although their strange energy could not be compared to Su Yu, it was more than sufficient to handle a Lesser Goblin, making it all seem easy.

When Su Yu killed multiple Lesser Goblins in rapid succession, the strange energy within his left hand seemed to have an abnormal fluctuation as it swelled, seemingly due to his growing killing intent.


As Su Yu’s left claw once again pierced into the chest of a Lesser Goblin, the strange energy fluctuations and swelling seemed to reach a peak as Su Yu suddenly shouted: “Rending Claw!”

“Chii chii chii”

Sounds were continually emitted as Su Yu was astounded to see that after utilising the ‘Rending Claw’, blood and flesh were flying from the chest of the Lesser Goblin as pieces of meat and broken bone seemed to have been put through a meat grinder, turning into a pile of meat pulp and bone fragments.

“This is……” Su Yu took a sharp intake of cold air as he pulled out his left hand, the black scales on his lizard-like hand were all raised and the raised black scales had rotated, creating a frightening penetrative power and the five claws were even more fearsome as they seemed to gel together as they rotated, seemingly like an electric drill with a might that seemed to be able to surmount all obstacles.

“So incredible…… So this is an ability…… Rending Claw?”

Su Yu looked at the large gaping hole in the chest of the Lesser Goblin as he breathed in deeply, after killing a Greater Goblin and absorbing its crystal, he was promoted to tier one and had comprehended of two abilities namely the ‘Eye of Perception’ as well as ‘Rending Claw’.

The “Eye of Perception” enabled the user to find out the target’s data and information while the first usage of the ‘Rending Claw’ had shown such overwhelming power that left even Su Yu speechless.

While Su Yu was being blown away by the might of the ‘Rending Claw’, a “sha sha” sound could be heard as branches were pushed aside, a green figure could be seen hurtling through the air as it landed within the defensive circle they made.

“Aaaahh!” Zhang Run Sheng suddenly shouted intensely as he received a vicious blow by this green figure.

Zhang Run Sheng had quite a number of Lesser Goblins under his belt, his strength was not weak and in this critical situation, he managed to barely react as both his hands grabbed and managed to hug the green figure, causing him and the green figure to tumble heavily on to the ground.

“Greater Goblin?” Su Yu had keen vision as he immediately recognised the green figure. It was a mature Greater Goblin, something that was far more powerful than the Lesser Goblins.

Earlier it was precisely one such Greater Goblin that almost caused the death of this entire group, he had never expected that in the surroundings of this house a Greater Goblin would actually appear.

Zhang Run Sheng was caught unawares and his chest had already been pierced by the claws of the Greater Goblin, the intense pain made him feel the looming threat of death as he tightly held onto the Greater Goblin in his madness, continually rolling on the ground as he struggled.

The events had transpired so rapidly that the group was mostly in a daze, Su Yu growled as he was the first to react, he kicked off from the ground with his two feet as he pounced with spread claws and slashed towards the Greater Goblin that was currently entangled with Zhang Run Sheng.

Amongst the people present, he was the only one with the strength to fight against this Greater Goblin.

At this time there were still over ten Lesser Goblins and the group was flustered because of the appearance of the Greater Goblin and their formation was in a mess as Ning Yan, Zhuang Xiao Hua and Li Dong each met with danger.

Seeing that Ning Yan was in danger, Zhang Zhong Mou dashed forward as both his hands brandished the wooden club, viciously swinging it towards the Lesser Goblin which was attacking Ning Yan.

Ning Yan was not only Su Yu’s dream girl, but also someone whom Zhang Zhong Mou secretly admired.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s strange energy was located within his head and the strength of his two arms were similar to that of a normal human, as two clubs collided together, his club was sent flying away.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s shoulders were aching as though they had fractured, seeing a wooden club smashing towards him, he suddenly laughed hysterically as he actually hugged the Lesser Goblin and used his head to smash towards the Lesser Goblin.

This was a desperate move by Zhang Zhong Mou under dire circumstances, against all expectations, this strike of his was frighteningly strong and a “Bang!” resounded as the face of the Lesser Goblin was smashed inwards, its nose bone shattered and eye sockets exploded such that even the left eyeball fell out from the socket.

The Lesser Goblin shrieked miserably as Zhang Zhong Mou held it tightly while frantically slamming his head down, in the blink of an eye, green juice covered his entire face.

Ning Yan saw the crazed look on Zhang Zhong Mou’s face as she seemed awed, slowly lifting her hands to cover her mouth as her beautiful eyes widened.

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