KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Guilt of Killing a Comrade

When Zhang Zhong Mou finally stopped slamming his head and looked up, his head was already dyed in green juice. Under his mad banging, the Lesser Goblin’s head had long been shattered like a watermelon and was irrevocably dead.

Zhang Zhong Mou was stunned for a while before madly laughing, elation evident in his laughter.

He finally understood that since his strange energy was located within his head, he could use his head to bash and kill the monsters.

“Ha Ha!” Zhang Zhong Mou was laughing wildly in his elation when suddenly an intense pain could be felt from his back, a Lesser Goblin had rushed up and whacked a wooden club into his back.

“Damn!” Zhang Zhong Mou collapsed on to the ground, the pain made his face scrunch up as he shouted, it was fortunate that Qin Jia Gui had already reached and gave a heavy blow with his club.


Similar to striking a balloon, the might of the strike was so frightening that the head of the Lesser Goblin simply exploded, as green juice and meat splattered in all directions.

“Pa! Pa!”

Ning Yan’s face could not avoid being splattered by some of the green juice and meat as her face turned pale, suddenly screaming as she frantically wiped at her face which was covered in goblin remnants.

At this moment, everyone was fighting for their lives of which Zhang Run Sheng’s shrieks made one’s soul tremble.

The sudden appearance of the Greater Goblin had already been noticed by the group, the fearsomeness as well as viciousness of the Greater Goblin flashed through the mind of each person, an ineffable feeling of fear, nervousness and elation surged.

There were those who felt fear, then there were those like Hu Ge who felt elation, Su Yu had killed a Greater Goblin and gained the endless power of the black scaled lizard claws. Hu Ge wanted to personally kill a Greater Goblin and become stronger through transformation.

As a result, he was only slightly slower than Su Yu as he abandoned the Lesser Goblin before him and rushed towards the Greater Goblin.

Su Yu extended his five claws and with a “Siii”, the sound of claws slicing through the air could be heard as it swiftly clawed towards the Greater Goblin which was tumbling on the ground.

After promoting into a tier one dark iron warrior, regardless of strength, speed, vision or movement, all had increased up a notch and claw was like a shooting star, fading within a split second as it descended.


The greater goblin howled as he spun, even though it was very fast its back was still pierced by Su Yu’s claws as large pieces of meat chunks and blood were sent flying. The Greater Goblin’s reaction speed could be said to be godly as its left arm moved, wielding Zhang Run Shang which was currently skewered and tossing it towards Su Yu.

Zhang Run Sheng was crazed as he tried to hold onto the Greater Goblin in a death grasp, even if he died he wanted to drag this monster down with him. It was a pity that this was only his wishful thinking as the strength and reaction of the Greater Goblin simply exceeded his by far too much, this fling of it’s arm immediately sent him flying out.

Zhang Run Sheng was suddenly flung towards him as Su Yu was forced to stop and catch him.


The Greater Goblin’s movement was like a hurricane, while tossing out Zhang Run Sheng, at the same time it stood back up and extended out it’s right arm and pierced through Zhang Run Sheng’s body again. The Goblin’s claw continued forth and went right through, exposing Zhang Run Sheng’s chest and then clawing at Su Yu’s chest. This resulted in Su Yu’s body being penetrated as well, both of them were skewered on the right arm of the Greater Goblin.

“Aaaahh!” Su Yu madly shouted, a fierce pain could be felt in his chest region and under the critical circumstances the strange energy within his left arm swelled and sounds of “Chi Chi Chi” could be heard as though there were beans being fried, in an instant the black scales stuck upwards.

Su Yu’s left hand clenched as he heavily smashed forward.

In this critical juncture between life and death, he did not have time to care about Zhang Run Sheng’s life and death, this fist went forward as the ‘Rending Claw’ activated like an electric drill, creating a fearsome force that pierced through Zhang Run Sheng’s chest and under the frightening force of the rotation, blood and minced meat flew from Zhang Run Sheng’s chest region.

Within Zhang Run Sheng’s body, the right arm of the Greater Goblin had pierced through it and clawed into Su Yu’s chest, at the same time, Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ had entered half a second slower as it pierced through Zhang Run Sheng’s body and came before the Greater Goblin’s chest.

The frightening ability of the ‘Rending Claw’ had a rotational force that created a frightening wind pressure, although it had not reached the Greater Goblin, it felt suffocated by it.

The threat of death welled up within the Greater Goblin’s heart as it immediately understood that although it was slightly faster than the human and could easily pierce his body, it would not be a guaranteed kill but this human’s retaliation with the ‘Rending Claw’ would definitely kill itself.

The Greater Goblin which already had its claws an inch into Su Yu’s chest understood this and immediately kicked with both feet as it retracted its claws and explosively retreated.


In the blink of an eye the Greater Goblin had already retreated three metres, Zhang Run Sheng let out a final miserable shriek as his eyes rolled up before immediately dying on the spot.

After being pierced by the Greater Goblin from the back and taking the blow of Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ from the front, the organs within his chest had all become meat pulp and naturally he could not live any longer. Of course, even without Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ he would have died regardless.

Su Yu had just come back from death’s door as his heart was suffused with a feeling of strength leaving him, as he retracted his hand from Zhang Run Sheng’s body and looked at the corpse with its wide eyes, slowly sliding to the ground, his heart trembled as he stared at his left hand which was currently stained with Zhang Run Sheng’s fresh blood, he was simply overwhelmed.

Although he knew that Zhang Run Sheng was doomed to die after taking the Greater Goblin’s blow through the chest, this did not reduce the guilt of him using the ‘Rending Claw’ to push his way through Zhang Run Sheng’s chest.

In his daze, Su Yu felt as though Zhang Run Sheng’s wide eyes before his death were cursing him, as though he were accusing him of killing him and why had he used the ‘Rending Claw’ to kill him.

Su Yu was in a confounded state when Hu Ge who was by the side had already courageously pounced, taking the chance while the Greater Goblin was explosively retreating to wield the club within his hands, silently rushing forward as all the strength in his body gathered into his arms as it smashed towards the Greater Goblin’s head.

If this strike landed, Hu Ge was confident that he could crush the Greater Goblin’s head and kill it. At that time, he would be like Su Yu, transforming and attaining a greater power, receiving looks of envy from the group.


Hu Ge who was currently experiencing mixed emotions of happiness and nervousness, actually missed his club that seemed like it would definitely hit the Greater Goblin that was retreating before it suddenly disappeared.

Hu Ge was startled, he had used too much strength and lost his balance, falling to the ground. From his back a cold sensation could be felt as he suddenly felt something pierce through his back and exit out from his chest.

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  1. I think the most dangerous part about the Greater Goblins is that they’re cowards. They absolutely refuse to fight anything that might be able to hurt them and focus on rampaging through the weakest people present.

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