KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Further Evolution

It was simply too weird, a strange feeling welled up within him as Hu Ge could clearly feel that a claw had pierced through his back and stopped within his body, destroying his organs before lifting his body and tossing it through the air.

Hu Ge’s eyes were wide open as his mouth did not even have the chance to scream, by the time he came to his senses, the last scene in his eyes was the dazed and cowering face of Su Yu.

This claw that had pierced through his back and sent him flying had naturally been from the Greater Goblin.

This Greater Goblin was strong and formidable, exceeding expectations, to the extent that it seemed at least thirty percent stronger than the one that had almost killed the entire group earlier.

It had easily dodged Hu Ge’s sneak attack as its claw pierced into Hu Ge’s body before viciously tossing him towards Su Yu.

From the earlier exchange of blows, the Greater Goblin felt an immense fear towards Su Yu, at this moment Su Yu seemed to be distracted and it decided to test him by flinging Hu Ge’s body towards Su Yu and closely followed behind it, preparing to do a sneak attack and kill Su Yu.

Su Yu had just attacked and because of Zhang Run Sheng’s corpse that was wide eyed he stood there stunned, seeing that Hu Ge’s body was tossed towards him like Zhang Run Sheng’s, in this instant an overwhelming fear and cowardice filled his heart as he imagined the possibility of him being forced to use the ability ‘Rending Claw’ to kill Hu Ge.

Zhang Run Sheng, Hu Ge, they were all his comrades and school mates……

“No!” Su Yu suddenly howled as he retreated away.

Seeing Su Yu turn and dodge, the Greater Goblin immediately narrowed its eyes as it pounced, seeing the expression of fear of panic on Su Yu’s face, it knew that this was its best chance to kill this human which had previously made it feel uneasy.

This blow was filled with all the strength of the Greater Goblin as both its legs kicked the ground leaving two small holes, its body became a green flash of lightning, astonishingly fast.

Su Yu was bound for death!

The group noticed the dire circumstances but they did not have the time to aid Su Yu as Zhang Zhong Mou who understood Su Yu the most howled: “F***! Jade is still waiting in the school for you!”

Su Yu who was currently panicking and retreating did not notice what Zhang Zhong Mou said in his howl but the name ‘Jade’ were especially clear, this seemed like instinct and the name which he had heard from young for twenty years seemed to reverberate throughout his entire being, resulting in an instinctive response.

Suddenly, Su Yu inconceivably recovered from his panic as he woke up, calming down as he drooped his hands and stopped there, his entire being seeming exceptionally relaxed.

“Aaaahh!” the other’s screamed including Ma Zi Ye who could not help but to exclaim, in this instant, Su Yu who had suddenly stopped had his back facing towards the attack of the Greater Goblin. The Greater Goblin was swift like lightning as its two claws extended forward and seemed like it would definitely claw into his skull and back, to the extent that it already seemed to be in contact with his hair and clothes.

Seeing Su Yu who would likely die in a moment, the group’s chances of survival would drastically drop and the entire area seemed to be filled with a strange atmosphere as though time had stopped flowing.

Without any prior notice, like the wind yet also like lightning, his two drooping hands that were relaxed by his body suddenly shot backwards, without looking at the Greater Goblin as his left arm flung out.

Black scales gathered together as the five claws closed and assembled, the black lizard claws rotated as the strange energy surged, ‘Rending Claw’ suddenly explosively struck.

The pouncing body of the Greater Goblin suddenly halted as “Guk Guk” sounds could be heard from its mouth, an expression of disbelief could be seen in its eyes before they exploded, thoroughly disintegrating.

Its claw was still behind Su Yu’s head, the right claw touching his hair while the left one was grabbing his clothes. Its skull was already struck by the ‘Rending Claw’ and like the exploding of a bubble, it was turned into mincemeat by the rotating ‘Rending Claw’, creating meat pulp.

Seeing this miraculous scene before them, everyone was wide eyed and disbelief could be seen in their eyes. Even the remaining five to six Lesser Goblins seemed stunned as they held their wooden clubs and forgot to attack.

This scene was simply too shocking.

The frantic attack of the Greater Goblin with Su Yu’s back against it had actually been thwarted by a fist that seemed to be nonchalantly thrown, immediately kill the Greater Goblin. It must be known that the two claws of the Greater Goblin had nearly clawed into Su Yu’s skull and body, these dire circumstances simply could not be fully described through writing.

“Too….. Too damned handsome!” Suddenly Zhang Zhong Mou shouted as he raised his arms and continued: “This is simply too unbelievable! Su Yu! How did you do it!”

Su Yu retracted his left hand which had returned to normal as he secretly wiped his forehead. In that instant, his forehead had been drenched in cold sweat.

Upon hearing Jade’s name, Su Yu had instinctively stopped and retaliated with the ‘Rending Claw’ exploding backwards, killing the Greater Goblin in a single strike. Thinking back, Su Yu could still feel the chills.

Although he had killed this Greater Goblin, even he himself did not know how he had done it. The strike earlier had merely been luck.

If there was even the slightest error, the person lying on the ground with his skull smashed in would have been him.

The Greater Goblin had died a gruesome death as its headless corpse fell to the ground, a black crystal floated from its body becoming a flash of light before disappearing into Su Yu’s left hand.

Feeling the strange energy that was once again surging and swelling within his arm, Su Yu suddenly howled, the group looked over as many people wondered what transformations would occur to Su Yu after absorbing another crystal from a Greater Goblin.

The group saw that Su Yu’s left hand was covered with a layer of black scales as the black scales actually followed his wrist and continued upwards, “Chii Chii Chii” sounds could be heard before finally stopping approximately ten centimetres above his wrist.

Seeing the transformation stop, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief. The arm with its strange transformation lightly lashed out in the air as strange energy seemed to surge and a strength that was on a totally different level could be felt, even the other parts of his body seemed to have grown much stronger.

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  1. How do they not know that this shit was caused by the ‘sky holes’? Especially the MC who was listening to the reports of that shit on the radio?

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    • Do you think he can toss them a half beaten corpse to them like he did with the lesser goblins? No, he cannot. One, he doesn’t know how to control his power and two, when in a live or die situation, you could only worry about yourself at first. He knew he was going to die, so in reaction and instinct, he killed that big goblin with no remorse. Just think about their perspective first. And su yu was suffering from his guilt trip also.

    • He can’t really do that yet. When he’s a level 2 warrior, it’ll be fairly easy for him to help them up to level 1, but right now he’s got his hands full just staying alive.

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