KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Strange Energy for Evolving

“Quick, quick block the door!” Lei Rui shouted as she rushed forward.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had crowded before the doors and blocked them.

Besides the two that were pummeling the doors, the group saw two others by the corridor and together with the initial goblin, the three smashed the windows and attempted to squirm their way in.

“One person to one window!” Qin Jia Gui shouted as he tightly held a chair, if the green monster decided to stick its head in, he would ruthlessly swing down on it.

Su Yu also held a chair as he stood by a window, he had already struck twice and his hands were starting to feel numb. He turned and looked over at Qin Jia Gui as well as another male student, their faces were covered in sweat and it was clear that they would not be able to hold on for much longer.

The two sliding doors was being heavily bombarded with attacks, causing the doors to shake incessantly. A thin crack line started to gradually appear at the top of the door as the state of affairs seemed to be getting more dire.

“This won’t do, we can’t hold on any longer. There are five of those monsters outside, finished, we are all finished….” Su Yu started to contemplate inwardly. In total, there were about a dozen or more of these freaks that had charged in yet there were five of them outside their classroom. They were not sure if this was their honour or their life was merely being abruptly cut short.

Looking at these green monsters constantly popping half their head in, the students merely striking down and forcing the monsters to withdraw was clearly not working out. Within Su Yu’s mind, he thought of a crazy idea as he actually retreated a step backwards.

The green monster’s large club landed heavy blows one after another on the window with an iron grating, causing the window to slowly change its shape. It decided to try entering through the metal lattice again.
This time, Su Yu did not attempt to attack it, instead he appeared tired and was leaning by side, taking a rest.

With great haste, the green monster managed to get his entire head into the classroom.

“Su Yu!” Qin Jia Gui happened to turn his head and saw what was happening and shouted with severity: “Hurry up and attack, it is about climb in.”

“No worries.” Su Yu was heaving as he took two breaths. In the blink of an eye, the monster in front of him was halfway through. Qin Jia Gui was so scared that his limbs started to go soft. In the event that this monster with extraordinary strength managed to enter, everyone would be done for.

After drawing in a large breath, Qin Jia Gui had already swung his body and was prepared to help Su Yu by attacking the monster that had just recently climbed in. Suddenly, Su Yu had a grin on his face and laughed: ”This is the moment!”

Grasping a chair tightly with both hands, he gathered all his strength to land a heavy blow on the monster that had crawled midway through the window with an iron grating.

A loud rumbling sounded out, Su Yu’s hands were numb from the vibration, he could vaguely feel the split webbing of his thumb and forefinger. However, in this life and death situation, he could not be bothered about it. Su Yu appeared to have gone insane as he continued to smash down on the monster like a crazed person.

Qin Jia Gui had a silly look in his eyes but he soon recovered and saw the light.

Previously the monsters had only stuck in a small portion of their heads before the students started to pummel down with great urgency as they were afraid. This resulted in them wasting their strength for no reason as the monsters were not affected at all by their attacks. Su Yu waited for the monster to crawl through midway before striking down. As the monster was only slightly smaller than the iron lattice, the attack happened to pin the monster to the grills, not allowing it to retreat or advance. It could only continue to receive beatings from the students.

Like a madman, Su Yu continued to pummel the monster as green liquids spurted out, the monster let out a terrible howl as the wooden club within it’s hand finally dropped.

Although it had extraordinary strength, it’s flesh was like a human’s body. Being beaten down by Su Yu’s frantic attacks with a chair, its breath became faint as it tried to crawl feebly through the window while it gradually lost the strength to keep struggling.

“Die, you monster!”

Su Yu held on, trying not to let his body collapse as he made one final swing with the chair. Upon hearing the breaking sound of a brittle object, the chair broke into pieces. As for the monster, its head was smashed open into little bits.

After Su Yu saw with his very own eyes that the monster’s skull had been smashed open, there was a flickering and dazzling ball that was emitted out from the monster. It seemed to be some sort of dark crystal.

After this item was sent out, with a “Poof” sound, it flew to the nearest hand of Su Yu and assimilated with his left hand from the topside as it slowly disappeared.

Su Yu who witnessed the entire incident felt shock, he could not help but take a step back as he looked at his left hand again but there was nothing there. Could it be that his eyes was blurry?

Upon raising his head, he saw that Qin Jia Gui had understood Su Yu’s idea, like Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui was waiting for the green monster to crawl through midway before unleashing a torrent of attacks.

Unexpectedly, this green monster released the wooden club in it’s hand and used both hands to tear apart the iron grating. It continued to take the blows from Qin Jia Gui as it used both hands to tug at the iron grating and made a jump with both legs. It actually managed to charge through the window and into the classroom.

In a split second, Su Yu realized that he was not that smart after all and it was not his intelligence that slayed the monster but rather, the green monster had been unlucky because the iron grating was twisted and it’s shape warped due to the repeated attacks by the goblin. Thus, the top half of it’s body could enter but it’s bottom half was caught by the iron grating, unable able to move. This allowed Su Yu to get a good opportunity.

When the green monster managed to enter, sounds of screaming filled the classroom. There were a few female students who were huddling together in a corner, both legs bursting into fits of trembling as they wet themselves.

Qin Jia Gui was so frightened that he tumbled while moving back and fell onto the floor.

The green monster was vengeful and hated Qin Jia Gui, it did not even pick up the wooden club on the floor as it stretched out both claws towards Qin Jia Gui’s face and chest in a grasping motion.

With its frightful strength, the monster’s swipe would smash apart Qin Jia Gui’s skull, tear open his chest and abdomen.

At this moment, after Su Yu had beaten the green monster to death, he turned his head around and saw that Qin Jia Gui was in danger, without any thought, he lifted up a chair by the side and hurled it through the air.

Upon taking action, Su Yu felt that there was something unusual with his body.

After a bout of frantic attacks, he should have been dog-tired and struggling to prevent himself from collapsing. He should not have had the strength to even lift up a finger yet in this desperate situation, he was able to effortless carry a chair and toss it out.

What was more shocking was that it made a “Woo” sound as it flew through the air, the speed and force of it was difficult to imagine.

“This….” Su Yu was astonished, thereafter he turned his head and he could sense that the strength earlier had come from his left hand. This was definitely not strength that originally belonged to him.

Upon turning his head, he could clearly see the back of his left palm, for some unknown reason, there was a black scale the size of half a fingernail that had formed on his hand.

“Peng!” upon hitting the ground a loud noise was made. The chair that flew up high in the air, landed heavily on the green monster that was upon Qin Jia Gui as he stumbled onto the floor.

Green juices squirted out as the chair itself fell apart. The green monster let out a shriek as it was struck and was forcefully flung in the air.

In a split second, Su Yu recalled the events earlier of him killing the green monster. He had smashed the skull in and a small and dark coloured crystal had flown out of its head. Upon flying out and reaching his left hand, it had soon disappeared.

Could this all be related to that crystal?

As Su Yu unconsciously loosened his left hand, the strange energy slowly faded away. On the back of the palm of his left hand, the small black scale had disappeared and his left hand resumed its original appearance. He felt his limbs weaken as if his strength was being released from his body.

All of this appeared to be real yet seemed like a fantasy. The only thing he could be certain of was that the monster he had sent flying away recently was now flipping its body as it tried to get up, a hoarse howl came out of its mouth. A pair of eyes that contained a profound hatred were now staring at Su Yu. It scrambled about on the floor, picking up the wooden club it had dropped earlier and charged towards Su Yu.

A thought flashed through his mind, Su Yu quickly extended his left hand and grabbed a wooden table by his side, lifting it.

The energy within his left arm appeared again as the wooden table flew through the air. The green monster was wrecked by the force of the wooden table, a “ka cha” sound could be heard as the wooden table shattered and the fragments scattered about.

Su Yu groaned as he felt an acute pain within his chest and abdomen as he let out a miserable shriek before collapsing onto the floor.

The entire classroom was in a complete disarray as Lei Rui and a few others blocked the doors while a few female students huddled together and cried. Two male students were standing by the windows guarding them as they madly beat down on any heads that stuck themselves in. Qin Jia Gui had fallen to the ground and another green monster carried a wooden club as it howled and rushed at Su Yu who had just fallen to the ground.

“Su Yu!” Suddenly, Jade’s face was filled with terror as she loudly screamed and rushed over, her face was covered in tears like most of the girls in the class.

Jade was clearly terrified and frightened but upon seeing Su Yu being jumped on by the green monster and could possibly die, she had lost all reason as she madly screamed and rushed in.

Su Yu who had fallen to the ground felt an intense pain in his chest and his hands that were clasping it were stained in blood. He immediately understood that one of the wooden pieces from the wooden table that was smashed into pieces by the green monster had flown and pierced his chest region.

“Will I die?” Su Yu had a weird thought as he lay there, able to clearly see the green monster that was rushing at him with his wooden club raised.

Thereafter, he saw Jade’s face filled with tears as she charged out from the back like a crazed person.

“No…. Don’t!” Su Yu saw the green monster use its other hand to retaliate against Jade’s fanatical charge and this blow would surely be able to tear apart Jade’s chest.

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7 thoughts on “KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 2

  1. I wish it wouldn’t keep emphasizing the uselessness of the unnamed females. Who panics and who manages to be useful isn’t decided by gender.

    I wonder why he didn’t try to use the first goblin’s club? It would definitely have been better than that table.

    • I think the author forgot that it was dropped on the ground lol.

      And from reading a bunch of translated Asian novels, sexism is apparently a pretty big thing in the East, but China makes everyone else look like modernists in this respect. I haven’t read many Chinese webnovels dealing with sudden apocalyptic situations where the author DOESN’T mention how almost all the women are huddled up and crying and pissing themselves (do women in China have really weak bladders or something? lul). Usually he’ll mention it over and over again just in case you forgot (and punctuate nearly every paragraph with an exclamation point, so you know it’s surprising. Not sure if that’s a translation thing, or if it’s really acceptable writing in China to throw a ! onto the end of six chapters in a row). It’s a bit ridiculous of course, because while women are in fact much physically weaker than men they’re not any more likely to break down in a dangerous situation. Honestly when you look at people living in the city the men are much more likely to be soft than the women who, especially in a culture which puts a lot of value on machismo and not much at all on women’s rights, are going to have to be fending off harassment on a pretty regular basis.

      It’s just a thing you’ve got to get used to with Chinese webnovels, women being mostly useless objects with no purpose other than to demonstrate how scary a situation is by the author constantly mentioning how they’re huddled up/crying/pissing themselves, or to demonstrate how cool the protagonist is by throwing themselves at him. Occasionally the author will try to show how modern he is by having a ‘strong’ female character, but of course she’ll always become a damsel in distress when he needs to demonstrate the protagonist’s machismo.

      This is coming from me, a person who hates political correctness for its own sake, but yeah it’s a pretty annoying flaw of eastern and especially Chinese webnovels how unrealistically useless they make women out to be. It’s just as annoying as in western novels when the author is some feminist nut who makes every female character out to be unrealistically tough and wise and perfect and always has them putting down the male protagonist with the protagonist just taking it like it’s what he deserves. People are people, not caricatures of what you think their roles are in society.

      So yeah, it’s just a thing you’ve got to accept. Chinese webnovels in general seem more juvenile, with things like caricatures instead of characters, the punctuation problems, the protagonist being portrayed as perfect with everyone fawning over them and praising them for coming up with obvious ideas, every situation going perfectly their way, basically the worst sort of wish fulfillment where it goes beyond being entertaining to just completely breaking the suspension of disbelief. I imagine though that it’s got less to do with the quality of Chinese writers than the sheer QUANTITY with the popularity of the webnovel scene there. There are so many stories being produced and consumed that the good stuff is buried under the bad, and with so much demand there’s not really much pressure on authors to improve because there will always be enough readers as long as they release quickly and reliably.

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