KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Supermarket Food

Su Yu moved about his right hand, this very hand that had been injured several times including fractures had finally fully recovered under the nourishment of the strange energy. These light movements were filled with strength that was much stronger than the past, although it was far from that of the left arm, it had become at least two times stronger.

There was never a moment where Su Yu felt that his body was in as good a condition as it currently was, all his wounds had thoroughly disappeared and after absorbing the strange energy, his entire body seemed to be baptised with an indescribable comfort, making Su Yu feel easy and relaxed.

By the time Su Yu caught his breath and relaxed his left hand causing it to return to normal, he realised that Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou had already gathered around him as they gave him astonished looks.

The ground was littered with corpses of Lesser Goblins and the five to six remaining Lesser Goblins had actually fled after seeing the Greater Goblin being killed by Su Yu.

“Good fellow……” Qin Jia Gui was envious as he licked his lips, stretching his hand as though he wished to pat Su Yu’s shoulder but slowly put it back down.

Unknowingly, Su Yu’s place and importance within his heart had steadily grown and he did not dare to place his hand on Su Yu’s shoulder. In the past, Qin Jia Gui was a tall, handsome athlete and simply did not put Su Yu in his eyes.

Only Zhang Zhong Mou seemed completely naturally as he placed his hand around Su Yu’s shoulders and laughed: “Young master Yu, how did you do it? I’m talking about just recently, damn, you were just standing there motionlessly as the monster attacked and it seemed as though you were a goner. Your nonchalant punch actually killed the monster! Holy sh**, that was simply like a hidden martial arts expert written in legends! I was still feeling concerned for you as I shouted Jade’s name to spur you on.”

He spoke while retrieving a packet of cigarettes from his bosom as he said regretfully: “There’s only a few sticks left, it’ll be no time at all before they are finished.” Although he said this, he still took out two sticks and put one into his mouth while handing the other over to Su Yu.
Su Yu was a social smoker and only when he was moody would he take a puff with Zhang Zhong Mou and friends, he was not addicted to it and was prepared to reject before his gaze saw Zhang Run Sheng’s corpse on the floor, his body shuddered as he decided to take the cigarette.

Zhang Zhong Mou took out a lighter and helped Su Yu light his cigarette before eyeing the group and saying: “Don’t say that this fellow is petty, there aren’t many sticks left but if you want one I’ll share it with you.”

Qin Jia Gui smiled as he shook his head: “I’ve never had the habit of smoking.”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “I know, you’re a damned fine student.”

Su Yu took a puff, swallowing this first puff, he let it circulate through his body before slowing blowing it out. Cigarettes were a strange thing, after spitting out the smoke, he felt as though the pressure within his heart seemed to lessen a bit.

The group noticed that Su Yu suddenly became solemn and could roughly guess the reason, actually Zhang Run Sheng’s death could not be blamed on Su Yu, it was only that his blow happened to land on Zhang Run Sheng and anyone would have a ghost lingering in their heart.

This time around, although Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others managed to kill quite a number of Lesser Goblins such that their strength rose immensely, Zhang Run Sheng and Hu Ge had died gruesome deaths and no one could bring themselves to feel happy.

After two more puffs, Su Yu felt as though his heart had become steady as he threw it to the ground and used his foot to extinguish it.

Zhang Zhong Mou felt the pain in his flesh as he saw this, hurriedly picking it back up to see if it could still be lit.

Su Yu walked before Zhang Run Sheng’s corpse as he crouched down, staring at Zhang Run Sheng’s wide open eyes which seemed to indicate that he died in regret as he said: “Zhang Run Sheng, I’m sorry, but…… under the circumstances earlier, I simply didn’t have a choice. All humans are selfish, I’m also the same. I’m…… I’m afraid of dying…… sorry. If we do get rescued out of this forest…… your family…… I will look after them for you, as long as it’s within my ability…… hopefully…… hopefully you can go in peace……”

Su Yu softly mumbled as his hand reached toward Zhang Run Sheng’s face as he slowly moved his hand downwards, Zhang Run Sheng’s wide open eyes were now closed.

After a long sigh, Su Yu felt a burden lifted off his shoulders. Seeing Zhang Run Sheng’s closed eyes, his spirits immediately rose as he softly said: “What I said I will definitely fulfill.” Standing up, the ghost that was lingering in his heart had disappeared.

Seeing Su Yu’s actions, the group did not speak as they thought about whether they would be this guilty and blame themselves.

Seeing Su Yu stand up, Zhao Shi Chang said: “Everyone let’s go in and have a look. However, be careful, who knows what else may happen.”

Not far away between the trees, the building with only half a roof remaining had a mysterious aura and hearing Zhao Shi Chang’s words, they carefully walked over to investigate.

Everyone’s curiosity was riled again, this mysterious building within the dense woods, what exactly could it be?

Su Yu’s gaze once again fell on the plaque which was currently slanted that had the words ‘Jin Hua Supermarket’. Below this plaque, there was also a corpse.

Having experienced the previous sneak attack, the group walked slowly as their senses were heightened to their limits.

In no time at all, the group was already before this building and the corpse that was lying on the ground quickly caught their attention.

This corpse was wearing a light red uniform, on the back of the uniform were the printed words ‘Jin Hua Supermarket’, the skull was already smashed in and it seemed that he had fallen under the vicious hands of the Lesser Goblins.

“This is the working attire in the supermarket!” Zhang Zhong Mou shouted as he looked inside the building with wide eyes.

Half the building had caved in but the group was still able to clearly see as they exchanged glances before shouting in elation.

Like the plaque, this scene within this building was certainly a supermarket, various items were littered on the floor and this was the reason for the group’s elation, they had seen plenty of food and supplies.

“Is this really a supermarket? Only….. Only how did it appear here?”

Suddenly Ma Zi Ye let out a strange shout, the group had already entered the supermarket and seen two corpses on the floor, dressed in the supermarket uniform but already died a gruesome death, no way of telling them of their experiences.

“It really is quite weird, however, there’s so much food…… this is simply great! At least, we’ve managed to find food……” Zhang Zhong Mou had not been happy for long before Qin Jia Gui who was by the side said in a gloomy voice: “No use, all this food is simply useless!”

Zhang Zhong Mou was startled as he shouted: “What are you talking about? Is there some problem with your brain? Useless? Look at the expiry date on these instant noodles, it’s still within the time frame and edible.”

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