KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Sky Hole

Qin Jia Gui’s face was austere as he spoke in a heavy voice: “Have you forgotten how many people are within our school? How can this meagre amount of food do any good?”

Hearing this, the group was stunned. He was right, this amount of food may be plenty for their group and could feed twenty people for over ten days, however, when faced with the thousand plus people in the school, this food was simply too little for even a single meal.

Zhang Zhong Mou stared blankly before grunting, by the side in a glass cabinet, he saw a pile of cigarettes as he laughed in delight, hurriedly taking down his backpack to stuff all the cigarettes in.

This fellow’s addiction to cigarettes was simply astounding.

Ma Zi Ye took an instant noodles and ripped it open as she sniffed: “The smell is normal, however……. however can we really eat it?”

A sudden appearance of the strange supermarket within this strange forest, the group simply was not sure if the food could be eaten, their hearts were suspicious as they thought what if it was poisoned.

“It can be eaten.” Suddenly, Su Yu who had been silent spoke.

Ma Zi Ye questioned: “Su Yu, how do you know it’s definitely edible?”

Su Yu slowly lifted his head as he replied: “This supermarket, I’ve been here before.”

The group was startled as they all turned to look at him.

Qin Jia Gui was puzzled as he asked: “You’ve been here before? You’re talking about this supermarket?”

Su Yu’s expression calmed down as he slowly said: “When we were having our lesson yesterday, do you know what I was doing?”

The group was befuddled as Zhang Zhong Mou said: “Young master Yu, what are you talking about. Why have you brought up yesterday’s lesson? Oh, I know, you must definitely have been listening to the news on the radio.”

Qin Jia Gui said in a confused tone: “However…… what has that got to do with this supermarket?”

Su Yu bitterly smiled: “That’s right, I was listening to the news at the time and the news was actually talking about the continual appearance of ‘Sky Holes’ all over the world.”

Qin Jia Gui nodded: “I’ve heard of it before, the most frightening incident happened overseas where half of a city was swallowed by the ‘Sky Hole’…… Eh……” he made a sound as though he comprehended something.

The others still had puzzled looks on their faces as they looked at Su Yu, not understanding why he suddenly mentioned the ‘Sky Hole’ incident, what did that have to do with this strange supermarket?

Su Yu slowly continued: “Back then I heard a fresh piece of news regarding the city we lived in, the reporter mentioned that three ‘Sky Holes’ consecutively appeared along People’s Road, of which the largest one actually swallowed a large portion of a supermarket, the name of this supermarket was ‘Jin Hua Supermarket’…..”

“Aaaahh!” Some people in the ground could not help but scream because the strange supermarket before them was also called Jin Hua.

“Back then when I saw that this supermarket was also called Jin Hua Supermarket, i merely thought that it was a coincidence…… However, I’ve actually been to the Jin Hua Supermarket at People’s Road, I clearly remember the arrangement of items, this is the counter, that is where food is displayed…… When I entered, I was immediately certain that this Jia Hua Supermarket is the one that was by People’s Road in our city….. It is also the supermarket that had been swallowed by the ‘Sky Hole’.”

The group exchanged glances as they felt their goosebumps stand on end, Qin Jia Gui suddenly spoke: “Does everyone remember what happened to the school back then, that shaking like as if there was an earthquake and thereafter the entire sky changing.”

“Qin Jia Gui, what you’re saying is……” Ma Zi Ye looked over at him.

Qin Jia Gui looked over at Su Yu: “Su Yu, why don’t you say it.”

Su Yu sighed as he continued: “There is only one explanation for the current circumstances. The supermarket was swallowed by the ‘Sky Hole’ and fell into these woods…… falling into the forest of a world that we have no understanding about. Our school…… has also encountered the same thing.”

Zhang Zhong Mou had a sharp intake of cold air as his entire body felt the chills: “Young master Yu, you’re saying that a ‘Sky Hole’ actually appeared above our school?”

“That’s right and it’s a massive Sky Hole, able to swallow our entire school. Thereafter it sent our school as well as all of us into this forest, similar to the fate of the supermarket.”

A dismayed expression was on the face of Zhao Shi Chang as he said dumbstruck: “If that’s really the case, wouldn’t this place no longer be the world where we lived in? Where are we going to find rescue teams? Where do we go to find help? No, this is simply impossible!”

Zhao Shi Chang suddenly shouted as he seemed to have broken down.

All along, everyone had believed that this world was still the world they had lived in, if they walked out of the forest, they would definitely be able to find the cops or government to help them. Now they fully understood that the world before them was no longer the world that they were familiar with.

“Because of the ‘Sky Hole’, we have been dropped into another world…… This matter, I simply cannot understand.” Ma Zi Ye suddenly shook her head, she simply could not believe that this incident was real.

Su Yu let out a sigh as he tousled his hair: “This is only my conjecture not necessarily the truth. What’s more important is to think about what we should do now?”

Although he said this, Su Yu was more than eighty percent confident of his conjecture, although it seemed inconceivable, whether it be the appearance of goblins or the school’s surroundings suddenly becoming a forest or the strange energy and transformation, did all this not seem inconceivable as well? Since this was the case, being dropped into another world because of a ‘Sky Hole’ was not too far-fetched after all.
“If it’s really as I hypothesized, what’s most important is to understand what is going on with this world. Finding the method to go back to our world and also……” Su Yu pondered in his heart, suddenly recalling that there were ‘Sky Holes’ continually appearing and if it were like he had hypothesized, this world would have many people brought here due to the ‘Sky Holes’, furthermore it was definitely not a small amount. These people, where were they?

The biggest problem now was that they had to find a supply of food.

Finding this half of the supermarket made the group elated for a while however they quickly understood that this was insufficient, when faced with the thousand over people in the school, all this food was merely a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood.

Qin Jia Gui spoke in a heavy voice: “Where or not Su Yu’s conjecture is right, what we must do is to continue searching. Being able to find half a supermarket here is already a gain. At least it shows that there aren’t only monsters in this forest. Since this is the case, there must surely be other things here that will help us, maybe even bringing us the hope of escaping from this plight. What do you guys think? We still have one and a half days worth of time.”

Ma Zi Ye, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others nodded when suddenly someone by the side spoke: “Although this food is insufficient, if it’s only for the few of us, it’ll be enough to last us for over ten days. With ten days to search, our chances would increase exponentially.”

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  1. It took them this long to figure it out. I can’t decide if they’re stupid or if they were just forcing themselves not to think of it.

    So, is he suggesting that they completely abandon the other students? They’ll definitely die if that happens.

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  2. need to adapt to goblin meat………

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