KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Heavily Surrounded

The words had barely left his mouth before Qin Jia Gui angrily glanced over, he noticed that the student who spoke was a skinny person and recalled that he was a year two student by the name of Li Dong.

Li Dong’s voice was very soft but it made their hearts go into a turmoil.

Whether it be the group of the thousand over people within the school, they all had barely two days worth of food.Now that they only had one and a half day’s time, if they really did not manage to find anything, did they really have to go back without any gains?

There may be another better method, their group would take this food and ignore the lives and deaths of the thousand over people, in that way they would have over ten days to look for an exit. The meaning hidden in Li Dong’s words were clear to everyone.

Qin Jia Gui angrily shouted: “Li Dong! What is the meaning of your words, have you forgotten that there are still over a thousand people in the school? Everyone is pining for our return!”

Seeing Qin Jia Gui become angry, Li Dong seemed to shrink back as Zhou Hua Kang who was by his side retorted: “What Li Dong said isn’t wrong, under the current circumstances, everyone understands that in the limited time frame if we manage to find an exit or a rescue team everything would be fine. However, what if we don’t find anything? Just like what happened this morning, we only met with a few of those monster, then what? Go back? What use would going back do? Everyone simply starve together and wait for death?”

Hearing his words, Qin Jia Gui looked at him angrily before his anger slowly dissipated.

Seeing that no one else spoke, Zhou Hua Kang’s voice grew louder as he said in a heavy tone: “I believe that if we really do fall into such a predicament, we can only carry these food and carry on by ourselves. The school has over one thousand people….. It’s not that we don’t want to save them, but, everyone must think clearly, why should we save them? We ourselves might die at any moment, if we can’t even save ourselves, how do we even talk about saving others? Speaking about carrying all their hopes with us, that’s simply too ridiculous.”
The group fell into a grim mood. After hearing Zhou Hua Kang’s voice, Qin Jia Gui finally spoke up: “Su Yu, what do you think?”

Since the start, Su Yu’s display had awed the others, unconsciously, everyone had regarded him as the leader.

Su Yu tousled his hair as he gave a faint smile: “Right now? Isn’t there still time? At least we can wait till tomorrow night before deciding, it still won’t be too late.” In his heart he was thinking about Jade who was still within the school compound, he may not be that bothered about the others dying, but how could he not care about that little girl who was left in school? He decided to temporarily put off the matter as there was still over a day’s time.

Qin Jia Gui sighed: “That’s right, there’s still time. For now let’s just stick to our initial plan and try our luck. If we still don’t have any gains by tomorrow night, let’s carefully discuss what to do. What do you guys think?”

Zhang Zhong Mou had already filled his backpack with cigarettes, water as well as other food items. After closing the zipper, he added: “That is only natural, let’s just do it like that. Thinking about what will happen the day after tomorrow is simply fearing that the sky may fall at any time.”

Seeing that Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui had already made their decisions, the others did not have any objections as Ma Zi Ye spoke: “We are going to continue exploring, what do we do about all these food?”

Qin Jia Gui replied: “We’ll bring however much we can carry, it’ll probably be fine to leave the rest here. We’ve all seen that those monsters don’t seem interested in these food. We just need to remember the location of this place and in the event that we really don’t find anything, we can always come back here.”

The amount of food was substantial and it would be impossible for the group to bring everything at once. Hearing Qin Jia Gui’s words, the group nodded as they unzipped their bags and began stuffing it with food.

Ma Zi Ye ripped open the lid of an instant noodle as she began to gnaw, Zhang Zhong Mou stretched his head to look into her backpack as he exclaimed: “Good fellow! Besides drinking water, your backpack is stuffed with instant noodles. Beautiful lady Ma, do you really love instant noodles that much?” He had an expression of inconceivability.

Ma Zi Ye harrumphed: “I won’t speak to someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate the deliciousness of instant noodles.” Gnawing on the instant noodles, she seemed as though she was having a feast.

Su Yu found boxes of chocolate as he said: “Everyone let’s bring more chocolates, these are high calorie foods and will be beneficial to us.”

Qin Jia Gui nodded as he took a box, seeing the swift actions of everyone as they filled their backpacks to the brim. These backpacks brimming with food would conservatively last them four to five days, seeing the big pile of food that was still left within the supermarket, it would certainly be sufficient to last their group of ten odd people for a good period of time. However, when faced with the prospect of the thousand over people in the school, all these food simply seemed insufficient.

“Qin Jia Gui, how sure are you? I think that we should exhaust ourselves a bit more and bring all this food along with us. If we leave and the food gets destroyed by the monsters, what do we do?” Zhou Hua Kang’s backpack was already filled and as he looked at the food that was littered over the aisles, he suddenly spoke up while looking at the big plastic bags that could be used within the supermarket. If the group worked hard, it was certainly not an impossibility to bring everything with them.

Qin Jia Gui lightly frowned: “To bring all this food with us…… we won’t need to think about hurrying anymore. Zhou Hua Kang, think about it, if the monster’s wanted to destroy the food, they would have done so long ago, why wait till now? You should remember that before we arrived, there were already over ten of the goblins here.”

Hearing Qin Jia Gui’s words, Zhou Hua Kang looked reluctantly over at the food, suddenly a shrill cry could be heard from a distance as ‘Sha Sha’ sounds of footsteps could be heard from all around.

The sounds made the group look up as Su Yu rushed to the outside of the supermarket before hurrying back in as he shouted: “Everyone retreat back.” His face had a very serious expression on it.

“What’s going on?” Qin Jia Gui hurriedly asked.

“Back then we let a few of the Lesser Goblins run away, it seems they have brought reinforcements.” Su Yu’s face had a weird expression on it.
By now, Qin Jia Gui could also see that in the surroundings of the supermarket, approximately hundred metres away were a myriad of green figures, a rough estimate would be that there were at least fifty to sixty of these Lesser Goblins and amongst them, there were a few who had bright colours on them, possibly the one’s that had escaped earlier.

“How can there be so many?” Zhang Zhong Mou’s face seemed to pale as he shouted, at this moment the group could not be concerned about the food as they placed their backpacks on the ground and prepared to engage in a massacre.

“Don’t panic, although their numbers are greater, we have all grown stronger. Let’s make use of the geography and we will still have a chance.” Qin Jia Gui looked at his surroundings before lifting a container.

Although half the supermarket had fallen, the other half of the remaining wall was a natural barrier and the strength of the Lesser Goblins was not sufficient to break through these sturdy walls.

Everyone had a tacit understanding as they blocked off all areas with exits, thereafter they stacked a few containers together before the fallen wall leaving only a two metre exit. This was the area that they had created to massacre the Lesser Goblins.

“Guys let’s work in groups and hold this position, once we’re tired we will switch out. If we hold this position and work in rotation, the numbers advantage that the goblins have on us will be unable to showcase its might. If we talk about fighting one on one, we are certainly much stronger than these monsters. As long as we don’t mess up the formation, we will definitely be able to kill all these monsters and become stronger.” Qin Jia Gui had a face full of confidence.

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