KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Dire Circumstances

The group felt invigorated as they began to split up into groups.

Qin Jia Gui, Wei Zhang Ming and Zhuang Xiao Hua were in a group, Zhao Shi Chang, Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang were in a group, Ma Zi Ye, Lin Shi and Wen Rui were in a group. Only Ning Yan remained as she sat there unmoving, it seemed that she had no intentions of attacking.

It was fortunate that the group had already gotten used to her nonchalant attitude, amongst the group she was currently the weakest and had only killed a single Lesser Goblin. Seeing her beautiful countenance, everyone barely managed to control themselves but several people were already feeling resentful of her but merely had not spoken out.

As for Zhang Zhong Mou whose strange energy was located within his head, it was not that easy to utilise and thus they did not count him in. He would act as the situation required and if it was necessary, he could also go forward and help.

Su Yu was too strong and thus could freely move alone, supporting wherever help was necessary.

Seeing this group of Lesser Goblins slowly encroaching, a strange expression appeared on Su Yu’s face as he mumbled: “Something seems amiss.” He had actually spotted that at the back of this group of Lesser Goblins, there were actually three large green monsters.

Greater Goblins, there were actually three Greater Goblins that had united and appeared.

The three Greater Goblins were empty handed as they calmly walked behind the group of fifty to sixty Lesser Goblins. Suddenly, their eyes fell on the corpse of the Greater Goblin that had been killed by Su Yu as they stopped and crouched down around the corpse as though they were investigating something.

At this moment, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had seen the three Greater Goblins as they took a sharp intake of cold air, chills filling their bodies.

A single Greater Goblin had almost caused the death of their entire group. There were actually three now? How would they fight?

Su Yu touched the wall by his side as he mumbled: “It’s over, although the Lesser Goblins don’t have the power to break through this wall, the strength of the Greater Goblins…… may be able to……”

Qin Jia Gui’s heart was cold as he hoarsely spoke: “What?!” The expression on his face had thoroughly changed.

If the walls were really destroyed, they would fall into the encirclement of tens of the Lesser Goblins, even though they had become stronger and were many times stronger than the Lesser Goblins, they had no way to defend against attacks from all sides and would only perish.

Zhang Zhong Mou nervously asked: “Su Yu, what do we do? They’re about to attack.”

The group of Lesser Goblins was already gathered not far away from the group, they had formed a circle and thoroughly surrounded them as they seemed to be waiting for the orders from the three Greater Goblins.

Su Yu looked at the gazes filled with hope that were on him, he knew that the group had grown much stronger and people like Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye were all as strong as he had been when he killed his first Greater Goblin. However, when it came to raw strength, they simply did not have the ability to fight a Greater Goblin solo, when he had killed his first Greater Goblin it had mostly been luck, life and death had been a hair’s breadth away.

If they were rushed by the three Greater Goblins and fifty to sixty of the Lesser Goblins, the group was dead for sure.

Gritting his teeth, Su Yu clenched his left fist as black scales quickly appeared, covering his entire hand and moving upwards……

“You people should stick to the plan and not mess up the formation. As for the three Greater Goblins…… leave them to me.” Having said this, Su Yu actually pushed his way out of the group as he walked out alone.

Qin Jia Gui and the others were stunned as Ma Zi Ye could not help herself but shout: “Su Yu?”

Although Su Yu had become stronger and they believed that he could take on a single Greater Goblin, but three of them……

Zhang Zhong Mou licked his lips as he suddenly laughed: “Don’t forget that this fellow has already killed two of those big monsters, he’s already much stronger, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Zhang Zhong Mou said conciliatory words however even he himself did not have even the slightest bit of confidence.

Su Yu suddenly walking out alone made the group of Lesser Goblins restless.

“Hei!” Su Yu suddenly smiled as he voluntarily rushed into the group of Lesser Goblins, swinging his hands, green juice splattered as a Lesser Goblins head was severed.

Behind him, three wooden clubs swung down at the same time, Su Yu swung his left hand to forcefully block as the black scales that were as hard as metal blocked the blows, preventing any injury and knocking the clubs away. Thereafter, his claws were revealed, “Chii”, he had killed another Lesser Goblin.

The group who were hiding within the supermarket saw this scene and Ma Zi Ye softly sighed: “How awesome…..”

Although she could also easily take care of a Lesser Goblin, she would not dare to rush in like that, nor would she dare to let three Lesser Goblins surround and attack her. As for Su Yu’s seemingly nonchalant actions that killed the Lesser Goblins, she simply did not have the strength to replicate it.

Su Yu suddenly rushed forward, in the blink of an eye he had already killed several Lesser Goblins, the three Greater Goblins that were crouching down as they seemed to be inspecting something finally stood up as they let out hoarse roars.

Following their roars, the group of Lesser Goblins surged forward, not to attack Su Yu but towards the supermarket.

“Forward!” Qin Jia Gui commanded as he, Wei Zhang Ming and Zhuang Xiao Hua went to the front, blocking the two metre wide entrance as they prepared to meet the Lesser Goblins in battle.

Seeing the Lesser Goblins rush past him, Su Yu did not carry on attacking but rather looked at the three Greater Goblins as he raised his right hand and provoked them, showing a provocative attitude.

He was most afraid that the three Greater Goblins would split up, he would be unable to divide his attention and the situation would become grim. The tactics that Qin Jia Gui came up to deal with the Lesser Goblins was plausible but if they faced the stronger Greater Goblins, it would certainly fail miserably.

It was fortunate that the three Greater Goblins seemed very interested in Su Yu as they stared at him before rushing together like three streaking arrows.

The combined attack of three Greater Goblins, even if Su Yu was arrogant he did not feel that he could deal with it. It may be possible for him to kill one or two of them but he would surely perish in the process.

Su Yu did not think further as he backed away, contrary to the three Greater Goblins expectations and retreated into the group of Lesser Goblins once again.

The three monsters stared blankly for a moment before continuing as they pounced towards Su Yu.

Su Yu let loose a sigh of relief, monsters were monsters and when comparing intellect they simply could not compare to humans.

The surroundings were filled with Lesser Goblins and the situation seemed even more dangerous for Su Yu, but this was actually not the case. Although these Lesser Goblins created great danger for Su Yu, they also impeded the movements of the three Greater Goblins, causing them to be unable to act properly in unison.

Su Yu breathed deeply as he felt the strange energy in his left hand surge, after killing Lesser Goblins and two Greater Goblins, the strange energy within Su Yu’s left hand was frightening and had reached an astonishing level, the black scales had already reached his arm and the three Greater Goblins who were before him were clearly the best test subjects.

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