KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Comprehension of the Lizard Arm

Although he faced three Greater Goblins, the current Su Yu did not feel any fear as his mind was unbelievably calm, analyzing the situation as his footsteps become erratic, a single sway and he stuck to a Lesser Goblin that was retreating. A flying kick as he sent this Lesser Goblin hurtling towards one of the Greater Goblins.

The current Su Yu did not only have frightening strength within his left arm, the strength in all areas of his body had increased by two to three times. They were incomparable to the strength in his left arm but was sufficient to deal with the Lesser Goblins.

The Lesser Goblin screamed as it hurtled through the air, the Greater Goblin swayed its body as it dodged but because of this hinderance, it had fallen a metre behind the other two Greater Goblins.

The other two Greater Goblins seemed to fly through the air as they attacked Su Yu at the same time.

Seeing four claws stretching towards his body at the same time, Su Yu explosively retreated as his back knocked into a Lesser Goblin, sending it flying through the air as his momentum was halted.

Such a golden opportunity, the two Greater Goblins that were attacking certainly were not going to miss it as they explosively attacked.

This time, Su Yu had no way to dodge as he grit his teeth and voluntarily rushed forward, ignoring the left one as he used all his strength to rush at the Greater Goblin on the right.

Su Yu had already been pushing the limits of his legs and his legs now kicked the ground with a “Peng!” as his body flew forward like an artillery shell, thereafter a second “Peng!” could be heard as his body collided violently with the Greater Goblin on the right.

Both sides were attacking with all their strength and this collision could be said to have injured both parties, Su Yu shouted as he spat out blood while the Greater Goblin howled as it tumbled, its left claw swiping towards Su Yu’s right shoulder.

Contrary to expectations, Su Yu did not dodge but rather chose to allow the enemy to claw at his right shoulder, the sharp claw immediately pierced through the flesh and fresh blood flowed, a howl of pain could be heard as Su Yu was pulled along and tumbled through the air with it.

The Greater Goblin by the side had missed as it hurriedly turned its body, however, it saw that Su Yu was howling as his left fist shot forth while tumbling, smashing into the chest of the Greater Goblin that had clawed his right shoulder.

Black scales coalesced together as the ‘Rending Claw’ activated, immediately rotating and creating a frightening vortex made of flesh, the Greater Goblin shrieked as Su Yu continued to swipe his arm horizontally, causing his left arm which had immense destructive power to immediately grind its upper body into pieces, instantly killing it.

Su Yu had taken the hit from the Greater Goblin to create the chance for this attack, he had to kill a Greater Goblin as soon as possible, otherwise he simply would have no chance at all when facing three of them.

A single blow had killed a Greater Goblin and the two Greater Goblins were startled before recovering their senses and attacking again.

Although Su Yu had already killed one, the price he paid was not small. Five holes could been seen on his right shoulder where the claws had pierced and his organs had been affected, his entire body was numb and his from his throat the smell of blood continually surged upwards. If he were to suffer any further trauma, he would immediately spit out another mouthful of blood.

What he gained from this gambit far exceeded his expectations, he not only killed a Greater Goblin but his left arm had also absorbed the black crystal from the Greater Goblin causing more black scales to appear, in no time at all half his arm was already covered in black scales.

When he activated ‘Rending Claw’ once again, the black scales gathered together and faintly released white misty stuff that seemed to create a pushing momentum that caused the speed and destructive power of his ‘Rending Claw’ to increase further.

Su Yu let out a low growl as he went forward, his left hand activating the ‘Rending Claw’ as he swung it towards the remaining two Greater Goblins.

The two Greater Goblins had seen the fearsomeness of the ‘Rending Claw’ and did not dare to face it head on as they each dodged to the side.

By the door of the supermarket, groups of Lesser Goblins were engaged in intense combat with Qin Jia Gui and the others. As Qin Jia Gui had predicted, with the other areas blockaded off, the Lesser Goblins could only attack from the two metre opening and each time only three to four of them could attack. Their numbers advantage was gone and in a one to one battle, Qin Jia Gui and the other’s clearly held the advantage.

In no time at all, seven to eight corpses of the Lesser Goblins were littered on the ground.

The current Su Yu had already absorbed the crystal energies of three Greater Goblins and half his arm was already covered in black scales, his strange energy, speed, reaction and strength had all risen to another level and at this moment when he fought against two of them, he actually held the advantage.

This was the first time that he felt that these Greater Goblins were quite weak as he kicked off and activated the ‘Rending Claw’, “Chiii”, black scales gathered together and faint white mist was released, it seemed as though the ‘Rending Claw’ was moving his body itself as he shot forth like an artillery shell.


Although the Greater Goblin had dodged it did not manage to evade completely as its left chest region suffered a blow, flesh and blood splattered as a big circular hole was dug through its body by the ‘Rending Claw’.

Waving his hand as he dragged, “Chi Chi Chi” as flesh and blood splattered, the frightening ‘Rending Claw’ was like a meat grinder as it immediately went through the Greater Goblin, bone and flesh as it finally split it into two. A black crystal flew from its body and entered Su Yu’s left arm.

Seeing this, the final Greater Goblin seemed to be terrified as it contemplated escaping but Su Yu howled as he attacked like a demon, his left hand immediately smashing into its skull.

“Poof”, the Greater Goblin swayed as it back away before falling to the ground, its head already perforated.
Another black crystal was absorbed into Su Yu’s left arm.

Absorbing another two crystals from Greater Goblins, Su Yu groaned as the strange energy swelled, his left arm trembled as the black scales grew and thoroughly covered his entire left arm. A faint black light could be seen flashing on its surface and on the back of his hand the ‘Eye of Perception’ had appeared as new information flashed through Su Yu’s mind.

“Comprehension of ability: Lizard’s Arm.”

With but a single thought, Su Yu activated the ‘Lizard’s arm’, black scales seemed to converge as his left arm continued to swell and twist, when the transformation stopped Su Yu was stunned, his left arm had become as thick as a thigh and was roughly two Chinese foot long, it could really be compared to the forelimbs of a enormous lizard.

At the same time, another piece of information flashed through his mind, when he was using the ‘Lizard’s Arm’ he would be unable to use ‘Rending Claw”.

“Lizard’s arm level one state, destructive power increased by two times, speed decreased to 70% of the original speed.”

Thereafter came a concise explanation on the abilities of the ‘Lizard’s arm’.

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