KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Police

Su Yu raised this strange and thick ‘Lizard’s Arm’ as he suddenly smashed it towards the ground, ‘Bang!’, the ground was split apart as a giant crater was formed.

Su Yu got a big fright. He drew back the Lizard’s Arm form and seeing the giant crater he thought to himself that the Lizard’s Arm had terrifying attack power, it was definitely great for causing destruction. However, in terms of real combat it could not be compared to the Rending Claws, the Lizard’s Arm may have higher attacking power but its speed was reduced by thirty percent.

HIs left hand returned to normal as he rubbed his right shoulder as he discovered that the bloody hole that had been clawed by the Greater Goblin had already stopped bleeding and the wound was currently healing, it would likely heal within half a day without a scar remaining. This recuperative speed was simply phenomenal.

Seeing the ground that was littered with Goblin corpses, Su Yu had a thought. In their eyes, Goblins were certainly monsters but could they still be considered normal humans? Were they not also monsters?

Ma Zi Ye’s delicate shout could be heard from the front as Su Yu lifted his head to look, twenty to thirty of the Lesser Goblins had been killed and with the threat of the Greater Goblins gone, Qin Jia Gui and the group would be able to hold without any problems.

Su Yu thought of how the Lesser Goblins could help increase their strength and since they could manage, he did not help but rather tousled his hair as he prepared to watch from the side.


Suddenly, Su Yu’s heart trembled as he heard a gunshot.

Why were there sounds of gunfire within the forest?

Su Yu felt an indescribable shock as he turned his head to look, more gunshots could be heard as several of the Lesser Goblins within the pack had their skulls blown apart as they fell to the ground.

Following the gunshots, two figures could be seen brushing aside the underbrush as they slowly walked over from the distant forest.

The two people wore police uniforms and held pistols, one was roughly twenty six to twenty seven years of age while the other seemed to be in his thirties. Although there were several parts of their police uniform that were worn out and dyed with blood, the sight of two men wearing police uniforms made Su Yu feel hope surge through him.

Policemen, they were real policemen. Su Yu was immediately able to identify that the two people that had appeared were a part of the People’s Republic of China(PRC) police force.

Their group of thirty odd people had carried the hopes of over one thousand people within the school as they ventured forth, encountering many dangerous life and death situations and finally they had managed to find the police.

An ineffable feeling of excitement welled up within Su Yu as he felt the impulse to loudly howl.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Gunshots continually rang out as one of the cops pistols ran out of bullets as he quickly removed his magazine as he took a fresh one from his belt and reloaded it before continuing to fire at the group.

Being suddenly attacked from behind, the Lesser Goblins were perturbed as they looked back and noticed that the three Greater Goblins leading them were already dead. Immediately, fear filled their hearts.

“Police! It’s the police!” In the supermarket, Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the others finally noticed that the two had come were policemen and the group began to madly shout as courage welled up within them causing them to rush out of the supermarket.

The police were here and they were finally going to be rescued. The thousand over people in the school had the hope of being rescued and they would soon return to their normal lives in the past, no longer needing to live their lives in fear each day.

“Kill!” The elated crowd rushed out of the supermarket as they were like tigers amongst lambs and the thirty over Lesser Goblins were thoroughly confused as they quickly ran away in all directions, in no time at all they had all disappeared. The group naturally could not be bothered to chase as Li Dong ran forward and excitedly shouted: “Police, police officer….. Eh, there’s only the two of you?”

In his wild elation Li Dong suddenly felt that something was strange, the police had walked out from one side of the forest but there were only two of them, and their faces were filled with expressions of fatigue, even their police uniforms were worn out and they cut sorry figures, not appearing to have fared much better than them.

Their initial feelings of elation died down as Su Yu suddenly recalled his own conjecture, if this place was really a different strange world which the ‘Sky Hole’ had brought them to, these two policemen were likely just like them and also brought to this world, meeting them would likewise bring no respite for them.

Seeing the Lesser Goblins run away, the two cops finally stopped shooting as they looked towards Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the few others who were running out of the supermarket with strange expressions as they measured them.

“Are the few of your students?” The policeman in his thirties suddenly asked.

“That’s right, we’re students from AJ metropolis college of technology and trade. We’re not sure what happened to our school but it suddenly appeared within this forest. Police officers, you…… you must save us!” Li Dong suddenly shouted.

Hearing his words, the policemen exchanged glances and did not comment as they actually headed towards the supermarket.

Qin Jia Gui and the others slowly felt that something was weird about the police but still followed behind them.

Ma Zi Ye slowed down as she reached the back of the group and whispered to Su Yu: “I’ve also broken through.”

“Oh?” Su Yu stared blankly as he did not understand what she meant.

Ma Zi Ye continued: “Look at my right leg.” Her voice was excited and seemed pleased with herself.

Su Yu looked over as he saw that her right leg had strands of black rope that were as thick as fingers as they continually writhed, tangling with each other like living things seemingly very mysterious.

“Web of Metal!” Ma Zi Ye suddenly stamped her right leg as she softly exclaimed, the pieces of black rope spread from her right leg in all directions as it formed a web on the ground, Su Yu who was standing beside her suddenly felt as though his feet were tight and looked down to find that the black rope had tangled his feet making him unable to move.

After his initial shock, Su Yu stretched forth his left hand as the ‘Eye of Perception’ appeared and immediately the information regarding Ma Zi Ye flashed through his mind.

Tier one dark iron warrior

Race: Indeterminate

Abilities: Indeterminate

Others: Indeterminate

Su Yu now understood that Ma Zi Ye has also promoted and had become a tier one dark iron warrior like himself. This ‘Web of Metal’ was likely an ability that she had comprehended in the process.

“Congratulation.” Su Yu tousled the hair on the back of his head as he smiled, another person within their group had promoted to tier one dark iron warrior and their overall strength had increased.

A smile appeared on Ma Zi Ye’s face as she rescinded her ‘Web of Metal’, the strands of black rope disappeared from her right leg and everything returned to normal.

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