KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Fighting over Food

Li Dong nodded: “What he said isn’t wrong.”

Qin Jia Gui looked at him angrily before taking in a deep breath and spoke: “The situation is like this, the school and us have an agreement that we will spend two days to investigate the situation outside and attempt to find a rescue team. In two days we must return to the school and if you are willing to, you can join us. If not, we will be heading back to the school first tomorrow.”

Sun Da frowned and Yu Guo Zhi laughed: “Young kid, I think you people must be misunderstanding our intentions? It’s been so difficult for us to find this food, how could we just divide it among so many people? That would simply be too wasteful. Sigh, why am I a police officer of the PRC? Nevermind, you people just follow behind us but be sure to listen to our orders. Everyone fill your backpacks with this food and as the matter regarding the thousand over students, let’s talk about it if we can stay alive.”

Sun Da continued: “That’s right, the dangers of this forest everyone should know right? Don’t think that the small green monsters’ that you’ve met are incredible. There are many more formidable things within the forest and if you follow us, you will actually have a chance at survival.”

Qin Jia Guo questioned: “Then when tomorrow comes, will we be returning to the school?”

Yu Guo Zhi was getting impatient as he snapped: “Don’t you understand human language? There is no more food in your school. If we can’t find a way out ourselves, why would we return to your school for? Damn young brat, of the group, you certainly have the most opinions.”

Hearing him say his piece, Qin Jia Gui was determined as he said in a low voice: “Since it’s like that, we will not carry on with you. We will allow you to take some of the food here. The two of you will each be allowed to carry one backpack worth of food, nothing more. Once you are done packing you can go.”

Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da were stunned as the looked each other in the eye before looking over at Qin Jia Gui.

Qin Jia Gui’s fists were clenched and he did not back down as he stared at them.
Having experiencing so many life and death struggles, Qin Jia Gui did not even feel fear when faced with those monsters not to mention two cops who wielded guns. With the strange energy within his body, one to two gunshots would likely be insufficient to take his life.

Ma Zi Ye seeing the atmosphere become heavy, slowly made her way forward as she looked towards her right leg. She had her right leg poised on the ground and ready to activate the ‘Web of Metal’ at a moment’s notice, trapping the two cops within.

“Teacher, what about you, what are your thoughts?” Sun Da suddenly looked over at Lin Shi as he shouted. Facing a group of students, although Sun Da and Yu Guo Zhi had guns, they were still hesitant to engage in a conflict.

Although Lin Shi was a teacher, he was by nature a very quiet and soft spoken person, very low-key and hearing Sun Da’s questioning he sighed and unwillingly spoke up: “We’re all people who have landed in a difficult situation. We should be helping one another to find an exit however…… you people have no right to command us.”

Yu Guo Zhi spat in contempt: “Your grandmother! Your father has only good intentions but the few of you useless things don’t know how to appreciate it. Nevermind, we both find each other eyesores now, you walk your path and we’ll walk ours. Your father no longer as any mood to talk nonsense with you and waste time. All of you leave, besides the things in your backpacks, all the other food, no one is allowed to take any, otherwise your daddy will use a gun to shoot him.”

Hearing this Zhang Zhong Mou angrily retorted: “Hey hey, we were the ones who first discovered this place, all this food belongs to us. You call yourselves police officers and openly steal?”

Yu Guo Zhi looked at him with open disdain as waved the gun within his hand, blowing at the tip. The threat behind his actions were clear.

Su Yu tousled his hair and softly muttered: “Things seem to have really gotten out of hand.”

Sun Da’s attitude was slightly better as he softened his tone and looked at the group as he spoke in a low voice: “Everyone keep calm, we all have our objectives and want to make it out of this forest alive. There’s no need to be at loggerheads with each other. Although we are police officers, we are also humans and also want to go on living……”
Stopping for a short while, he then continued: “Our greatest if not, only hope, is that the food here will last for ten days to half a month. Within this time frame, if we are lucky we may be able to find the exit and find a chance at life….. If the few of you continue to be blindly attached to those thousand over people in the school…… let me say something difficult to hear, if all of you go back to the school, going back and forth would be a huge waste of time. In addition, if we include those thousand over people, have you considered how much food they would require? By then the result would be that no one would have food to eat and everyone would starve. How many days do you feel you could live within this forest? I dare to say with certainty that if you people really choose to go back then everyone will only have death waiting for them.”

Sun Da’s words made the entire group solemn and even Qin Jia Gui could not find words to refute. A while later he yelled: “No! I…… I still have someone important within the school. No matter what, I will definitely go to the school to bring her along.”

The others seemed to have a flash of understanding as they suddenly understood why Qin Jia Gui was so staunch about returning to the school tomorrow. It was because of his girlfriend Yuan Ni PIng who was still in the school waiting for him.

Su Yu involuntarily thought of Jade as his mouth twitched, he was the same and no matter what tomorrow brought, he would definitely go back to the school and find Jade.

He could be indifferent to the others but not towards Jade. If he threw Jade aside, even if he returned home his mother would kill him.

Sun Da noticed that Qin Jia Gui was determined and sighed before saying in a low voice: “How about this, those who are willing to come with us come over. As for those like you who cannot adapt to the circumstances and have no sense of priority, we don’t need you.” He thought in his heart that these people were smart people and besides Qin Jia Gui who was retarded the others would know to make the right choice.

Hearing Sun Da’s words, Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang were moved and nearly walked out of the group but quickly stopped as they suddenly thought of Su Yu.

Having come this far, Su Yu’s strength was clear for anyone to see. With him within the group, the probability of living when meeting with fearsome monsters would greatly increase. Although these two cops had pistols, their physical abilities were unknown and at this moment they could not make rash decisions.

Li Dong carefully asked: “Su Yu….. What do you think?”

The group’s gazes gathered on Su Yu and the two cops found it strange, they were thinking to themselves, was Lin Shi not the teacher? Why was this young kid who was standing at the back of the ground who looked so normal the leader?

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  1. Man these cops are selfish as hell. Well they want to survive, but still if I was Su Yu I’d have walked up to them and slapped them to hell. Fyi a single slap would probably kill these guys.

    Seriously these guys pop up acting like bigshots doing you a favor and trying to command people that don’t owe them shit then they start threating the group to leave when they weren’t even the ones who did the most work. Just slap them and get it over with.

    Ty for the chapter! Here to hoping Su Yu smartens up soon.

    • No problem, the description of his attacks aren’t that clear as the author probably doesn’t want to keep repeating the same details.

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