KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: The Blood Red Beast

When Su Yu killed the three Greater Goblins, the two cops had not arrived yet and they had not noticed the strength and fearsomeness of Su Yu.

Su Yu tousled his hair and seeing the gaze of everyone on him, he smiled: “Do you guys have any doubts? Haven’t we already decided long ago? Could it be that you are thinking of changing your minds after such a short time?”

Hearing Su Yu say this, Qin Jia Gui let out a sigh of relief as he finally relaxed, Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “That’s right, this decision was what we came to earlier when we discussed, there’s no reason to change it because of outsiders, I believe that our decisions are never wrong, isn’t that right? Ha Ha.”

Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang who were initially moved, saw that Su Yu was not willing to listen to the arrangements of the two cops and ruled out this idea, compared to the two cops who had suddenly appeared, they still trusted Su Yu slightly more.

Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da noticed that not a single person from the group had walked forward and the two were beginning to feel resentful.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “Two police officers, asking us to join the two of you is impossible, the group with lesser people should listen to the one with more. I think you two should join us however along the way you have to listen to our commands, how’s that?”

“Shut up!” Yu Guo Zhi’s eyes were wide, he was initially fuming and hearing Zhang Zhong Mou’s words the fire within him was lit as he lifted his pistol and suddenly pointed it towards Zhang Zhong Mou’s head as he shouted: “Young kid, do you believe that I’ll kill you with a single pistol shot? Don’t think that this old man won’t dare to shoot.”

Zhang Zhong Mou’s eyes flipped as Su Yu who was by his side casually walked forward, if Yu Guo Zhi’s finger moved, he would immediately act and break the arm that Yu Guo Zhi was using to hold the pistol.

In this strange forest and mad world, Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da could no longer be considered policemen, law and ethics were no longer applicable in this world and under the current circumstances it was as Yu Guo Zhi said, he really could open fire and kill someone.

The atmosphere became intense as Yu Guo Zhi’s mouth widened as he looked at Zhang Zhong Mou’s defiant attitude and Su Yu who actually took a few steps forward, his eyes slowly narrowed.

Sun Da who was by the side sighed: “Since we can’t go together, then let’s stick to earlier arrangement and each walk our own paths, you guys can leave.”

Li Dong shouted: “Why do we have to be the ones to go? Once we’re gone the two of you will empty out the supermarket right? How could we let this happen? If we are to go we will bring all this food with us.”

Sun Da had a faint smile as Yu Guo Zhi’s eyes narrowed and suddenly said: “Sun Da, it seems like talking won’t work, this class of brats, speaking frankly with all of you, if you are smart you better hurry and leave, otherwise…… this old man really wouldn’t mind killing all of you.”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed loudly: “Frightened of you? We don’t get frightened easily.”

Qin Jia Gui also walked forward as the strange energy in his right hand surged, if there was any movement from the other side he would immediately pounce with a killing blow. After gained the strange energy, their strength and reaction speed had also increased by several times and the recuperative abilities of their bodies were even more frightening. The pistol was not that frightening in their eyes.

Yu Guo Zi was really enraged and was about to take action when Sun Da suddenly pulled him back and smiled: “It’s alright, let’s not drop to the same level as these kids, let’s go.”

Yu Guo Zhi was in a daze and felt that he must have surely heard wrong as he cried out: “What?!”

Sun Da secretly motioned to him with his eyes as he continued to pull him: “Let’s go.”

Yu Guo Zhi knew that Sun Da always had plenty of ideas and there must be some deeper meaning to his actions as he slowly put his gun down and followed Sun Da out of the supermarket.

The two people were actually just leaving like that without even taking any of the food, this was simply too stunning, were these people so easily convinced?

“That’s not right, even if they leave they would surely bring some food with them. Why would they leave empty handed? These two fellows must be planning something.” Zhang Zhong Mou suddenly softly shouted, even he who was usually more thoughtless had seen this and the others naturally realised that there was a problem as they looked at the two people who had already walked twenty over metres away.

The two people had their back towards the group as they walked closely together, slowly heading outwards. From their back views, the group could not see what the two were doing but they were actually engaged in a discussion and Sun Da was sneakily retrieving his pistol and loading a cartridge.

When the two sides were about to fight, Sun Da had suddenly recalled that his pistol had only a single bullet remaining. He purposely pulled Yu Guo Zhi away to use this time to load his pistol full of bullets.

Yu Guo Zhi understood Sun Da’s intention and a vicious smile floated onto his face, while walking with Sun Da he also began to sneakily load his pistol full of bullets as they exchanged a glance before stopped and suddenly turning.

As long as the two of them wielded their pistols at the same time, they had twelve bullets firing in total, even if they were unable to kill everyone they would at least be able to kill a big portion of them. With the distance they had created, they would be able to easily aim at Su Yu and even if Su Yu was truly formidable he would not be able to get close to them.

It could be said that they had already grasped the conditions for victory.

Seeing Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da who were over twenty metres away suddenly turn around, Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others who were looking at them suddenly had changes in their expressions as Qin Jia Gui opened his mouth as though he wanted to shout something.

Yu Zhi Guo and Sun Da imprinted the expressions of each person of the group clearly in their minds as their hearts surged with a feeling of glee.

“Ha Ha Ha, these little kids want to beg for us to spare them? It’s too late!”

Yu Guo Zhi had an evil grin as he thought this when he suddenly felt that something was amiss as Qin Jia Gui suddenly shouted: “Be careful behind you!”

Behind? What’s coming from behind? Yu Guo Zhi had formulated this thought when a “Chii” sound could be heard and a cold could be felt from his back as an intense pain spread from within his chest.

Yu Guo Zhi instinctively looked down and saw that there was a big hole before his chest, a bloody claw was already showing from the hole.

“Ka Cha!”

This was the final sound that Yu Guo Zhi heard in his life and originated from his head.

Sun Da who was by Yu Guo Zhi’s side heard Qin Jia Gui’s wild shout and immediately understood as he hurriedly turned before seeing a scene that made him terrified.

A monster whose entire body was crimson red had the body of an ape and a wolf or dog’s head, its legs were clasped around Yu Guo Zhi’s waist region and a single claw was pierced into his body, fishing out a heart that was dripping in fresh blood. Opening its ferocious mouth, it bit off half the skull of Yu Guo Zhi’s skull as its tongue extended forth, licking and sucking the white brain matter within Yu Guo Zhi’s exposed skull, as though it were sucking soft tofu. It sucked the skull dry of the juices in the blink of an eye.

“Aaaahh!” His body icy cold, Sun Da finally recovered as he shot in a crazed manner at the blood red monster that looked like a mix between a dog and an ape.

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  1. Not sure why they’re not afraid of bullets. Other than their weird weaponized limbs, the strongest of them has the rest of his body 2 or 3 times stronger, which presumably means 2 or 3 times tougher as well. Bullets would still kill them just fine, especially with a headshot. I mean, I guess a little 9mm pistol might not be a sure kill in the body cavity, but it would still pierce the heart or lungs if it hit them.

    Also, why do the cops not know about superpowers? They just killed a ton of goblins, and it sounds like they’ve killed higher level monsters. It shouldn’t matter that they used guns, the protagonist used a club and even threw a club to make a kill and still got the energy. Is there a range limit or something on it (even if so, you’d think they’d have killed at least one creature within the distance he’s killed stuff with throws)?

    Finally, really hope they take the guns. It would be pretty stupid not to. Mostly it’s getting boring reading about them constantly attacking things over and over again using one limb lol.

  2. *Sigh* Stupid people. I’m looking at that group of naive fools that didn’t kill those cops.

    Also sad that those cops didn’t have a chance to help that group smarten up.

    Ty for the chapter. Mc and co are still stupid naive fools. Hope more of them get eaten soon. ;D

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