KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Bloody Ape Dog

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Six bullets were fired in quick succession and the blood red monster actually lifted Yu Guo Zhi’s body to block and the six bullets flew into the body as fresh blood splattered everywhere.

On the other side, Qin Jia Gui, Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had all rushed outside.

Earlier they were still suspecting whether Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da had some scheme and were focusing on them as they were leaving when suddenly the two had stopped to turn. At almost the same time, the clearly saw that from a large tree behind the two, a blood red monster was like an apparition as it descended on them.

This monster’s speed was indescribably fast as it seemed to fly as it moved and immediately reached Yu Guo Zhi.

Qin Jia Gui’s shocked cry was too late and Yu Guo Zhi had lost his life in the twinkling of an eye.

Sun Da was terrified and had shot all six of his bullets, he did not expect that the monster would actually use Yu Guo Zhi’s body to block before waving its long arms and tossing the corpse towards him. It then lifted the beating heart that was in its other hand towards its mouth as it began to eat while making slurping sounds.

Since entering this strange forest, besides the Lesser and Greater Goblins, this was the third type of monster they had run into.

On the back of Su Yu’s left hand, the ‘Eye of Perception’ had appeared as it flashed with a light and swiftly transmitted the information of this red monster into Su Yu’s mind.

Name: Bloody Ape Dog

Information: Skilled at climbing
Likes to eat the brain matter and hearts of various living things
Solitary animal with few numbers
Easily attracted by blood and many corpses
Difficult to deal with

Su Yu immediately understood that this Bloody Ape Dog must have been attracted by the smell of blood and the countless corpses of the Lesser Goblins.

Looking through the various information given by the ‘Eye of Perception’, Su Yu realised that this Bloody Ape Dog would be difficult to deal with. It was fortunate that the Bloody Ape Dog worked alone and it seemed that there would only be this one monster before them.

Sun Da’s six bullets had all fired into Yu Guo Zhi’s corpse and he did not have the time to change cartridges before the Bloody Ape Dog had already tossed the corpse towards him, forcing him to hastily dodge while clenching his right hand. On the back of his right hand, black pieces of flesh seemed to bulge outwards, swiftly transforming into a black coloured fist, the fist seemed to be filled with air as it was as big as a soccer ball. It was clear that his right hand also contained strange energy within in.

The blood red figure flashed as the Blood Ape Dog’s hind legs were filled with strength, with a single leap he flew high into the air, going over Sun Da’s head before landing seven to eight metres behind him.

Sun Da’s back was covered in cold sweat as he hastily turned to face the Bloody Ape Dog, Su Yu who was rushing over saw this and shouted: “Careful!”

This Bloody Ape Dog was frightening because of its speed, Sun Da had though to turn his body to face the Bloody Ape Dog but was already too slow as the Bloody Ape Dog leapt, its body contracted and like a cannon ball, a ‘Swish’ sound could be heard before striking Sun Da.

At this moment, Sun Da had barely turned half his body and the fist which contained strange energy within did not have time to showcase its prowess before he felt a cold feeling on his scalp, his skull had been torn open by the Bloody Ape Dog and its other claw had reached in to scoop out some of that delicious brain matter.

“Eek! Eek!”

The Bloody Ape Dog made shrill cries as it had already jumped over ten metres away, putting the warm brain matter within its hands into its mouth, a drunken expression on its face.

Sun Da’s eyes were wide but the gaze was blank as the originally swelled up fist seemed to be punctured as it deflated, with a “Bang!” Sun Da fell heavily to the ground, seeming to die with a grievance.

At this moment, Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye had all rushed out together. The Bloody Ape Dog stopped over ten metres from the group and faced them, not caring in the slightest as it ate Sun Da’s brain matter, as though it were tasting the world’s finest delicacies.

No one had expected that the insufferably arrogant duo of Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da would lose their lives in the blink of an eye, this Bloody Ape Dog was simply far stronger than the Lesser Goblins.

“Monster!” Everyone let’s attack together!” Qin Jia Gui angrily shouted as his right hand wielded a wooden club, wanting to rush forwards.

“Wait.” Su Yu suddenly stretched forth his left hand to stop Qin Jia Gui, thereafter he turned and signalled to Ma Zi Ye with his eyes.

From the Bloody Ape Dog’s demon-like movements, Su Yu could tell that this Bloody Ape Dog was much stronger than a Greater Goblin, Sun Da’s fist had thoroughly transformed into a huge black fist, it could be seen that he was at least a tier one dark iron warrior and in terms of strength he would not be too much inferior to Su Yu. When faced with this Bloody Ape Dog, he could not even handle a blow and if Qin Jia Gui rushed forward, it would probably take a single moment for the monster to claw him to death. If the group haphazardly rushed forth, with its speed, it would actually give it an opportunity and create an even more dangerous situation for the group.

Amongst the group, the only way that Su Yu could think of to deal with the demon-like agility of the Bloody Ape Dog was the ‘Web of Metal’ that Ma Zi Ye had recently comprehended.

The ‘Web of Metal’ would lock its movements and if it could be held in place for one or even half a second, Su Yu was confident in killing it instantly.

Ma Zi Ye noticed Su Yu’s expression and immediately understood as she rushed forward together with Su Yu to attack the Bloody Ape Dog.

Su Yu stretched forth his left arm, “Chi, Chi, Chi”, in no time at all half his left arm was covered in black scales. Su Yu planned to attack the Bloody Ape Dog first in order to attract its attention to create a chance for Ma Zi Ye to use her ‘Web of Metal’. With the two people working together, the chances of killing the Bloody Ape Dog increased exponentially.

Contrary to his expectations, the Bloody Ape Dog actually backed away as they were rushing forward and scuttled back to a tree, in the blink of an eye it had climbed to the top of the tree as it looked down on the group,

Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye stopped as they stared blankly, they had never expected that the Bloody Ape Dog would actually run away.

Could it be that its stomach was already full and it had no more interest in the group? Or did it realise that there was danger and thus chose to run?

Su Yu tousled the hair on his head as he thought of the eyes that looked towards them as it run, that was certainly not an expression of fear, rather…… it seemed like that of a predator looking at its prey or similar to a cat that was teasing a mouse before killing it.

“I understand, it currently views us as prey and it could be that he wants to play hunter and the hunted with us?” Su Yu muttered as he felt a headache coming on. He could guess that this Bloody Ape Dog was already satisfied after killing and eating Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da’s brain matter so it could run away. However, their group had already been eyed by it and it would be frightening if it were to hide in the darkness and wait for its chance to attack them.

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