KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Black Scale

“Monster!” Su Yu madly shouted as he gathered strength that he did not know existed as he kicked out with his two legs and managed to hit the green monster squarely on its body. His hands then reached out and grabbed the wooden club that was being swung down, upon contact he let out a painful scream.

Besides his left hand, the other parts of his body did not have any strange energy and although his two-legged kick had landed on the green monster, he did not expect the inertia to be so strong that it caused both his legs to tremble and they felt as though they could break at any moment.

The injury to his right hand was even more severe and although it had grabbed the wooden club at the same time as his left hand, Su Yu had clearly heard the sound of bones breaking within his right hand.

As a safe estimate, at least two of his fingers were broken.

The ten fingers were connected to the heart and with the breaking of bones in the fingers, the amount of pain could only be imagined as Su Yu continued to miserably shriek. He managed to hold onto the wooden club in a death grasp as the black scale once again appeared on his left hand, the strange energy exploded out and Su Yu instinctively threw a fist out.


Green juice and fresh blood mixed together with a green bead exploded out, one of the green monster’s eyeballs had been smashed out by the frightening strength.

Su Yu wildly shouted as he grabbed the wooden club and viciously began to smash down on the green monster’s head.

The entire class of students were stunned as they looked at Su Yu.

Qin Jia Gui had just gotten half his body up when he saw Su Yu who was currently like a devil, covered in blood and grasping the wooden club that was initially the green monster’s as he smashed down towards its head.

“Ka cha!”

The green monster’s head exploded like a watermelon as green juices stained Su Yu’s hands and face.

From this shattered skull, a small black crystal flew out and rushed into Su Yu’s left hand with a speed that the human eye could not follow as it entered and disappeared.

Su Yu relaxed his hand as he let go of the wooden club before swaying and falling back to the ground.

Jade cried as she ran forward and shook Su Yu while loudly shouting: “Su Yu! Su Yu! Wake up!”

“Wow I never thought that Jade cared that much about me……” Su Yu was currently delirious as his mind was filled with such a thought.


A loud sound could be heard as male and female students alike made startled cries. Su Yu felt the shivers as he once again forced himself awake.

Lei Rui and the others had all fallen to the ground and the stack of tables had also fallen apart, the front door of the class had caved in.

Finally, the front door of the class could withstand it no longer and fell apart. The other two green monsters stopped smashing the window and back door as they turned and ran to the front door to join their companion as the three slowly walked in.

There were two bloody corpses of the green monsters within the class and it seemed like this was why the three had slowed down as their eyes flashed with consternation, then they all looked towards Su Yu.

It was Su Yu who had killed two of the green monsters.

At this moment, the outside was absolutely silent and the ten odd people who were still in the classroom felt shrouded in darkness as the three green monsters walked in and fear had consumed their hearts.

A female student climbed to a window by the side with a face filled with fear. If the green monster leapt at her, she would grit her teeth and jump. Although this was the third storey, she might live even if she broke her hands and legs, this was certainly a better option than getting her head smashed in.

There were even some people who began to frantically press their cellphones, continually dialing the number for the police but getting no response.

A few of the male students were trembling as they stood together, holding onto chairs and tables as they prepared to fight for their lives, they were filled with such fear that they had become courageous.

There were also some who looked towards the backdoor and considered removing the blockade and escaping, however, they were afraid that their actions would attract the attention of the green monsters and cause them to be attacked first.

“Back away.” Su Yu grit his teeth. His right hand, chest and both legs were in agony as his face was contorted from the pain and he pulled Jade behind him.

Jade frantically stepped backwards and fell. She felt that Su Yu’s left hand was abnormally strong and it was only a tug but it had sent her falling to the ground.


Jade fell to the ground painfully as the three monsters attacked simultaneously, splitting up as they charged at Su Yu.

“Quick, run!” The other students saw this and many people shouted loudly as they did not have time to care about Su Yu and rushed to escape.

Amongst them, only Qin Jia Gui shouted angrily as he lifted a chair by the side and flung it towards the three green monsters.

A struggle could be seen on the class monitor Lei Rui’s face as she looked nervously at Su Yu then the door, she was frightened and also wanted to run but instinctively felt that she could not throw Su Yu behind.

The reason for them having a route to escape was because Su Yu had created such a chance for them.

Seeing the three green monsters attacking at the same time, Su Yu’s mind was filled with frantic fear that bubbled up as his left hand stretched forward and grabbed tightly onto the wooden club which he had previously obtained from one of the green monsters.

With the swipe of his left hand, a strong energy was immediately released and this time the strange energy was even greater than before.

On the back of Su Yu’s hand, two black scales that were as big as half a fingernail each had appeared. Could this be because of the two crystals that were absorbed when he killed the two green monsters?

Su Yu realised this possibility as he turned his body to dodge to the side while wielding the wooden club in his hand and smashing it heavily towards the legs of a table by the side.

The strange energy exploded out and the entire table was sent flying with a “swoosh”

Two of the green monsters stopped and wielded their wooden clubs to forcefully block while one of the green monsters dodged and continued to attack Su Yu.

Suddenly, Su Yu had a feeling that these green monsters were not that smart.

It could be that his left hand now had an unbelievable power or that he had already killed two of these green monsters or he was naturally talented at battle and that this was all instinctive. Whatever it was, at this moment, his mind was thinking unbelievably fast and even he found it difficult to believe that he was once a person who usually failed exams, cheated during exams and had been designated as a wastrel by the teacher.

The three green monsters rushed forward and Su Yu could only retreat. He did not expect that after throwing the wooden table, two would actually stop to forcefully block it while another would attack on its own. At this moment, an opportunity presented itself and it became a chance for Su Yu to face a green monster alone.

One had to strike while the iron was hot and Su Yu strode forward to meet it, the strength in his left arm surged as he could faintly sense that the strength within seemed to exceed that of the green monster.


Two wooden clubs collided as his left arm felt an intense pain as though it had been sprained. The green monster was in a worse shape as the web between its thumb and forefinger tore and the wooden club flew away, its ugly face had a shocked expression on it.

Su Yu would not let go of this opportunity and bore with the intense pain in his left arm as he was flailing madly with the wooden club.


A low-pitched wail could be heard from the green monsters mouth as its head was smashed upwards into the air, a black crystal then flew out and once again flew like lightning into Su Yu’s left hand.

The strange energy that was originally surging was once again renewed with a new energy, causing the energy to grow and looking at the back of his hand there was another black scale that appeared but it was only a small piece, much smaller than the two black scales earlier.

“What’s going on? Could this green monster be weaker? Or could it be that absorbing too much of these black crystals would cause the effects to lessen?”

Su Yu was contemplating when the other two green monsters howled crazily and sprung forward to attack.

This time, Su Yu’s response was slower and although his wooden club managed to send one of the green monsters flying backwards, the other green monster’s club managed to hit him.

Under such a dangerous circumstance, Su Yu instinctively raised his right arm.


The club smashed onto Su Yu’s right arm as he shouted in pain. His arm was broken and this was already considered fortunate because his exchange of blows using the wooden club with the other green monster had not only sent it flying away but also sent him reeling backwards and thus the impact had been lessened.

Otherwise, this strike would have turned his right arm into a meat pulp and it was really fortunate that only bones were broken.

Su Yu shouted miserably and the green monster saw a chance as it madly attacked, both hands lifting the wooden club as it struck to kill.

With a swing of his left arm, Su Yu shouted crazily from the intense pain coming from his right arm as he threw the wooden club.

This explosive force was extremely frightening and the wooden club knocked away the green monster’s wooden club. Su Yu then pounced and forced the green monster to the ground.

An intense pain could be felt in his chest region as the green monster tore a piece of flesh away while Su Yu was also smashing down with his left fist.

A gurgling noise came from the green monster as its face was smashed inwards by Su Yu’s fist, the fourth crystal was then absorbed into his left hand.

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    • Been thinking the same thing. If these things were strong enough to crush human skulls in one swing, their bodies would have to be so tough to survive their own strength that the humans never would have stood a chance of hurting one of them.

      I also don’t think that the author understands how hitting and throwing things works. It keeps switching back and forth between all the strength being in his left hand and arm, but either way he wouldn’t hit or throw that much better. The strength for those actions comes almost entirely from your CORE, your arm is just a guide.

  1. I wonder why the power-ups are so imbalanced. If he can’t distribute it throughout his body, then there’s not much point to it. I’m sure he’ll figure it out though, since if he doesn’t, he’ll definitely die from the wounds he’s gotten so far.

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