KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Night falls! The Unknown House

“Su Yu, what are you mumbling about?” Ma Zi Ye could not clearly hear what Su Yu was talking about and could not help but to ask, seeing the Bloody Ape Dog run away, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

Su Yu shook his head but did not answer.

Zhang Zhong Mou looked at the ground with the gruesome corpses of Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da as he sighed: “Damn, anything can happen in this world. These two insufferably arrogant fellows really died so quickly. Ai, what kind of damned world are we in.”

Qin Jia Gui muttered: “I can’t believe that besides the green monsters called Goblins, there are other types of monsters…… it’s only that we don’t know whether there are even stronger ones……” Suddenly, he felt shivers run throughout his body.

Zhao Shi Chang then said: “Su Yu, what was that ape-like thing that looked like a dog? They knew that Su Yu had the ‘Eye of Perception’ and should be able to see the monster’s information.

“Bloody Ape Dog, its speed is simply too fast, I’m afraid that it’s even harder to deal with than the Greater Goblins, also…… I feel that it wasn’t as simple as the Bloody Ape Dog running away, everyone please be extra careful, we won’t know when it will suddenly sneak attack us.”

Su Yu had thought for a long time before finally deciding to share his conjectures.

His words had just been spoken and Qin Jia Gui and the rest were all in a daze as they looked back at him. It could be imagined if such a creature were to constantly watching them and attacking at any time, how deadly the situation would be. This thought sent shivers down each of their spines.

The group involuntarily moved their bodies as they swept their gaze at the surroundings, afraid that the Bloody Ape Dog would suddenly appear and no one wanted to end up like Sun Da or Yu Guo Zhi with their skulls ripped open and brain matter eaten up.

“Su Yu, don’t frighten us like that.” Ma Zi Ye said this but in her heart she believed eighty percent of his words.
Su Yu lightly sighed before continuing: “I also hope that I’m only frightening you guys, we can’t stay here anymore, these corpses may attract even more danger for us. That Bloody Ape Dog must have been drawn here by the smell of blood from the corpses.”

As Su Yu said this, the group became apprehensive as Zhao Shi Chang immediately said: “Alright, everyone let’s grab our bags and go, we’ve really stayed here for far too long.”

The group returned to the supermarket and grabbed the backpacks that belonged to them. Ma Zi Ye picked up her backpack then proceeded to take another instant noodle as she ripped it open and started to eat, as though she were eating the most delicious food in the world.

Zhang Zhong Mou lit another cigarette and looking at the way Ma Zi Ye was eating her instant noodles, he laughed: “In the future I’ll call you instant noodle princess, how’s that? This nickname seems to fit you quite well.”

Ma Zi Ye glared at him as she softly harrumphed in indifference: “Big cigarette addict.”

Before leaving, Qin Jia Gui was firm in having Sun Da and Yu Guo Zhi’s corpses hidden and the group was helpless as they were afraid to tarry and immediately brought the corpses to a room in the supermarket, locking it tight and preparing to leave when Li Dong put forward a question.

The food they left behind at the supermarket, once they left and people like Sun Da or Yu Guo Zhi came along and took it, what would they do?

With regards to his question, nobody had an answer. There was simply too much food and the group had no way to bring it all at once. Finally, they still decided to leave the food and everything would depend on the group’s luck.

When everyone finally left the supermarket, they realised that the sky was already turning dark and Zhao Shi Chang whipped his phone out to check the time.

Looking at his phone, Zhao Shi Chang then said: “It’s no wonder the sky is already becoming dark, It’s already close to 5pm.” Five in the afternoon meant that they had barely one hour before the sky turned fully dark.

“Let’s go.” Qin Jia Gui walked in the front as he bypassed the supermarket and continued by running in the direction of an even denser forest.

No one commented and they carried their bags and held their wooden clubs as they followed closely behind, running at a similar pace.

Along the way they did not encounter any further danger and only saw a few corpses of Lesser Goblins. Su Yu looked carefully and noticed that almost all of them had been killed in a single gunshot, he immediately guessed that they must have died at the hands of Sun Da and Yu Guo Zhi.

The sky was becoming darker and Su Yu felt that in the darkness there were a pair of evil eyes that were constantly looking at the group, waiting for the chance to strike. This feeling was simply too frightening.

Feeling apprehensive, Su Yu slowed his speed and voluntarily became the last man in the group as the strange energy in his left arm circulated. If his guess was correct, the Bloody Ape Dog would attack at any time and amongst the group only he had the capability to barely contain its attack. To prevent further casualties, Su Yu had fallen to the back as a precaution.

“When it’s 6pm, let’s stop to rest.” Qin Jia Gui looked at his handphone while seeking the opinion of the group.

The sky was becoming darker and darker and the group were rushing within this forest, all kinds of difficulties would immediately increase and dangers would also definitely increase. Qin Jia Gui’s words received the acknowledgement of the group, they had already been through a day filled with danger and the group’s nerves were taut, the really required a good rest.

Contrary to Su Yu’s expectations, the Bloody Ape Dog did not appear to attack them again and it was already 6pm when the group saw a house in the distance.

This house took up a huge piece of land and although it was far from that of their school, it was certainly much larger than the supermarket and from a distance, the building that sat there in this forest seemed like an ancient enormous ferocious and wild beast.

Having the first experience, the group was not as elated upon seeing a building but were rather filled with nervousness, they did not know what this house was or what dangers it would bring.

The group stopped as Zhao Shi Chang said in a low voice: “What do we do?”

Qin Jia Gui was silent for a moment before he replied: “Let’s go up and take a look, everyone be careful.”

The sky had already become dark and the group had to use the light from their torch lights to walk. At this moment, several of them had already retrieved the torch lights from their backpacks.

Qin Jia Gui continued: “Everyone let’s use them sparingly, using two should be enough.”

“What he said is true, now that we don’t have any further provisions, we should save what we can.” Ma Zi Ye said this and kept the torchlight which she had just taken out.

Qin Jia Gui held one torchlight while Zhao Shi Chang held another as they headed towards the house. Zhang Zhong Mou, Ma Zi Ye, Li Dong and the others followed closely behind with Su Yu bringing up the rear. The rear position was naturally the most dangerous and since he was slightly stronger than them he decided to take up this burden.

In this kind of world, being afraid of death would actually cause a person to die faster.

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  1. Why didn’t they take the guns? They could have been used to get the level 0’s up to level 1’s the next time they encountered level 1 mobs. Also, why not stay in the market overnight? The ape was already locked onto them so the damage was already done and it was much more defensible than anything they were likely to find.

    • I doubt any of them have ever used a gun before, they don’t have a bunch of bullets and time to practice with. It’s not as easy as picking the thing up and headshotting something. Especially when you are in a battle with your allies using close combat weapons, friendly fire is likely. Probably a smarter decision to become familiar with the weapons they will have to rely on for the future.

      • No need for head shots or use in close combat. Using them at range, as a way to start combat or as a way to kill trapped enemies are all perfectly valid options. Also, guns aren’t hard to use in any of those scenarios. Though yes, you wouldn’t want to make it your main weapon. The biggest use of it would be to help the weak people to become slightly stronger and increase their odds of surviving once they had to move back to melee range after the bullets ran out. If it kept even one person from dying, it would be worth it.

      • Guns are incredibly simple to use though? Not like you see them used in the movies, but hitting someone (or thing) center mass from ten yards is something even a complete newbie could do, even with a pistol. And ten yards is a lot more than club range.

        Not only that but there’s no reason to think that they would have to switch to melee weapons in the future (other than the fact that the author probably thinks it’s cool, so that’s what will happen). New pieces of Earth are constantly being sucked in, so there could be a pretty steady supply of ammo even that way. There’s also the fact that gunpowder and lead bullets are stupid easy to make. Granted making smokeless powder (which is the only kind you could use in modern guns if you didn’t want them to jam up every time you fired a bullet) is much more complicated, but still not THAT hard to do. And it’s not like, with all the buildings being sucked up, they couldn’t find the recipe and instructions in a library somewhere. Even a basic history of modern warfare would include notes on the invention of smokeless powder and the basics of how it was produced, as it was a tremendously impactful innovation. Even if they couldn’t find a more specific set of instructions (which should be possible in a library) they could work it out from there.

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