KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Local Police Station of Death

Passing through the dense forest and slowly nearing, the group could see from the streams of light emitted from the torchlights that there were many Lesser Goblins littering the ground. Looking closely at the gun wounds of this corpses, it was clear that they had all been shot to death.

Could these also have been killed by Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da?

The group was startled and Qin Jia Gui flashed the torchlight in his hand at the house before them and said: “Everyone look.”

The group looked over and saw that above the big doors of the house there was a plaque and on the plaque it was written: “Ji Xian Local Police Station.” Currently there were green juices and red blood staining it.

Their hearts were shocked as the group immediately thought back to what Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da had mentioned. They were from the ‘Ji Xian Local Police Station’, could it be that this police station had suffered the same fate as their school and had actually been brought to this forest through the ‘Sky Hole’? If that was the case, it was likely that Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da were not the only two police officers around.

Thinking of this, the group could only hurry forward, ignoring the danger as they soon saw the aftermath of an intense struggle. There were many corpses of Lesser Goblins mixed with several corpses wearing police uniforms, these corpses either had their skulls smashed in or were pierced through in the chest and stomach. As the group continued forward, the number of police corpses they could see numbered at least twenty to thirty people.

“Could it be that Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da were the only policemen within the police station to make it out alive?” Although Zhang Zhong Mou was usually courageous, at this moment he felt a chill all over his body as he softly spoke.

There were corpses of Lesser Goblins and policemen interspersed on the ground, the white walls were all stained with green juice and red blood that truly shocked the eyes and astonished the heart.

“Hey guys, look over here.” Suddenly Qin Jia Gui’s torchlight stopped at a door. This was a metal door and at this moment it was weirdly bent in, as though a strong force had caused it to bend inwards.

The group looked at each other in shock, to bend an anti-theft metal door, how much force would be required? A lesser Goblin could never do this and even a Greater Goblin may not have been able to do this, what sort of power could cause such destruction?

Suddenly, there was a soft “Bang” that could be heard from a distance.

In this quiet surroundings, the soft sound seemed especially daunting.

The group exchanged glances as they stopped for half a second before slowly saying in unison: “That way.” Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Lin Shi and the others rushed towards the walkway where the sound came from.

This police station was rather large and the group quickly ran down the walkway. There was still a courtyard at the back and the courtyard was very messy and littered with Lesser Goblin corpses. At this moment the ‘Bang! Bang!’ sounds that seemed as though a door were being smashed was becoming clearer and clearer, it was clear that the sound was coming from the end of the courtyard from another two storey building there.

Who was smashing the door? Was it a human or a monster? The group was curious and apprehensive at the same time.

Qin Jia Gui used his torchlight to light the way as he softly said: “Let’s go, everyone be careful!” without much thought he went ahead first to check out the situation.

“Roar!” A hoarse roar could be heard and the arrival of Su Yu and the group seemed to have attracted the other party’s attention. When Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang rushed into the two storey building, they saw a long walkway and on both sides of the walkway were rooms. The end of the walkway had an anti-theft metal door and at this moment there were three big green monsters that were continually smashing at the metal door. When the group rushed over, the metal door seemed to have deformed slightly.

These three green monsters were clearly Greater Goblins which were much stronger than Lesser Goblins.

Qin Jia Gui held his torchlight and flashed it at the three monsters at the end of the walkway, a roar could be heard from the Greater Goblins as they stopped attacking the anti-theft door and began rushing towards the group.

Qin Jia Gui held the torchlight in his left hand while his right hand gripped a wooden club, on the back of his right hand, metal speckles appeared. By his side, Zhao Shi Chang also made a low growl as he courageously went forward.

Although Greater Goblins were certainly frightening, they had also become much stronger and most importantly killing a Greater Goblin was a crucial factor in allowing them to evolve.

Ma Zi Ye was only slightly slower than them and on her right leg, strands of black rope could be seen, she was the second person besides Su Yu to become a tier one dark iron warrior and at this moment she wanted to test her new abilities.

The walkway was barely two metres wide and the two Greater Goblins lifted their arms as they roared and in the blink of an eye had met head-on with Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye.

Ma Zi Ye delicately shouted as she stamped her right leg, strand after strand of black ropes spread out from her right leg, activating the ‘Web of Metal’ and attempting to snare the two Greater Goblins who were attacking.

Su Yu was afraid that they would mess up and followed closely behind Ma Zi Ye, he then saw Qin Jia Gui growl as he dropped the torchlight in his hand while he was knocked flying by the rushing Greater Goblin.

By the side, Zhao Shi Chang was in greater danger and the wooden club in his right hand had been grabbed by the Greater Goblin, the other claw of the Greater Goblin was aimed at his head and with the sharpness of the claw, a hit would surely kill.

Su Yu growled as he rushed forward, he had no time to interfere with the Greater Goblins attack and could only use his body to knock into Zhao Shi Chang. Knocking him away from the killing blow as black scales appeared on his left hand with “Chi Chi’ sounds as the ‘Rending Claw’ was activated and sent forth.

The Greater Goblin did not know how destructive the ‘Rending Claw’ was and actually attempted to use a hand to block while stretching out its other hand forward and aiming towards Su Yu’s heart.

A sudden miserable shriek could be heard from its mouth as the right hand that tried blocking Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ was thoroughly minced, by the time it realised that things were bad, Su Yu’s left hand continued with the ‘Rending Claw’, going through the right shoulder and continuing down to the left waist, causing the entire body to be rent in two, organs littered the ground and green juice splattered everywhere as the Greater Goblin immediately died a gruesome death.

Su Yu was able to kill one of the Greater Goblins in a single moment and Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Web of Metal’ finally showcased its power as the strands of black rope followed the ground and formed a web, tangling the other two Greater Goblins.

By the time the two Greater Goblins realised that something was amiss, their two feet were already tangled by the strange and wriggling mass of black rope, as for Ma Zi Ye, she was already flying through the air and attacking with her right leg.


Her right leg flew through the air in an arc and smashed directly into the face of one of the Greater Goblins, Ma Zi Ye landed heavily on the ground and used her two hands to turn around and stand up steadily. As for the Greater Goblin that had been smashed in the face, its face had been smashed apart like tofu as it fell to the ground.

After promoting to the tier one level, Ma Zi Ye had not only comprehended the ‘Web of Metal’, the strength within her right leg had gone up several times and her previous kick was a culmination of her Wu Shu background and the strange energy within her right leg. She named this move the ‘Flying Spade’*, gathering the momentum from running and kicking out, the strength was astonishing and even if it were a thick and heavy wooden door, this kick would thoroughly destroy it.

[T/N*: A Shaolin spade is a Chinese pole-arm]

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