KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Zhang Zhong Mou Advances

Ma Zi Ye stood up as she felt the black crystal from the Greater Goblin disappear into her right leg. There was an elated expression on her face as she felt the stronger energy fluctuations within.

“Ha Ha……. This…… This feeling……” Suddenly Zhang Zhong Mou who was by the side began to shout as he touched his face.

Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye hurried over to see and saw that half of his face had actually become rock, his hand which he used to knock on the surface actually felt pain from doing so.

Su Yu looked at his side and saw that the third Greater Goblin’s head was smashed in and had already died a gruesome death.

When Qin Jia Gui had fallen down, Zhang Zhong Mou who was behind had rushed forward as Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Web of Metal’ had come into effect and locked the two Greater Goblins in place.

As Ma Zi Ye did her flying spade to one of the Greater Goblin’s face, Zhang Zhong Mou scored an easy kill on the other Greater Goblin.

Although ‘Web of Metal’ lasted for only a second, this second of immobility made the final Greater Goblin forget to block in its panic as Zhang Zhong Mou who frantically wielded his wooden club, and was able to smash its head in.

Zhang Zhong Mou had already absorbed the crystals from several Lesser Goblins and the strength within his arms had gone up by at least twice even though they were not the initial point where the strange energy gathered. With his crazed attacks of the club, he was finally able to kill the final Greater Goblin.

Absorbing the crystal of this Greater Goblin, Zhang Zhong Mou had finally promoted to a tier one dark iron warrior.

Zhang Zhong Mou who was wildly elated felt appreciation for his strength for the first time as the strange energy surged and half his face actually transformed into stone, furthermore, he had also comprehended an ability that belonged to him.

Three Greater Goblins had been wiped in an instant and Zhao Shi Chang unsteadily climbed off the ground as he looked to Su Yu and softly said: “Thanks.”

He knew that earlier he had been too rash in wanting to kill a Greater Goblin to evolve and had used too much force, nearly dying at the hands of the Greater Goblin. If Su Yu had not acted when he did and knocked him aside, he would have already been a goner.

Su Yu laughed as he shook his head and indicated that it was nothing much before looking towards the anti-theft door at the end of the walkway. The three Greater Goblins were working hand in hand to break it earlier and the anti-theft metal door had began to deform, if they had arrived slightly later this door would have been thoroughly destroyed.

Qin Jia Gui picked up his fallen torchlight and looking at Zhang Zhong Mou’s stone transformed face, his heart surged with an indignant feeling. He was much more serious than him and clearly better than him in many ways but this fellow was simply too lucky and had actually killed the final Greater Goblin.

“Let’s go and see what’s behind the anti-theft door.” Ma Zi Ye was feeling very satisfied, her first usage of the ‘Web of Metal’ had great results and a single ‘Flying Spade’ had killed a frightening Greater Goblin, it must be known that if this was the past her she simply could not imagine herself doing something like that.

The group were walking towards the metal door when a miserable shriek was suddenly heard from behind them.

Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye, Zhao Shi Chang hurriedly turned back and saw a black red figure flash by as it hastily retreated and disappeared. Wen Rui who was standing at the back of the group had half his skull exposed, it had been torn in half and his eyes were currently wide and twisted in terror as his body swayed before falling to the ground dead.

“Bloody Ape Dog! Damn!” Su Yu angrily shouted as he turned to rush over, however, the outside was simply too dark and with night set in, it was simply impossible to spot the figure of the Bloody Ape Dog.

The group had serious expressions as they rushed over, Su Yu’s guess was correct and the Bloody Ape Dog had indeed put them in its sights, suddenly attacking and with its speed, there was simply no way to defend against its attack.

“What should we do?” Li Dong’s voice was filled with fear as he trembled while speaking.

Su Yu’s face was dark as he walked back to the walkway and continued towards the anti-theft door.

The group could feel Su Yu’s current emotions and he was thoroughly incensed.

“Su Yu.” Zhang Zhong Mou who had just felt the elation from promoting, soon calmed down, someone amongst them had suddenly died and this was a blow to the group. Their group had only ten odd people remaining and each person was very important, seeing Su Yu’s dark countenance Zhang Zhong Mou hurriedly called out.

not stop or look back as he replied: “It will return and when it does, it will be its last move. This I promise!” His two fists were clenched tightly and the strange energy was surging and swelling, the anger within his body seemed like it could explode at any time.

The feeling of knowing that one was a prey of a predator but being completely helpless, this pressure was simply stifling.

Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Lin Shi had heavy expressions on their faces and even Ma Zi Ye no longer felt the excitement of killing her first Greater Goblin.

Amongst the group, Ning Yan was the only one who still had a dreamy expression, as though whoever died did not concern her and within the group several people had began to ignore her. Although she was very pretty, but if she kept this up and did nothing, the group felt that she not only failed to contribute but also became a burden.

Su Yu walked to the end of the walkway as he looked at the slightly bent anti-theft door and attempted to push it but it did not budge an inch.

The continual attacks of a few Greater Goblins caused a slight deformation in the anti-theft door, it could be imagined how tough it was.

What was inside that would make these Greater Goblins smash at the door in such a crazed manner?

Su Yu lightly growled as he activated his ‘Lizard Arm’.

“Eh?” Ma Zi Ye and the others exclaimed as they noticed that Su Yu’s left arm suddenly swelled and not only did black scales cover it, it seemed to also become thicker and longer and the flesh on it seemed to swell, becoming a large beast’s arm. This was precisely the ability of the ‘Lizard’s Arm’, although his attack speed was decreased, his strength had increased by several times.

Without a word, Su Yu hefted this huge black door and smashed it toward the anti-theft door.


The originally deformed anti-theft door immediately let out an explosive sound as the walls beside it actually seemed to faintly tremble, the group was shocked as Su Yu exclaimed and threw a second fist out.


The anti-theft door finally thoroughly bent inwards and seemed to be sent flying from the bent door frame that it was attached to.

Su Yu felt a tearing sensation within his chest, this was the result of using too much force.

Su Yu took a deep breath as he walked forward half a step and the back of his head felt cool as a cold object seemed to be pressed against it.

“Stop!” A delicate voice could be heard by his ear.

Su Yu’s entire body was cold and he knew that this was a pistol.

Having someone point a pistol at the back of your head, this was a first for Su Yu and he did not dare to move an inch. On his forehead, cold sweat was flowing and although he had become strong because of the strange energy and had strong recuperative abilities, if he were shot through the head with a gun at such a close range, he would surely die.

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  1. Woohoo, unnecessary tension. Even assuming he was dumb enough to just walk in without checking it out (obviously there were people there, since the goblins were trying to get in) how did his heightened senses not inform him that a person was coming up behind him? Even normal senses would do that. Logic gaps ftw.

    Also, why is he so afraid of the gun? Earlier in the confrontation with the cops it was stated that getting shot a couple of times wouldn’t be a threat to him. That wasn’t at point blank, but there’s not a huge difference between point blank and ten feet away (which is probably about all the distance that separated him and the cops) and the skull is pretty much the strongest thing on the human body. So if he was tough enough that a couple shots (even to the body) couldn’t threaten him, then he’s certainly tough enough for his skull to bounce bullets.

  2. Are they taking the useful supplies vfrom the dead,and why would he stupidly break a door down? He had to think someone was in there or maybe they could hide

  3. I understand that he was pissed, but he should still have tried knocking first. If for no other reason than that now his own group can’t hide behind that door.

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