KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Female Cop and Young Kid

Zhang Zhong Mou who was following closely behind did not understand what was going on as he loudly argued: “Young master Yu, why are you standing there in a daze? Could it be that there’s a lady there with showing her naked body?” He wanted to squeeze past Su Yu and head inside.

“Stop right there.” Su Yu commanded.

The credit of Su Yu’s words were great and the group immediately stopped where they were as they looking towards the insides of the metal door stunned.

At this moment, Su Yu’s eyes had gradually gotten used to the darkness and could clearly see the situation within the anti-theft door.

This seemed to be a library archive as files and folders could be seen stacked everywhere, the anti-theft door had been shoved away by Su Yu and had flown into a cabinet, causing it to be smashed open as the files to fall messily to the ground.

By the side leaning against a wall was a little girl who sat there hugging her knees, her eyes were filled with fright as she looked over at Su Yu. That frightened expression of this helpless child would remain in Su Yu’s mind for a long long time.

By his side was a lady wearing a police uniform, her hands were holding a pistol as it pressed against the back of his head, her face had a nervous and prepared expression on it and did not seem to relax just because he was a human.

“We don’t have any ill intentions, the few Greater Goblins have already been killed by us, we only want to help.” Su Yu immediately understood the situation and swiftly explained the situation, having a gun held to the back of his head was really stifling and if the lady became agitated and pulled the trigger, everything would be over.

While he spoke, his left hand was tightly clenched and if the other side had any sort of movement, he would immediately attack with the ‘Rending Claw’.

He did not wish to kill others but did not wish for himself to be killed by them.

Hearing Su Yu’s explanation, the female cop noticeably eased up as she softly said: “Back up, all of you back up.”

It was clear that she was not totally convinced of Su Yu and the group.

Su Yu could understand as he slowly backed away, thereafter Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui and the others also saw what was going on as they slowly backed off.

Zhang Zhong Mou was indignant as he voiced out: “Damn, what’s this about? We helped kill those monsters and could be considered to have saved you, yet this is how you treat your benefactors?”

As she forced Su Yu and the others back more than ten metres, the female cop finally gave a sigh of relief as she put down her pistol. While they were backing off, she was assessing them and also saw the three corpses of the Greater Goblins lying on the ground.

Previously when Su Yu and the group had engaged the three Greater Goblins in an intense battle she had heard the commotion, however, in this dangerous world, her instinct for self-preservation resulted in her not trusting strangers who appeared so suddenly, this may also be the wariness that came with her profession.

At this moment, borrowing the light from Qin Jia Gui’s handheld torchlight, Su Yu could clearly see these female cops features, initially he had thought that this cop would be the mother of the little girl inside but on close inspection he found that this female cop seemed to be about twenty five to twenty six years of age, the police uniform was fitting and accentuated her curves, she seemed mature and full, her short skirt exposed two beautiful legs and under the currently gloomy and frightening atmosphere, there was an indescribable beauty to her.

The female cop’s skin was white like snowy jade, her eyes were big and her lashes were long, she was quite a looker and even movie stars who had makeup on would pale in comparison.

Looking at her, Su Yu felt it was not likely that she was the little girl’s mother, the little girl seemed to be about seven to eight years old, could the female cop have given birth so young?

As they were lost in their thoughts, Zhang Zhong Mou suddenly hollered: “Hey, are we just going to stand here? Forget about it, since people can’t appreciate our kindness, let’s leave young master Yu.”

Su Yu shook his head as his hand tousled his hair, voluntarily walking forwards.

The female cop noticed that Su Yu was coming closer and immediately stared at him while raising her pistol.

Su Yu’s hands lifted into the air showing that he had no ill intentions as he slowly opened the backpack behind him and allowed her to see the food and water within.

The female cop saw this and her expression seemed to become more gentle, she could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva and it seemed that she was really starving.

Seeing her expression, Su Yu brought the backpack and walked in. This time, the female cop did not stop him however tightly held onto the pistol as she stayed guarded.

Zhang Zhong Mou who was behind saw Su Yu walk in and also moved forward however was blocked by Qin Jia Gui as he shook his head: “That cop is simply too apprehensive, it’s hard to blame her, suddenly meeting such a big group of us would be nerve wrecking and too many people in there would actually make her more nervous. Let’s just wait out here for a while.”

Zhang Zhong Mou listened to his words and grunted, he decided to not to go in as he lit a cigarette and replied: “How about it, I’ve got plenty of cigarettes now, do you want a stick?”

Qin Jia Gui had a faint smile as he shook his head, he felt that Zhang Zhong Mou was too uncouth with his words and did not want to be bothered with him. He could not understand how Zhang Zhong Mou and Su Yu had become such good friends, towards Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui only felt a deep respect within his heart.

Su Yu carried his backpack as he walked in, he crouched down before the little girl who was sitting by the wall and took a bread out as he smiled: “Go ahead and eat it.” He also retrieved a bottle of water.

The little girl had a frightened expression on her face but feeling the warmth from Su Yu, the fear on her face gradually lessened. She had not eaten for an entire day and was starving, as she accepted the bread she began to take big bites but started to choke.

Su Yu hurriedly brought the water as he lightly patted her back: “Don’t rush, there’s still plenty of food with big brother, here drink some water.”

Little kids were very easy to coax and the fear on the little girl’s face gradually disappeared as she had a thankful smile on her face.

Su Yu felt satisfied as he smiled and stood up, looking over to the female cop who was still holding on to her pistol as his hands spread out and laughed: “Still don’t believe in us?” Holding out some bread and biscuits, he indicated for the female cop to come over and take it.

The female cop gently grunted and said in a soft voice: “I’m not hungry.” Having said this, her stomach made growling noises and her face immediately turned red.

Su Yu did not laugh at her but rather softly sighed: “We actually came across a supermarket along the way and obtained this food, otherwise we would also be starving.” After thinking for awhile, he continued: “If you two don’t mind, you can follow us. If you don’t wish to, we can leave this bag of food for you and leave this place.”

Su Yu saw that the apprehension of the female cop towards the group was too deep and did not wish to push the matter. Under the current circumstances, he did not need to ask but could guess that this police station had also suddenly appeared within the forest like the school and suffered the attacks from Lesser and Greater Goblins.

This female cop and little girl must have been the lucky survivors that hid here but were discovered by the Greater Goblins and they had happened upon them resulting in this current situation.

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  1. People seem to think that this MC is better than the MC from GDW, but this situation clearly shows that he is no better at his best. The same situation with policewoman behind closed door and they both start breaking their way in before even asking if there is someone inside.

    • Better is subjective, perhaps they are comparing their personalities?

      I do like the apocalypse type novels and completed GDW(god and devil system in chinese) and the mc in general does YOLO moves and things just work out.

      I think both mcs are pretty similar in that aspect but gdw’s mc is more ruthless.

  2. lets see… 3 human eater monsters trying to open a door in a police station, and you just walk though?? really? and the stupid cop istead of welcoming him with bullets, no, she wait for him to enter and then she walk until be CLOSE to him and points a gun at him… wtf…

    thanks for the chapter anyway… dont know when I will be reading it again.

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