KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Hunting the Bloody Ape Dog

As for why the little girl was within the local police station, she did not say it and Su Yu naturally had no way to guess, these were of course unimportant side details.

This female cop heard Su Yu’s words and her expression seemed to change, Su Yu noticed this as he smiled and said: “Farewell, you two be careful, we’re leaving.” Then he proceeded to leave.

The female cop looked at Su Yu’s back and seeing that he was about to leave, she could not help but shout: “Wait….. wait!”

Su Yu stopped as he looked back and smiled, the smile on his face made the female cop feel dazzled.

This smile of Su Yu’s would be engraved in her mind forever.

The female cop was finally infected by Su Yu’s amiability and dropped her guard, Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others walked in and seeing that there were also females in the group, the female cops last vestiges of wariness also disappeared.

After an initial round of introductions, the group found out that her name was Zhou Bi Rong, a police officer from this police station. As for the little girl, she was called Ding Shan and had been brought to the police station because she had become lost while out playing. At that time Zhou Bi Rong had just gotten the details of her address and was planning to send her home when the change occurred, following the short rumbling sounds the entire sky had changed and the familiar surroundings had disappeared. Their police station had landed itself within this sinister and frightening forest.

The rest of the events were as Su Yu had guessed, the police had suffered an attack from a group of Lesser Goblins, it was fortunate that the police were not like the common folk and had weapons with them, allowing them to kill several of the monsters. Thereafter, the Greater Goblins had appeared and with their bullets finally running out, the group had fallen apart.

Zhou Bi Rong watched as her colleagues were killed and had remembered the archive library, taking advantage of the messy situation she then brought Ding Shan and hid over here, tightly locking up the anti-theft door. Finally, the other cops had all died but they had managed to survive thanks to the anti-theft door.

Su Yu spoke of Yu Guo Zhi and Sun Da and indeed Zhou Bi Rong did know them but she was unsure how they had managed to run away with their lives.

The area of the police station was not small and these Lesser Goblins could not possibly surround the entire complex, one or two people secretly escaping was no surprise.

Zhou Bi Rong heard Su Yu’s conjecture regarding this world and could not help but have an expression of disbelief on her face. Seeing so many people, Ding Shan had long forgotten her fear and asked Zhou Bi Rong when she could go back home.

The group looked over at Ding Shan and sighed, it was good to be a child with nothing to worry about.

Having clarified matters, it was already night and compared to the forest outside, this place was a much safer area to rest and the group each found a room as they took turns to be sentries in groups of two.

Su Yu found a random place to lean against and Zhang Zhong Mou laid down by his side as he softly whispered: “Young master Yu, seeing your contemplative expression, what are you thinking about?”

Su Yu leaned on the wall as he tousled his hair: “Thinking of how to become a predator instead of being a prey.”

Zhang Zhong Mou was stunned as he said: “What do you mean? Young master Yu, can your words not be so profound.”

By the side, Ma Zi Ye harrumphed: “Big cigarette addict really is too stupid, he’s talking about the Bloody Ape Dog.”

Zhang Zhong Mou now understood as he laughed drily: “Instant noodles, you’re so smart, could eating instant noodles make someone smart?”

Initially he had called Ma Zi Ye ‘Instant Noodle Princess’ however he now shortened it to ‘Instant Noodles’ all because Ma Zi Ye loved to eat instant noodles.
Ma Zi Ye could not be bothered with him as she looked over at Su Yu: “So, have you thought of any ideas? If the Bloody Ape Dog continues to stalk us like this and attack from the dark, we would be constantly living in fear.”

Su Yu was silent for a while before he suddenly replied: “What do you guys think…… why would the Bloody Ape Dog not be willing to meet us head on but rather choose to sneak attack us?”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “Even I understand why, it’s because we have more people and can bully it.”

“That’s right.” Su Yu suddenly stood up as he continued: “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the Bloody Ape Dog is constantly observing us and if someone falls behind, do you guys think it will sneak attack that person?”

Ma Zi Ye was shocked as she said: “You’re thinking of……”

Su Yu nodded as he said heavily: “Everyone be careful, stick together and don’t fall behind. I will go out alone.” Su Yu wanted to kill this Bloody Ape Dog and was willing to use himself as bait to lure the Bloody Ape Dog out.

Ma Zi Ye stood up: “I’ll go with you, my ‘Web of Steel’ is the best for dealing with this kind of agile monster.”

Su Yu thought for a moment before shaking his head, if they two of them went together the Bloody Ape Dog would not necessarily appear and although Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Web of Steel’ was good, Su Yu could see the faults in it. It needed time to activate and with the speed of the Bloody Ape Dog, it could attack or escape within that time frame, making the ‘Web of Steel’ useless.

The third most important thing was that although Su Yu had confidence in fighting against the Bloody Ape Dog, if Ma Zi Ye were by his side and the Bloody Ape Dog chose to target her, things would get messy.

Thinking through all this, Su Yu felt that he would rather go by himself and face the danger, thus choosing to shake his head and reject her.

“With me alone, the chances of it appearing are greater. The few of you just stay here.”
The outside was sinister and dark, on such a night only someone like Su Yu would dare to go out alone, if the others were requested to do so, they certainly would not dare.

“Zhang Zhong Mou went on: “You better come back earlier.” He was quite concerned for Su Yu.

To this point, Su Yu had already become an integral part of their group and no one could imagine what they would do if something untowards happened to him.

Su Yu laughed: “I’m only going out for a while, if it doesn’t appear then I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Thereafter he walked out and closed the door for them.

Once out the door, Su Yu’s entire body was tense with wariness as each nonchalant step he took was actually filled with wariness and his five senses were working to the extremes.

The strange energy from his left hand continued to flow throughout his entire body and this caused his senses to be especially sharp. If the Bloody Ape Dog did not appear it would be fine but if it did try to attack him, Su Yu had the confidence to instantly activate ‘Rending Claw’ and stab through it’s body.

This Bloody Ape Dog had already brought them much pressure and threat, he wanted to take the chance when it had not caused that much devastation to kill the creature, otherwise the outcome of leaving it alive would be disastrous.

Following the walkway, Su Yu walked step by step as he walked out of this building and his way seemed free and unhindered, he continued out of the police station and before him were the corpses of the Lesser Goblins as well as the forest.

Su Yu stood before these corpses and turned slightly, seemingly very leisurely but at the same time, his entire body had tensed because he had finally felt the presence of that Bloody Ape Dog.

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