KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: Killing a Golden Goblin

“Bang! Bang!”

Almost at the same time, gunshots could be heard as the Golden Goblin shuddered, the speed of its golden steel blades slowed down and Su Yu was suddenly filled with thoughts of Jade who was still waiting in school for him, he could not die here and he yelled in a crazed manner as he suddenly retaliated.


A loud explosive sound could be heard as the countless black scales lifted up and spat out white mist, creating a frightening pushing force that allowed the ‘Rending Claw’ to actually push back the steel blade, Su Yu threw out another fist as it landed heavily on the Golden Goblin’s chest.

Immediately, green juices splattered from the Golden Goblin’s chest as it screamed, it moved at a faster speed than Su Yu’s punch as it explosively retreated several metres back, Su Yu’s fist had not thoroughly landed but even so there was mangled flesh on the chest of the Golden Goblin.


There was a delicate shout from the side as a figure flew through the air, its aim was the Golden Goblin which was currently retreating.

Su Yu turned back as he saw Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others, even the female cop Zhou Bi Rong had appeared and earlier the gunshots had been fired from her; interfering with the Golden Goblin and allowing Su Yu the chance to retaliate. Otherwise Su Yu would have already died under the blades of the Golden Goblin.

When the Golden Goblin killed the Bloody Ape Dog and causing it to shriek miserably, Qin Jia Gui and the rest had heard it from far away and realised that it was the sound of the Bloody Ape Dog. Once they understand that it had come into contact with Su Yu, the group was elated and nervous as they did not know Su Yu’s situation, the Bloody Ape Dog was after all very frightening.

Zhang Zhong Mou and the others discussed and decided to come out to aid Su Yu, they did not expect to see him battling a Goblin that was covered in golden spots, under the dire circumstances, Zhou Bi Rong had fired with her pistol and it was fortunate that she still had some ammunition left from when she hid within the archive library and it came in handy, saving Su Yu’s life. Ma Zi Ye had then jumped and was currently using a flying kick to end the Golden Goblin’s life with a single life-threatening blow.

“Careful!” Su Yu was well aware of the fearsomeness of the Golden Goblin as he shouted and pounced forward.

The Golden Goblin let out a low growl and anger could be heard in its voice, it had taken two bullets to its back. It’s chest had been badly mangled by the ‘Rending Claw’, although there was no life-threatening wound, it had severely affected its movements and this was because it had been careless.

Seeing Ma Zi Ye’s kick fly towards itself, it howled in anger as it brandished its steel blades, astonishingly fast.


Ma Zi Ye screamed in pain as blood fountained out from her leg, half a foot had actually been cleanly sliced off by the Golden Goblin’s blade and it then kicked out with a “Bang!” as it hit her chest region causing her to scream as she tumbled to the ground.

“Damn!” Su Yu roared in rage as he dashed up furiously, by the side Zhou Bi Rong wielded her pistol and “Bang! Bang! Bang!” sounds could be heard as she continued to fire.

“Hmph!” The Golden Goblin wielded its blades and the bullets were all blocked by the golden steel blades, a fiery light exploded and with its other hand it sliced towards the incoming Su Yu.

The fearsomeness of the Golden Goblin was beyond their imaginations as Zhou Bi Rong witnessed it blocking her bullets, she took a breath of cold air as Zhang Zhong Mou shouted and half his face turned to stone as he rushed forward while brandishing a wooden club.

He could see that the situation was grim for Su Yu and this strange Goblin was too frightening, even if he risked his life, he wanted to help Su Yu. No matter what, Su Yu must not die.

Su Yu lifted his arm as the ‘Rending Claw’ once again collided with the golden steel blade, a flash of golden light could be seen as another blade sliced downwards, Su Yu’s legs kicked the Golden Goblin with a ‘Bang!’ as the blade of the Golden Goblin once again left a chinese foot long wound on his body.

Su Yu grimaced from the pain and used the rebound from his kick to roll away, The Golden Goblin had a vicious look as it pounced, with Zhang Zhong Mou madly shouting as he attacked.

By the side, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had finally come back to their senses as they each moved forward to attack.

If Su Yu died, it would be impossible for them to run away from the viciousness of this monster and they had to work together to kill this terrifying monster no matter what.

Su Yu turned as he climbed back up, before him was the vicious face of the Golden Goblin as its two blades had almost pierced into his chest.

“Monster!” Zhang Zhong Mou howled as he finally reached, since he did not have many methods to attack, he used his two arms to hug the Golden Goblins body tightly while wielded his stone head to heavily smash downwards.

The Golden Goblin was incensed as it turned and wanted to kick Su Yu away, its steel claws wanting to slice Zhang Zhong Mou apart, by the side Ma Zi Ye suddenly screamed: “Su Yu!”

At the same time, the Golden Goblin suddenly felt as though its feet were bounded by something and it actually couldn’t move them, it was thoroughly shocked.

Ma Zi Ye’s right leg had half the foot cleanly sliced off and she was in a phenomenal amount of pain, under these circumstances, the obstinate girl managed to use that half foot to stomp the ground as she activated the ‘Web of Steel’.

By the time the Golden Goblin noticed this, it had already been firmly bound by the ‘Web of Steel’ and Ma Zi Ye screamed as she utilised the full potential of the ‘Web of Steel’ while Zhang Zhong Mou howled as he tightly held the Golden Goblin in a death vice. Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Lin Shi and the others were using their all to rush forward.


The Golden Goblin lifted its head as it hissed, its arms were trembling as it tried to shake off Zhang Zhou Mou, Su Yu suddenly let out a shout as all the strange energy gathered into his left palm, the black scales coalesced and began to spin, white mist was being emitted, tearing through the air and causing “Siii, Siii” sounds, this ‘Rending Claw’ was the most terrifying one he had ever released and it smashed cleanly onto the Golden Goblin’s head.

This attack contained all the strength and strange energy within Su Yu and after this blow, his entire body seemed to lose its strength as he fell to the ground regardless of the situation of the Golden Goblin.

“Shaa….. Shaa…..”

By the time Su Yu turned around, he saw Zhang Zhong Mou still hugging the headless Golden Goblin, his stone head was still smashing downwards.

By the side, Ma Zi Ye was lying on the ground and heavily panting, her face was as white as a sheet of paper.

Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others finally reached but stopped as they dazedly stared at the headless Goblin which fell to the ground beside Su Yu, thereafter, they gazed over at his left arm.

This final blow that contained all his strength resulted in a terrifying power from the ‘Rending Claw’, it actually crushed the entire head of the Golden Goblin causing it to become lumps of minced meat.

Without its head, even if the Golden Goblin was ten times stronger it would still die. Thereafter, a black crystal appeared from its body which was similar to the size of that from a Lesser Goblin but there was a slight difference because there were actually wisps of gold on the black crystal.

This crystal that had wisps of gold on it sped forth and entered Su Yu’s arm as he immediately felt the strange energy within it surge and swell as it continually released. It surged towards his four limbs and hundreds of bones within his body, continually flowing as the wounds all over his body miraculously healed, all the thirty six thousand pores on his body were ridding itself of a vile and fishy smelling sweat.

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