KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Tier Two Dark Iron Warrior

This strange energy actually nourished his entire body as it cleansed every inch of skin, every tendon and muscle, causing all the impurities within the body to be expunged. This was like the washing of the marrow and veins of legends, exchanging one’s bones and shedding their mortal body.

Su Yu laid on the ground as he felt this strange change within his body, Qin Jia Gui and the others were staring at his left arm because black scales were appearing there and continued to move upwards, in no time at all his entire left arm had been thoroughly covered by the scales and it finally stopped at his shoulder. These newly formed black scales were glinting and faintly releasing a black light, even if it were in the dark of night the group could still clearly see this, this arm that was covered in black scales released a frightening aura and it seemed that if Su Yu were to wield this left arm, it would have the ability to destroy heaven and earth.

Within Su Yu’s mind, information flashed as he finally promoted once again, going from his initial status of tier one to tier two dark iron warrior.

From his basic ‘Tier one Rending Claw’ he also comprehended ‘Tier two Rending Claw’ and the ‘Lizard’s Arm’ ability had advanced. Its amplification capabilities became even stronger and the drawback of the slower speed had dropped from thirty percent to twenty percent.

Besides this, he also comprehended a new ability: ‘Fang Bullet Burst’.

What made him most astonished was the strange energy within his left arm that seemed to have made a qualitative change, it was no longer just strength that could be felt but Su Yu could also feel that his left arm was actually filled with a dark coloured flow of qi.

Promoting to tier two, the strange energy was no longer just an indistinct strength but rather had become something that could be felt and viewed within the body. This was a transformation of the strange energy into qi and the advantages of this were that he no longer had to passively feel out the strange energy but instead could actively control it with his thoughts. He could concentrate the qi to a certain spot, be it a stronger attack or spreading it out throughout his body to defend. Its usages were endless and it felt that the profoundness of it was far superior to the tier one strange energy.

Su Yu stumbled to the ground as he felt the earth shattering changes within his left arm, because of the promotion, his vigor had been restored as he quickly got back on his feet. Without a word, he hurriedly went to find Ma Zi Ye’s foot that was sliced away by the Golden Goblin. Afterwards, he crouched beside Ma Ze Yi who was hurting badly and was close to losing consciousness.

Silently, he began to remove the shoes and socks from her half foot which was currently dripping in blood.

“You…… what are you doing?” Although Ma Zi Ye was pale as a sheet of paper, she was still conscious and suddenly feeling her leg being held by Su Yu as he removed her shoes and socks, her innate shyness as a female made her feel like struggling to release her legs.

“Don’t move about recklessly.” Su Yu glared at her with a stern look which made Ma Zi Ye stop struggling.

Su Yu removed the shoes and socks from her feet and the others finally understood his intentions, he wanted to attach the sliced off portion of Ma Zi Ye’s feet, however, he was not a doctor and did not have any tools, how was he planning to reattach it?

“Don’t…… don’t waste your effort…… it’s useless…… I’ve become a cripple…..” Ma Zi Ye immediately understood his intentions as her face became distressed while she grit her teeth.

Su Yu did not respond but continued to earnestly press the sliced off portion against her feet, his right arm supported it while his left hand covered the top, his eyes narrowed as he circulated the strange energy which had formed into qi and circulated it into Ma Zi Ye’s feet.

In the eyes of the others, it seemed as though Su Yu was holding up Ma Zi Ye’s feet while his left hand seemed to be stroking it. The group looked each other in the eye as they felt that something was strange, if it were not for the special circumstances whereby Ma Zi Ye was injured, this kind of scene was really quite erotic.

Ma Zi Ye was also red faced as she almost thought that Su Yu was being frivolous with her.

It was only a short time before she felt that something was different, from Su Yu’s left hand, waves of hot energy seemed to be entering into her feet, the pain immediately subsided by a huge amount and the area where the feet had been sliced actually began to feel itchy.

Ma Zi Ye wanted to reach her hand out to scratch but Su Yu looked her in the eye as he repeated: “Don’t move, otherwise if the feet reattach in a weird manner, don’t blame me.”

Ma Zi Ye was shocked and immediately stopped moving, she felt that something unimaginable was occurring as she said: “My…… my feet can be reattached?”

The people all around were speechless as they saw the area of the wound continually release faint black light, the wound was actually healing at a speed which the naked eye could see and the itchy feeling Ma Zi Ye had felt earlier was precisely the feet reattaching themselves.

Su Yu had a faint smile as he answered: “As long as you don’t move recklessly, it will definitely be reattached also…… it will be the same as the past, without any scars. Just relax, this won’t prevent you from finding a marriage partner.”

Ma Zi Ye’s face turned red as she glared at Su Yu, realising that her feet could be attached, she was in high spirits as she lightly harrumphed: “So you’re also a bad person, I thought that only big cigarette addict was a bad person.”

Zhang Zhong Mou who was by the side exclaimed: “How can I not be a good person? If you want to talk about this little Yu fellow go ahead, why drag me in? I’m simply innocent.”

Ma Zi Ye harrumphed: “Anyways, it’s true that the two of you aren’t good people. Hey, big cigarette addict, what are your lecherous eyes looking at, haven’t you seen a lady’s legs before?”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed loudly: “Now that you mention it, I remember reading a novel before, everyone has read ‘The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber’ right? That Zhang Wu Ji had touched Zhao Min’s feet and eventually Zhao Min grew feelings for him becoming his wife. Hehe……. I suddenly feel that the scene before me is so familiar, so it’s actually exactly the same as the novel……”

Hearing this, Ma Zi Ye’s face turned beet red and was shy to the point of becoming speechless. Even Su Yu coughed in embarrassment however Ma Zi Ye’s wound had not completely healed and he could not relax his hand, continually circulating the energy while holding onto Ma Zi Ye’s feet.

Qin Jia Gui could not hold in his curiosity as he asked Su Yu what was happening before they arrived, by the time the group arrived they had already seen the corpse of the Bloody Ape Dog but they did not know what the Golden Goblin was or why it was so frightening.

Su Yu gave a summary and the group felt startled after understanding that within a thousand Goblins there would only be a single Golden Goblin, no wonder the monster was so fearsome and the group being able to kill it was simply luck.

Hearing Qin Jia Gui ask about the Golden Goblin, Su Yu suddenly recalled something that was in the information of the ‘Eye of Perception’. There was a hidden treasure buried within the Golden Goblin’s body, what could the hidden treasure possibly be?

He suddenly became very curious.

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