KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Hidden Treasure: Earth Spikes Ring

After the battle with the Golden Goblin, Su Yu was able to clearly identify many things. The one whose relation was most solid with him was indeed Zhang Zhong Mou and seeing him in danger, he had rushed forward without regard for his life, this was a pair of life and death buddies. As for Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others, although they had good relations but they were still far from comparing with Zhang Zhong Mou.

Only Ma Zi Ye’s performance made Su Yu feel surprised, her feet had already been sliced in half but she still obstinately held on as she utilised the ‘Web of Steel’, locking the Golden Goblin in place and creating the only critical chance for him to deliver the fatal blow.

Ma Zi Ye’s performance made Su Yu feel a deep respect for her.

This girl was definitely not simple.

Hearing Qin Jia Gui talk about matters regarding the Golden Goblin, Su Yu suddenly thought of the information regarding the Golden Goblin transmitted to him through the ‘Eye of Perception’. The Golden Goblin which had the bloodline of the ‘Golden Race’ would definitely have a hidden treasure of the ‘Golden Race’ within its body, it was only that he did not know what the hidden treasure was.

His heart filled with curiosity, he finally placed the feet that was now fully healed on the ground as he stood up and smiled: “Why don’t you test it out to see if there’s any discomfort?” His left arm was limp and painful, earlier he had transferred the strange energy into Ma Zi Ye’s feet and his left arm was almost empty of the energy, it was fortunate that the energy would slowly recover over time.

Releasing the strange energy that had formed into qi to heal others, this was one of the benefits of having a tier two strange energy.

Su Yu had only just comprehended it and used it on Ma Zi Ye, the results were indeed astonishing and could reattached her sliced off foot.

Ma Zi Ye wriggled her right leg and it did not feel any different from usual, without any discomfort as a smile finally floated onto her face.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed loudly by the side: “Instant noodles, I feel that your small legs are quite white and rather good to look at, haha.”

Ma Zi Ye was reminded by him as she glared at him and retracted her feet while cursing: “Scoundrel!” Hastily standing up, she frowned as she fretted over not having shoes or socks to wear, she certainly could not go on with her bare feet.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed as he suggested: “There’s a floor full of dead people here, just find a pair of fitting shoes to wear. This current surroundings are very dangerous and you can’t be picky.”

Although his words sounded heartless, Ma Zi Ye could only glare at him but was helpless because what he said was the truth.

Su Yu stood up as he walked back to the headless corpse of the Golden Goblin and muttered to himself before reaching forth with his left hand, black scales covered it then flashing with a black light as five claws extended forth and unrestrainedly split apart the corpse of the Golden Goblin.

The group was puzzled as to what he was doing and were about to inquire when they suddenly closed their mouths. Su Yu had suddenly taken a ball of twinkling golden light out from the Golden Goblin’s corpse, shrouded within the ball of light was a small ring.

“That…… what is that?” Qin Jia Gui asked in curiosity as astonishment as written on his face.

Su Yu replied: “Based on the information from the ‘Eye of Perception’. This should be a type of hidden treasure.” While saying this, a ‘pop’ sound could be heard as the ball of light broke and the ring let out a ‘Ting’ sound as it landed on Su Yu’s palm.

At the same time, the eyeball once again appeared on the back of Su Yu’s hand as a dim glow shrouded the ring which was currently releasing a faint yellow rays of light.

Hidden treasure: Earth Spikes ring

Ability: A mighty earth elemental energy is stored within the ring, an earth piercing charm is carved on the surface of the ring and one can use the earth elements to activate the earth piercing charm, using the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ spell. The earth elemental energy contained within can sustain a single usage of the spell, after utilising the energy it will require twenty four hours before the energy is restored and the ability can be used again. Other abilities are unknown.

Su Yu stared blankly before comprehending the information, this ‘Earth Spike Ring’ could utilise the ‘Earth Spike Assault’ spell and after every usage, one would have to wait for an entire day before being able to use it again. It could be said that this ability seemed to be of little value at first glance, however it was only that he did not know the might of this ‘Earth Spike Assault’.”

Of course, having it was better than not having it.

Su Yu smiled, this was certainly better than nothing and he wore the ring on his right finger.

Done with everything, the originally dark sky had began to brighten and it seemed that it would not be long before the sky was bright.

Returning back to the police station, Su Yu could no longer bear it and fell into a deep sleep.

This sleep was a very deep and sweet one and only when Ma Zi Ye pulled his ear did he wake up from the shocking pain.

Opening his eyes, the room was already bright from the light shining in.

“Wake up, lazy pig.” Ma Zi Ye noticed that Su Yu had woken up and harrumphed as she released the finger that had pulled his ear.

Since the evening before where Su Yu had helped her remove her shoes and healed her injuries, the attitude with which Ma Zi Ye treated Su Yu seemed to have gone through some minor changes.

Su Yu rubbed his eyes as he asked: “It’s already morning?” Seeing that no one else was sleeping, he hurriedly got up.

His sleep had been very peaceful and free from anxiety and it could be said that this was the first time since coming to this world that he had such a deep sleep, this made him feel rather embarrassed.

Out of the room, he found his backpack and brushed his teeth, as for washing his face, he poured out some water and began to randomly rub his face. His clothes were filled with the scent of blood and had long since been dyed green by the juices of the Goblins. His body was extremely uncomfortable but within this forest, they did not have the conditions to allow them to wash their clothes and he could only bear with it.

The guys fared better when compared to the girls who loved cleanliness, this was simply a living nightmare for the girls.

Adding the female cop Zhou Bi Rong and the young girl Ding Shan, their group was thirteen strong and everyone huddled together to have breakfast. Although they had two additional people there was still more than enough food to go around. Firstly, each person’s backpack had enough rations for a person to last four to five days, secondly, Wen Rui had died and left behind a backpack, all the food within it had been given to Zhou Bi Rong and they really only had an additional little girl Ding Shan thus allowing them to not fret over food.

“I wonder how concerned my parents are after finding out what happened to the school, Ai!” During breakfast, Zhuang Xiao Hua suddenly sighed, he was also from AJ college and if the school was really swallowed by a ‘Sky Hole’, his parents would have gotten this news and must be beside themselves in panic. He was the only son and his parents really doted on him, with such an event occurring, it would be weird if they were not worried.

Hearing Zhuang Xiao Hua mention his parents, the group of people immediately became silent as each person thought of their parents. Amongst them, Qin Jia Gui’s dad had died young and his only mother had worked hard to nurture him. Hearing Zhuang Xiao Hua mention his parents, Qin Jia Gui inadvertently thought of his father who had died gruesomely to the pack of wolves and also his hardworking mother as his expression became gloomy.

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