KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: The Rear of the Group

Initially he had been adamant about handling all the corpses but after experiencing so many changes, he had realised his own absurdity and not talking about other monsters, just the Bloody Ape Dog which was able to climb trees would be able to desecrate the corpses hidden within the trees, this was simply too easy for it.

“Ai…….” Qin Jia Gui gnawed on a bread, he quickly thought of his girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping who was still back in the school.

Because of family reasons, the him who was afraid of being alone especially cherished his girlfriend.

Zhou Hua Kang suddenly spoke up: “Zhuang Xiao Hua, stop sighing already, if we’re lucky we’ll be able to go back. Don’t give up hope so easily, everyone isn’t that right? Haha……” He wanted to laugh to lighten the gloomy atmosphere but only managed to make a single sound before he could no longer carry on because the expressions on everybody’s faces were solemn and heavy, the atmosphere was very tense.

“What’s wrong with everyone?” Zhao Shi Chang suddenly yelled out: “We’ve got two days time, there’s still a full day ahead of us, we haven’t reached the end! Let’s not become despondent.”

Because the food was only sufficient for one thousand over people to eat for two to three days, Su Yu and the group were restrained with this limitation and if they could find a way out, that would be good, however, if they could not they would have to return and everyone would have to struggle for their lives. Give up on the school and enter the forest, it could be imagined how gruesome it would be, endless amounts of people would die and thinking of that scene the group could not help but feel the chills.

A day had already gone by and the time remaining was a single day.

If they did not have any gains today……

Qin Jia Gui stood up as he said in a heavy voice: “Time is of the essence, everyone let’s go. Staying here and sighing isn’t going to do us much good.”

Su Yu ate the final piece of bread in his hand and drank a mouthful of water before slapping his hands and lifting his backpack: “That’s right, it’s time to move.”

With the addition of Zhou Bi Rong and Ding Shan, thirteen of them carried their backpacks as they left the police station which was filled with the scent of blood and covered with corpses.

Although there were guns left behind on the ground, they did not have bullets and were just useless pieces of metal, besides Zhou Bi Rong who had some bullets left, the rest would not be able to put the guns to use.

The group exchanged glances, they had come to this forest and enduring two nights, this was their third morning here and the amount of time they had left to continue exploring this forest was only a day. Thereafter, they would have to come to a decision and no one wanted to let it come to that.

Ding Shan followed closely by Zhou Bi Rong’s side, protected within the centre of the group. Zhou Bi Rong held a pistol in her hand as her expression was filled with caution as she continually glanced at her surroundings, since coming to this world she had never entered the forest before.

Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang still led the group in the front and Su Yu habitually became the last man in the group, compared to the front the back of the group was the most dangerous position.

Usually he was alone as he fell back but today it was different, Ma Zi Ye had actually also fallen behind and was walking by Su Yu’s side.

“Hey, usually you stay at the back because you don’t like being the centre of attention or are you afraid of encountering danger?” Ma Zi Ye smiled, she knew that Su Yu was not afraid but rather guessed that he did not want to be the centre of attention. Unlike Qin Jia Gui, whose actions and words seemed to make him the leader of the group.

Su Yu smiled as he looked back at the police station which was becoming further and further away before replying: “Don’t you think that walking at the back…… the forest becomes even more frightening?”

Ma Zi Ye stared blankly for a moment before answering: “You’re right, walking at the back really puts one’s nerves on end. You have to continually look back and this feeling is really stifling, that is why I’m wondering why you’re always at the back, you’re a weirdo.”

Su Yu tousled his hair before speaking: “The problem is, there’s always someone who has to be at the back right?”

Ma Zi Ye acknowledged with a “Oh.”, she now understood that Su Yu was purposefully staying at the back of the group which was the most dangerous position and an unknown feeling welled up within her as she softly said: “You’re indeed a weirdo, is this considered kindheartedness? Or could this be considered you being charitable or even foolish?”

Su Yu faintly laughed: “About that, I haven’t really thought about it. Since someone has to walk behind, me walking at the back would be the same thing. There’s no connection with kindness or foolishness. Ma Zi Ye, aren’t you thinking too much? Anyways now that you mention it, I still have to thank you, your performance yesterday was very impressive and brave.”

Saying this he lifted his hand to give her a thumbs up, Su Yu was really praising her and Ma Zi Ye could not help but recall the scene of him touching her legs as her face became red and she turned while saying: “Both you and that big cigarette addict aren’t anything good, isn’t that right?”

Su Yu was stunned and Zhang Zhong Mou who was walking in front immediately turned around as he said discontentedly: “Instant noodles, why do you always associate bad things with me? I’ve been behaving myself and have not said a single word.”

Looking at his face which seemed to be grieved, Ma Zi Ye could not help but laugh before glaring at him: “I still want to say it, what’s wrong? You’re not happy? If you’re not happy come bite me.”

Zhang Zhong Mou’s mouth widened as he laughed: “Okay, I’ll really bite you.” while exposing his white teeth.

Ma Zi Ye lifted her feet as she lightly said: “You dare to come? This little missy will use her legs to take care of you.” Her face was ferocious without a hint of fear on it.

Speaking of legs, Zhang Zhong Mou suddenly had a lecherous expression on his face as he glanced at her legs before using his mouth to signal at Su Yu: “Using your legs to take care of me? You dare but I wouldn’t dare. I’m afraid that young master Yu will come find trouble with me, a gentleman does not steal his brother’s love interest, how could I snatch with my good brother. You better use your legs to take care of young master Yu, last night he was so tender and caring to help you massage your legs……”

Once these words were said, Ma Zi Ye’s face immediately became beet red and she seemed to be fuming, Su Yu shook his head with some embarrassment as he said: “You really have a dog mouth that can’t say anything good, I was clearly helping her treat her wounds and have explained this many times before. What are you talking about massaging? Since when would I have that sort of leisurely free time, you being disgusting with me is fine, but don’t do it to the ladies.”

“Hey, how can this be considered disgusting, am I really that disgusting to you?” Ma Zi Ye heard Su Yu’s words and could not help but speak out in dissatisfaction.

Zhang Zhong Mou was secretly happy thinking that Su Yu had actually sided with a girl and neglected his brother, this is the just desserts he got for helping a lady.

Seeing Ma Zi Ye flip out, he coughed as he scratched his head, realising that he had been too direct and forgot that saying this would be a blow to her as he explained:” No no, no one is saying you’re disgusting. This matter…… No no, Ma Zi Ye, don’t you find that face in front very disgusting?”

Su Yu finally thought of an excuse as he lifted his finger to point at Zhang Zhong Mou who was still secretly feeling pleased. Su Yu thought inwardly: “This ass, you and Ma Zi Ye were bickering but you actually dragged me in, since you’ve taken the first move you can’t blame me for giving you two stabs because of a lady. I’ll play a trick on you.”

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