KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The skies have changed?

Having killed four green monsters, Su Yu’s entire body was at the brink of collapsing. Besides his left arm that had the strange energy surging within it, the other parts of his body were so painful to the point of losing all feeling.

Besides his left arm, Su Yu could no longer feel the other parts of his body.

Lying on the ground, he could hear heavy breathing as he barely managed to lift his head up and saw Qin Jia Gui holding a wooden club with his two hands, his face dripping with sweat as he stood in front of him, a green monster with its head smashed in, laid on the ground.

This was the final green monster which had been knocked away earlier by Su Yu’s wooden club. Qin Jia Lin had picked up a wooden club and seeing the chance, he had madly rushed at the green monster as he smashed viciously at its head finally killing it.

At this moment, Qin Jia Gui was staring dazedly at his right hand. Something strange was occurring on the back of his right hand however it was different from the black scales that appeared on Su Yu. A small, dusky, thin and stiff flake that seemed like a mole at first glance. But upon feeling it, it was cold like metal and as he relaxed his right hand the strange phenomenon disappeared.

Su Yu looked gratefully over at Qin Jia Lin, if it were not for him killing the final green monster, he would likely had died to the fifth green monster after killing the other four.

In the entire classroom, there was only Su Yu who was sprawled on the ground, Qin Jia Gui who stood there, Jade who had just gotten back up as well as the class monitor Lei Rui who stood in a daze by the door.

The other parts of the room were in a complete disarray.

“Su Yu!” Jade climbed back up and rushed over to check on Su Yu’s condition, her heart was gripped with cold fear as she said in a trembling voice: “Su…… Su Yu, how are you feeling?”

Su Yu lifted up half his head as he looked at the corpses of the five green monsters and suddenly felt as though he had just woken from a long dream and bitterly laughed: “I can’t move…… it’s so pain that…… I could faint at any time. Jade…… I never thought that…… you cared that much about me. Do you like me, if so just tell me straight to my face……”

Jade was stunned as she instinctively reacted and viciously slapped the back of Su Yu’s head and angrily said: “Nonsen…….” She was shocked to find that her slap had caused Su Yu to thoroughly faint.

Qin Jia Gui continually tensed and relaxed his right hand as he felt the strange energy fluctuations within and mumbled: “I understand now…… It’s no wonder that Su Yu suddenly became so ferocious. After killing these monsters, there’s actually an energy that exceeds our imaginations……”

On his face, there was a natural smile that arose from the relief that came after an intense situation.

When Su Yu finally woke up, he was lying on the sickbed within the infirmary.

The surroundings were filled with the noises of human chatter. Initially there were insufficient beds here and many beds had been added, many injured personnel could be seen and all of them were wrapped up like white dumplings.

Thinking of his own injuries, Su Yu looked down and immediately realised that amongst the people being wrapped he was probably the one wrapped most tightly.

Besides his left arm, all other areas were injured and it was simply impossible to move.

“Su Yu has woken up.”

A sound of glee could be heard as the familiar faces of Jade and Lei Rui appeared.

“Su Yu.” A sweet voice could be heard as Su Yu gently lifted his face. He saw a lady whose skin was clear and fair and her face seemed to be covered in a thick layer of cosmetic products.

This lady seemed to be around twenty six to twenty seven years old with long shoulder length hair. She wore a black dress and had a belt around her waist, causing her alluring and well-developed body to be accentuated, especially her long legs that were especially mesmerizing.

“Teacher Meng.” Su Yu called out and felt that his voice was rather hoarse, scaring himself in the process.

This mature woman who had an ample body was Meng Bo and happened to be their computer systems class two teacher.She taught them english and although she already had a partner, she was not married. As the fantasy of many male students, quite a few had spent their nights drawing maps on the floor with her image in mind*.
[*Guys doing their stuff, i’m sure most of you can figure this out]

“You’re very brave, teacher did not expect that you would be able to kill four of those green monsters on your own.” When speaking about the green monsters, Teacher Meng Bo’s face changed as her expression seemed to show lingering fear.

Su Yu suddenly recalled that back then there were at least fifteen to sixteen of the green monsters and hurriedly asked: “What about the other monsters? What’s the current situation? Where is Zhang Zhong Mou?”

He actually considered asking about the situation of Ning Yan however upon seeing Jade who was by his side, he somehow did not dare to ask the question.

“Young master Yu, where have your eyes gone. I’m lying right beside you. Are there only pretty girls in your eyes? Can’t even see your best buddy?” Suddenly someone by the side groaned.

Su Yu turned his head in amazement and found that the person lying on the bed beside him was also an injured person and half his face was wrapped by white bandage. On closer inspection, was this not his best buddy Zhang Zhong Mou?

Su Yu let out a sigh of relief and although it seemed that the injuries Zhang Zhong Mou suffered were not light, at least he had not died.

Meng Bo then said: “There were seventeen of them and they were all beaten to death. Su Yu, you had better rest up. Everyone let’s go out, don’t disturb them anymore.”

“Okay.” Lei Rui answered as she looked over with a concerned expression at Su Yu before suddenly saying: “Su Yu, thank you.”

Su Yu was startled, when he thought about the class monitor that was usually high and mighty and never put him in her eyes, who knew that she would actually say her thanks.
“What’s wrong? Class monitor?” Su Yu was feeling somewhat amazed.

“I’m thanking you on behalf of the entire class. Back then, if it weren’t for you…… all of us would have died. You…… saved us.” Lei Rui was embarrassed at his addressing her of “Class Monitor”. She thought back to how she had previously treated Su Yu and was rather embarrassed as she dragged Jade out.

Jade looked back at Su Yu and seemed to want to say something but finally looked away and said to Zhang Zhong Mou who was by the side: “Take care of your injuries.”

Zhang Zhong Mou said in puzzlement: “Jade seems to have changed, she actually knows how to care for people now. Young master Yu, don’t you think this is a little strange?”

Su Yu groaned as his entire body was writhing in pain, he thought for awhile before saying: “I’ve fainted for quite a long period of time, upon waking up I’m already here. What’s the current situation outside? Have the police arrived? Have they found out what those green monsters were? It couldn’t be some strange mutation of an animal from the zoo right? Or could it be that some demented scientist used something to create it?”

“Police?” Zhang Zhong Mou’s face became gloomy as he said: “Nope, nobody has signals on their cellphones and even the landline phone within the school could not call out. This time, over hundred people have died and their corpses are currently stacked outside. It seems that on the school’s side, there were disputes on how to handle the corpses.”

Su Yu heart trembled as he angrily said: “If the phone can’t work why can’t we personally go out to search for help? The local police station isn’t that far from our school. Now that such a serious incident has occurred here, there’s actually nobody who cares? This……”

In his agitation his wounds opened up and the pain made him take a sharp intake of breath.

Based on logic, with so many people injured they should have long been sent to a large hospital. Now they were all squeezed into the school infirmary, the facilities here were very basic and could only bandage and alleviate some pain. At this moment the sounds of the moaning of heavily injured patients could be heard.

Su Yu was initially already incensed as he thought to himself of the possibility that the school wanted to hide this news. He then thought with the deaths of so many people, was it even possible to hide this news?

“No, It’s not that they don’t care…… It’s…… It’s that we’re currently……” Zhang Zhong Mou had a weird expression on his face as he said: “Nobody knows where we are currently at.”
Su Yu was stunned.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Old trickster*, What do you mean nobody knows where we are? Aren’t we in the school and isn’t this the school infirmary?”
[T/N*: Nickname of Zhang Zhong Mou that involves Mou 谋 which means plot/scheme]

Zhang Zhong Mou bitterly laughed: “Let me finish speaking first. This matter…… without personally seeing it I would actually thought that I was dreaming. The surroundings of our school has totally changed and trees are everywhere. Damn, it’s simply too mysterious, our school actually ended up in the middle of a forest.”

“Eh?” Su Yu had a blank expression as he said: “Forest? What forest?”

“The surroundings of our school…… is no longer the familiar scene that we usually see. There are no roads or the neighbouring living district nor the internet cafe that we frequent or the table tennis room…… The surroundings are covered with endless forest and they are all big and tall trees.”

Zhang Zhong Mou’s voice was weird and when he spoke to the end, even his accent had changed.

Such an event, anyone would feel that this was inconceivable and Su Yu was left speechless as he felt that he had heard wrongly. He then turned his head to look at the other injured personnel as he asked a girl by the side: “Is what he’s saying all true?”

The face of this girl was filled with fear as she nodded without speaking.

The surroundings of the school had become a forest? What was this? A sci-fi movie? Or a Hollywood blockbuster? Su Yu wanted to laugh and thought that this was certainly a scheme hatched by Zhang Zhong Mou to trick him.
Suddenly, Su Yu thought of the events that had transpired earlier and the rumbling noises as well as the intense trembling. The sky had suddenly turned dark and at that time he had a weird feeling as though the sky had suddenly changed.

“The sky has changed?” Su Yu took in a cold breath as he felt his entire body become ice-cold.

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