KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Stone Tablet Road Sign

Ma Zi Ye realised what Su Yu was talking about and although she knew he was diverting her attention, she found his words pleasing as she immediately nodded: “What you said makes sense, that face is really disgusting.”

Zhang Zhong Mou stared blankly, he wanted to cry but there were no tears. He thought to himself how could his handsome face be considered as disgusting, looking over at Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye who seemed to be earnestly giving their evaluation, his face became gloomy as he thought about how to retaliate. Suddenly, Lin Shi who was always silent spoke up: “Zhang Zhong Mou, they’re a couple singing in unison, how are you going to beat the two of them with a single mouth.”

It was fine when Lin Shi did not speak but once he spoke, his words were astonishing and made the faces of Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye blush. Zhang Zhong Mou was dazed before wildly laughing as he nodded: “You’re right, I won’t speak anymore. Haha…… Teacher Lin, it’s still the older ginger that is spicier, you really have your means!” He was so elated that he did not care about Lin Shi’s status as a teacher and heavily patted his back. Zhang Zhong Mou’s current actions meant that he treated Lin Shi as a brother.

Lin Shi faintly smiled but did not speak any further.

Su Yu smiled bitterly as he shook his head, he did not expect that everyone would start to make fun of him and Ma Zi Ye. If Jade were to find out, he would be in hot soup. He turned to look at Ma Zi Ye in the eye but noticed that she was blushing as she looked at him, their eyes met and swiftly turned away. At this moment, Ma Zi Ye’s face was clearly bashful.

“Ma Zi Ye…… couldn’t really have fallen for me right?” Suddenly, Su Yu had a weird thought in his head as he immediately dispelled it as he felt that it was very unlikely. She was probably just feeling shy and it did not have any other meaning to it.

Thinking of this, Su Yu could not help but look at Ning Yan who was within the group. From Su Yu’s perspective, he could only see her back.

It could not be denied that regardless of the angle, Ning Yan was simply stunning. She really deserved her title as the undisputed faculty belle, or in Su Yu’s opinion, the school belle.
“Although Ning Yan is beautiful, her character is rather weird. Back in class, I only noticed that she was very quiet and did well in her studies but upon entering this forest….. Although she joined the group, she seems to be sleepwalking and if I remember correctly, since leaving the school she has not killed a single of these monsters. Why is that?” Su Yu muttered as he thought of how he had saved her and accidentally tossed a wooden club into her shoulder. When she had looked at him, her eyes were had a tinge of hate within them.

Frustration well up within him as Su Yu gloomily tousled his hair, the group had already walked through a fair bit of this forest with the fresh morning air and the police station had long faded from their view.

Qin Jia Gui continued to leave clear markings on the barks of trees to allow them to head back in the direction they came from, a precautionary measure.

This path they took was very relaxing and they did not meet a single monster. Occasionally they could hear the roars of a frightening monster in the distance but the distance was simply too far and it was indistinct, only if one listened intently could they notice it.

“Eh? Guys look over there.” Zhao Shi Chang who was walking in front suddenly pointed.

The group looked in the direction he was pointing in and the they saw a stone tablet erected on the ground approximately twenty odd metres from them. This stone tablet was slanted and covered in moss, it seemed to have seen the weather of many years and had been here for along time.

A stone tablet suddenly appearing within this forest, the group was curious as they walked closer and found that there was an arrow carved onto the stone tablet.

“This is…… a directional sign board?” Qin Jia Gui was startled as he called up, hurriedly using his hand to wipe away the moss covering it as the arrowhead on the stone tablet became clearer. It pointed forwards in a certain direction.

Zhao Shi Chang said excitedly: “Does this mean that we have been walking the right path? Since there’s a directional sign board here, what could it possibly mean? Does this mean that there is something up ahead, and what could that thing be? Could we have finally found the exit to the forest?”

Qin Jia Gui followed up: “That’s right, there’s certainly something up ahead otherwise there wouldn’t be a stone tablet here for no apparent reason. Let’s go, everyone speed up and let’s see what’s up ahead.”

The group became excited, maybe the arrowhead really led to the exit of the forest? Even if that were not the case they were still expectant of finding something.

The group of people who were originally lethargic felt invigorated as they immediately sped up.

Ding Shan who was still a little child was tired from constantly walking and upon noticing this, Zhou Bi Rong carried her onto her back.

Carrying a person was not a simple task and Ding Shan was already seven to eight years old, no longer that light as Zhou Bi Rong began to pant after a short while.

Noticing this, Su Yu walked forward and said: “Let me take over.”

Zhou Bi Rong gave him a grateful look as she handed Ding Shan over.

Ding Shan’s face was red as she softly said: “Big brother, sorry, I’m so useless.”

Su Yu smiled: “You’re a little kid, it’s normal.” rubbing Ding Shan’s head, he gave his backpack over to Zhang Zhong Mou before lifting Ding Shan onto his back.

Su Yu had the strange energy circulating within his body and having promoted to tier two dark iron warrior, carrying Ding Shan was a simple task and could not be counted for much.

Li Dong looked at Ding Shan as he frowned, he felt that bringing a kid along was a burden and since no one voiced it out, he did not say anything as he was not the one who was required to carry her.

The swift hurrying along the path caused them to cover quite a distance, however trees still sprawled endlessly in front of them. This forest was so vast and seemed without end, the initial excitement of the group gradually wore off as their speed began to slow down.

Qin Jia Gui’s mouth twitched as he wanted to say something to encourage the group, allowing their speed to increase when suddenly a loud ‘Kaboom!’ could be heard from the distant sky.

This sound was extremely frightening and the entire land seemed to be shaking and trembling, the group stopped in shock and a second ‘Kaboom!’ could be heard. This time, it seemed to be closer to them.

Following the second loud noise, Su Yu and the group lifted their heads as they saw a scene that would be carved in their minds forever.

Within the roiling clouds in the sky, a leg that seemed like the size of a mountain was breaking through the clouds and heavily falling to the ground.

The area where it was falling was over a hundred Zhang* away but even so, the force it brought with it was like a violent hurricane, sending everyone tumbling through the air and everyone felt like leaves within a squall, unable to control their bodies as they felt chills all over their body. The entire world seemed to be trembling and this frightening scene seemed like the end of the world is nigh.

[T/N*: Zhang is 3.3m or 10 Chinese feet]

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  1. are they stupid? making the strongest person in the group carrying a child, which will hindering action needed if there are ambush or something..
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  2. So why doesn’t it occur to them that the signpost might have been from their world too? That it might actually be there, pointing at something that doesn’t exist in this world?

      • I did read it and there’s still no reason to think that it wasn’t transported from somewhere else. Also, in a violent world like that one, even if its a native sign, there’s no guarantee that what its pointing to still exists.

      • ummmm……..did u even stop to think maybe it was an old sign from our world that got transported, not everythin is new

        • yo, even if its an old sign it means nothing. If anything it would lead to a fking mart filled with monsters rather than anything else. Anyways, the sign as described by the text is clearly coming from our world. Now, why would they believe that the thing it point at was also teleported is beyond me. Because believe it or not, a sign showing the direction of Mcdonald teleporting doesn’t really mean mcdonald teleporting too..

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