KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: The Eagle Monster

That ‘Kaboom!” that seemed to be the sound of exploding cannon shells was actually caused caused by a humongous bare feet that seemed like a mountain, creating a loud noise as it stepped onto the ground.

By the time that humongous foot lifted, endless amounts of trees had already fallen apart, a weird footprint sized area of emptiness was formed within the forest.

Ding Shan cried out in alarm, this little girl simply did not understand what was happening and only felt a fierce gale as she flew into the air.

Su Yu growled as his left arm was covered in black scales, the strange energy within exploded and he heavily smashed the ground.


An entire arm was buried within the ground and holding the weight of his entire body, his right arm reached forth and grabbed Ding Shan into his embrace. Amongst the group he was the only one who had barely managed to stabilize himself within the gale. Gritting his teeth as he looked at the astonishing scene that was occurring one hundred Zhang away.

This feet that was as large as the pillars supporting the heavens stomped and lifted, and prepared to stomp again. There was a flash of golden light within the clouds above and like a golden coloured rainbow it heavily slammed into that huge foot.

“Chiii, Chiii, Chiii”

Frightening sounds could be heard from the huge foot as Su Yu and the group felt an even more frightening gale assail them, Su Yu held on tightly to the ground with his left arm as he grit his teeth and stabilised himself, opening his eyes wide as he saw the shocking scene before him.

The streak of golden light converged and landed on top of the humongous foot, Su Yu could clearly see a half human half eagle golden monster after the golden light receded.

This golden monster had a torso that seemed like that of a human, however, its hands and legs were like the claws of a bird and its head was that of a golden eagle. Its entire body was covered in a layer of golden dazzling lustre, golden feathers seemed to tightly cover its entire body and its back had a pair of wings that were initially expanded out but upon landing on the huge feet, they tightly retreated and stuck to its body.

The golden light was dazzling and the eagle head and human body made the entire figure seem mysterious and noble. Words simply did it no justice and it was impossible to describe it properly in writing, Su Yu was dazed and speechless as he stared at it from afar, his heart was in a turmoil.

That…… what was that?

Su Yu was shocked to the point of stupefication as he stared at the golden eagle monster, its golden wings were retracted and as it landed on the humongous foot, frightening ‘Chiii, Chiii, Chiii’ sounds could be heard as rain of blood instantly drowned the entire area of one hundred Zhang.

That humongous mountain-like foot was actually struck by the eagle monster and pieces of flesh were rent apart as a fountain of rain covered the entire sky, making it seem to be raining blood.

Su Yu, Ding Shan, Ma Zi Ye and the others had no way to avoid being wet by the rain and at this moment, the group had regained their senses as they stared at the shocking scene occurring in the sky.


Thunderous howling could be heard that caused all the tens of thousands of beasts within the forest to lower their heads in fright as they trembled. Thereafter, a black huge claw that was covered in black feathers could be seen swiping down as it heavily clawed towards the golden eagle monster.

The golden wings on the eagle monster’s back expanded out and with a ‘swoosh’ it flew to the sky once more. In the air, its body was shrouded in a dazzling golden glow and quickly became a streak of gold, like a magnificent rocket streaking through the sky as it collided with the humongous claw that was heavily swinging downwards.

Frightening sounds were emitted once again as the two sides collided, the golden light continued upward and wherever it went, the huge claw was rent apart, utterly defeated.

The glow that the golden eagle monster was emitting was simply too frightening and seemed as though it would disappear into the clouds above when another huge claw came swiping down.

This time the golden eagle monster was actually smacked by the huge claw that was like a mountain and the golden glow surrounding it dissipated as the golden eagle monster fell from the sky.


An immense noise suddenly came from tens of Zhang away and several trees were crushed, a huge crater was created in the centre of the impact zone.

The group were all startled but a golden light flashed as the golden eagle monster that had been smashed to the ground got up from the crater.

Seeing it from such a close proximity, the group noticed that although this golden eagle monster was like a small bug in comparison to the huge hands and feet, it was actually extremely big and when it stood up, it towered over ten metres and made them forget to breathe, that golden glow encompassing its body was emitting a pressure and grandeur as though a god had descended on earth.

The golden eagle monster stood up from the crater and swept its gaze hurriedly, looking at Su Yu, Ding Shan, Qin Jia Gui and the rest for a moment before looking up to the sky.

In the sky, that huge claw that had sent it plummeting was once again viciously smashing down towards it.

A single glance from the golden monster made Su Yu and the others feel their hearts tremble as their blood and qi roiled in turmoil, they had nearly fainted from that glance and this gaze from the golden monster was simply too formidable such that they could not even handle a single glance.

What kind of level of expert was this life form?

The golden monster had fallen to the ground and did not fly again but rather retracted its wings as it raised its two claws and grabbed and tore at its two wings.

The originally retracted golden wings continually contorted and quickly transformed into a large golden bow and a golden arrow.

The golden monster raised its bow and aimed it at the sky however not towards the humongous claw that was smashing down towards it.

The golden bow was pulled to form a crescent moon shape and the golden monster gave a shrill screech, this sound seemed to shatter rocks and pierce the clouds, skyrocketing upwards as the golden arrow became a streak of golden lightning that pierced the air with a ‘swish’ and disappeared through the clouds.

Almost at the same time, a frightening miserable cry could be heard from above the clouds and the huge claw that was smashing down trembled before suddenly stopping. Thereafter, streaks of golden lightning seemed to emit from the huge claw as it split apart the flesh. Finally, the huge claw was swallowed and disintegrated by the golden lightning and the miserable shrieks stopped, within the clouds a golden haze seemed to shroud the area.

The golden monster let out a long exhale as two streams of gas flowed out from its eagle nostrils like a jade dragon. It then pressed the golden bow onto its back and reformed the golden wings. Thereafter it kicked the ground with its claws and shot upwards, in the sky its wings suddenly spread out with a ‘swoosh’ and only its left wing seemed to be missing a single golden feather. This was the material used to form the golden arrow earlier and although it was missing a golden feather, it would grow out soon enough.

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  1. its movements were described as what i think were fluid and consistent, like that of an expert archer or cultivator..if they had been in a world where magic was possible i’d have thought that was a human that has reached the pinnacle, condensed a beast spirit and merged with it to turn into that golden eagle.

    how can an animal use its feathers to form a bow and arrow?

  2. This chapter made me think of David vs Goliath. If David was a golden Gryphon-type creature with elite archery skills.

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