KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Ability to Lead

The golden monster swiftly disappeared within the clouds and the humongous claws and feet also disappeared into the sky. The crazy scene from before gradually calmed down, leaving behind a scene of destruction, tall trees were crushed and the ground was covered in fresh blood, the entire area seemed in complete disorder.

Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou, Ma Zi Ye and the others took a while before they came to their senses, their wits gathered and everything that had just occurred seemed like a bad dream. If it weren’t for the disorder before them they would find it hard to believe that everything had really happened before their eyes.

“That…… what was that thing?” Zhao Shi Chang finally voiced out the question in everyone’s hearts.

At this moment, whoever believed that this was still the world they had lived in would surely be a madman.

“What godforsaken place have we landed ourselves in!” Zhao Shi Chang suddenly shouted as his fist punched into the ground before him.

The scene that had just occurred before them was simply too insane and deeply impacted their psyches, making it difficult for them to accept it so suddenly.

Humongous hands and feet that were as big as mountains? An eagle monster that seemed to be molded from gold and could fly through the skies? Just before their eyes the golden eagle monster seemed to have killed the owner of the huge hands and feet, what could be more crazy than that?

Meeting with Goblins and seeing the Bloody Ape Dog the group could still barely accept it but the short few seconds earlier had thoroughly shattered the group’s beliefs or the world and even Zhao Shi Chang who was usually staunch felt as though he might break down.

“Zhao Shi Chang, what are you shouting for? Calm down, we’re all still alive isn’t that right?” Qin Jia Gui suddenly jumped up as he shook Zhao Shi Chang and yelled.

Zhao Shi Chang stared blankly as he looked over with his eyes and muttered: “Alive?”

“That’s right, we’re all still alive. As long as we are alive, we have hope of leaving this place and returned to the world which we are familiar with, isn’t that right? Everyone don’t you agree?!” Qin Jia Gui shouted till his voice became hoarse.

Su Yu nodded, he had to admit that Qin Jia Gui did have the talent for being a leader and his encouraging words to rouse the group were certainly something he could not do.

“We’ve already come a crazy place, Goblins, Golden Goblins and the strange energy within us. Since this is a crazy world, crazy things occurring is only natural, we should remember that we have to live on no matter what, if we all work hard to live on eventually…… eventually we will get out and escape from this night!mare!” Qin Jia Gui hoarsely shouted: “As long as we stay positive, we can persevere on!”

The group stared blankly at him as the crazed expression on Zhao Shi Chang’s face gradually faded. Qin Jia Gui’s words allowed the group to calm down and recover their senses, the scene that occurred before them was simply too inconceivable but what did that have to do with them? They were only looking for a way to live on and get out of here, was that not the case?

“I know, thanks.” Zhao Shi Chang became silent as he patted Qin Jia Gui on the shoulder.

Zhang Zhong Mou lifted his thumb at Qin Jia Gui and said: “I’m beginning to appreciate you more and more Qin Jia Gui.” Taking out a cigarette he said: “Don’t reject it, everyone let’s smoke a cigarette. Smoking can allow us to calm down and allow us to decide what to do next.”

This time, even Qin Jia Gui who had never smoked a stick before took a puff, however he was choked by the smoke and began to cough as his eyes became teary.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed loudly as the atmosphere finally stabilised, the group’s feelings of fear and despair had finally dissipated a little.

“F***, in the past I always felt that Ultraman and Superman were fictional characters, now I suspect whether there may be some truth to them after all. That golden monster with an eagle head doesn’t seem any inferior to Ultraman.” Zhang Zhong Mou took a puff as he half teased and laughed bitterly.

Su Yu softly muttered: “Everyone let’s go, staying here will only waste time. This world has several things and life forms that we are unable to understand. We can only choose to accept whatever comes and do what we need to do.” Thereafter, he lifted up Ding Shan and began to walk forward.

“That’s right, do well in what we need to do. Remember, there are still over a thousand people in the school waiting for our good news. No matter what, we have to find an exit today!” Qin Jia Gui shouted as he lifted his backpack and followed.

Zhang Zhong Mou extinguished the cigarette within his hand as he lifted his and Su Yu’s backpack and grumbled: “Young master Yu, why do I have to carry your backpack for you? It makes me seem like I’m your servant.”

Su Yu glared at him while Zhou Bi Rong who was by the side felt dissatisfied. Su Yu had tossed the backpack over to Zhang Zhong Mou in order to help carry Ding Shan. She said snappily: “Hand it to me.”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “Beautiful police officer, don’t think too much. I’m only teasing Su Yu and talking nonsense, there’s no other meaning.”

Zhou Bi Rong looked over at Su Yu as he smiled and said: “Don’t care about him, this fellow is just like that with a smelly mouth. Since young he has offended many people and thinking about it, I’ve suffered quite a bit from his problem causing mouth.”

Hearing his words, Zhang Zhong Mou laughed loudly and continued: “Now that you mention it I find it weird, back when we were younger and I had offended someone and was surrounded and being beaten, you actually jumped in to defend me even though you were so skinny and weak. You caused me to be unable to leave you behind, resulting in an even worse beating.”

Su Yu laughed as he heard this, when they were younger Zhang Zhong Mou often got into trouble and he would go forward to help, each time he would not be of much help and would actually cause Zhang Zhong Mou to suffer an even worse beating. Thinking back to their swollen faces as they went home together, Su Yu felt nostalgia. His friendship with Zhang Zhong Mou had been forged since that event and could be said to be even stronger than some brothers.

Hearing them mention their childhood stories, Ma Zi Ye also walked over to listen before she laughed: “Who knew that Su Yu would have such character at a young age? Big cigarette addict on the other hand has not changed one bit.”

Zhang Zhong Mou continued: “There are many more interesting things. Jade is like a jinx to Su Yu. Haha, Ma Zi Ye, in future if you want to wake him up, don’t bother pulling his ear. Just whisper to him ‘Jade is here’ and he will definitely jump up faster than a rabbit and immediately wake up.”

Hearing Zhang Zhong Mou mention Jade, his mouth widened into a smile as he thought about her and wondered how she was going. At this moment Su Yu suddenly felt like returning to the school.

Ma Zi Ye asked curiously: “Who’s Jade? His sister?” Hearing her name, it did seem like Jade(Su Yu) was from the same family as Su Yu.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed and wanted to explain who Jade was when suddenly a “Shaa Shaa” sound could be heard. A group of old and ugly monsters with wrinkled faces, they were short and their big heads were disproportionate to their bodies. Pointed ears and dark green in colour, they wore simple leather armour, their right hands held metal shovels and their left hands held wooden shields. They were making weird hissing noises as their faces were filled with killing intent and excitement as they rushed towards the group.

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