KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Gnomes

Name: Gnome

Information: Distant relatives to Goblins, likes living underground. Does not know what is lethargy as it constantly digs one hole after another for itself before swiftly migrating. Loves eating the stems of several different plants. Frequently forms groups to attack humans and other animals, using their corpses as fertiliser for the various plants they harvest. Also, Gnome’s have a shallow level of craftsmanship and can make leather armour and shields for themselves. During battle they will don their leather armour and shields and use the metal shovels that they usually use for digging to attack people who pass by their holes. Usually in large packs and rather frightening to face.

The ‘Eye of Perception’ on Su Yu’s left hand had activated and swiftly transmitted the information regarding these old and ugly monsters into his head. Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Lin Shi and the others reacted quickly as they dropped their backpacks and got into a fighting formation.

Zhou Bi Rong lifted her pistol as she took off the safety.

Releasing Ding Shan from his back and looking at these small monsters that wore leather armour while wielded metal shovels and wooden shields, he had a weird feeling.


After hesitating for a moment, Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang rushed forward first. Even Zhang Zhong Mou had become a tier one dark iron warrior and this had a big impact on them. They urgently wanted to kill more monsters to promote and these short monsters did not seem very impressive and seemed suitable candidates for their slaughter.

Zhang Zhong Mou dropped the two backpacks he was carrying as he boisterously said: “Damn, I’ll let you test the abilities of this master Zhang.”

Promoting from tier zero to tier one dark iron warrior, a person would randomly comprehend one or two abilities, like Su Yu who comprehended the ‘Eye of Perception’ and ‘Rending Claw’ or Ma Zi Ye who comprehended the ‘Web of Steel’. Now that Zhang Zhong Mou had risen to tier one dark iron warrior, he naturally also comprehended some abilities.

Half his face turned to stone as he lowered his head while exclaiming: “Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser!” A crisp sound could be heard from the top of his head as he suddenly rushed forward.


An Gnome wielded a wooden shield to block while its other hand swung the metal shovel forward.


Zhang Zhong Mou screamed as his left arm was hit by the metal shovel, fresh blood splattered while the Gnome also screamed, the wooden shield within its hand had actually been shattered by Zhang Zhong Mou’s head and its small body was sent flying through the air.

“Eh? Haha!” The pain in his left arm caused his face to be contorted but Zhang Zhong Mou suddenly felt that his ‘Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser’ was impressive as he began to laugh loudly. In the intense battle with the Golden Goblin previously, he panicked and had only used his head to smash and totally forgot about activating his ability. He was rather ashamed of this and thought that if he had used the ‘Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser’ then, the Golden Goblin would have suffered quite a bit more.

Zhou Bi Rong began to fire with her pistol, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” three shots could be heard as an Gnome began to sway before a final bullet entered its skull causing it to fall to the ground.

Su Yu stood at his original position as his left arm became covered in scales. He did not act but rather watched as Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Lin Shi and the others kill the Gnomes. They were at the precipice of promoting and once they did, their strength would increase by leaps and bounds. A tier zero dark iron warrior was simply too weak.

Ma Zi Ye activated the ‘Web of Steel’ and immediately sealed the movements of two Gnomes before kicking forth with her ‘Flying Spade’.


The kick flew into the face of one of the Gnomes.

Besides the mighty Golden Goblin which could use its golden blades to slice off Ma Zi Ye’s right leg which was enhanced by the strange energy, her leg was immensely strong and even rocks smashing against it would do no damage. This immensely strong leg had slammed into the face of one of the Gnomes.

Falling to the ground, Ma Zi Ye used her two hands to prop herself up as her right leg continued and performed a Wushu move ‘Leg Whip’.


An explosive sound resounded as the leg swept forth like a whip, hitting the thigh of another Gnome as it was sent flying, the bones in its legs thoroughly smashed.

These two moves were swift and decisive and could be considered to have been performed to perfection. A Gnome had died in a single blow while the other was heavily injured. Seeing this, Su Yu could not help but silently praise her. Having a Wushu background really made a difference, even though they were both tier one dark iron warriors, Ma Zi Ye was clearly much more formidable than Zhang Zhong Mou.

Earlier Zhang Zhong Mou had carelessly and haphazardly rushed forward, he had gone too fast and although he had managed to knock down an Gnome, his left arm was also hit in the process and even Su Yu did not have the time to aid him.

By the side, Qin Jia Gui howled as the wooden club in his hand went forward and heavily smashed onto the head of an Gnome. “Bang!” The head of the Gnome was smashed in and blood splattered everywhere before its body fell heavily to the ground.

As for Li Dong, he was currently in a perilous situation. Although he had managed to hit a Gnome, he was suddenly attacked by two other Gnomes and if nothing changed he would certainly be smashed by the metal shovels.

Su Yu was carefully observing the surroundings and noticing Li Dong facing such peril, he lifted his left arm as white fangs that seemed to come from a huge beast appeared from within his black scales, he softly exclaimed as he shook his left arm and several “swish swish swish swish” sounds could be heard as white fangs shot forth like bullets and landed squarely on the two Gnomes.

Hoarse screams could be heard as two explosions caused two holes to appear on the chests of the Gnomes, their bodies swayed as they backed away and Li Dong used the chance to attack, his wooden club swinging down as he killed one of the Gnomes.

The sharp fangs that Su Yu had just shot forth was his newly comprehended ability ‘Fang Bullet Burst’. Allowing fangs to grow from in between the black scales on his arm and shooting them like bullets, upon contact with the enemy they would explode with a strong force. This was a long distance attack and the effective distance was approximately twenty metres, any further and the accuracy would be severely affected.

Zhou Bi Rong saw this and looked at Su Yu in amazement, his move had been even more fearsome than her pistol shots.

“Aaahhh!” Qin Jia Gui suddenly roared however this roar seemed to have some excitement within it.

Looking over, Su Yu noticed that Qin Jia Gui’s right hand had been completely covered in a layer of raven black metal, he immediately understood that Qin Jia Gui must have promoted to tier one as well.

Indeed, Qin Jia Gui immediately wielded his metallic right hand as he shouted: “Demolishing Iron Fist!” the metallic arm heavily smashed into the chest of a Gnome.


The area that was smashed suddenly exploded as the Gnome shrieked miserably, it flew backwards through the air and a large hole that was caused by the explosion could be seen, killing it immediately even as it fell to the ground.

Su Yu’s expression changed, this move ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ was clearly very powerful.

“Iron Arrow Claw!” Qin Jia Gui swiftly strode forward, “Thump Thump Thump” taking three big steps as his five fingers spread, five metallic fingers suddenly became five sharp awls that went forward with a “Chiii”, piercing five bloody holes into the chest of an incoming Gnome.

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